My favourite natural cosmetics: MADARA


Like I told in the ‘My sustainability’ post, I want to share with you some brands or products which I find tick, at least, some of my requirements. Today I wanted to tell you about one of my favourite cosmetic brands, MADARA.


So what do I look from cosmetics and make-up? I want it to be natural, ecological, not tested on animals and hopefully organic and vegan as well. It is really difficult to find products that tick all of these, but if it is more than 2 it is better than none, right?


In MADARA I first liked that it is not tested on animals, which is a strong requirement. Although, it is not legal in the European Union to sell cosmetics that are tested on animals, I prefer to buy from brands that do not do it anywhere else either. All of MADARA’s products are manufactured in Riga, Latvia, which I find reassuring when considering animal testing.


Second thing: MADARA is a natural cosmetics brand. They believe that natural ingredients help us be healthy and beautiful, rather than artificial ingredients. They explain how the natural plant extract is similar to our skin at the cell level, which makes it more effective. This does sound pretty logical. I did want to use natural cosmetics, already, before I read about this but now I am even more convinced. If you are in doubt, they are EcoCert certified, which means that they are prohibited from using synthetic ingredients such as parabens and mineral oil. In addition, they are environmentally friendly and they have even created hydration and anti-ageing method which is not based on water, but rather on birch juice.



MADARA is dermatologically tested, which I find reassuring as well. They are very transparent about their testing as well and are considered hypoallergenic and irritation free.Excellent!


If I would say anything negative about MADARA is that it is not really organic and not completely vegan. They inform on their website that lipbalms and creamy baby oil contain beeswax and lanolin. And although, their products do contain some sun protection, it is quite minimal with only 2-4SPF.

My rating for MADARA is as follows:


Have you heard about MADARA? How do you like them?


With love,


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