Happy favourites of the week – cuddly cats

What made me happy and were my favourite things this week.


Your response to the Lush hair products -post and the zero-waste one! I was so happy to have so many comments from you guys!

Listening to the new album by Corinne Bailey Rae ‘The Heart Speaks In Whispers’. I am in love! I could just keep listening to this album over and over again! It is kind of blues with lovely melody, voice and lyrics. It makes you relaxed and to enjoy life at the same time.


This youtube video! It is by Amber Danielle Walter and it was the first video I’ve seen from her. She talks with such enthusiasm about helping other people and how it makes her feel so good, it really was inspiring and heartwarming. I encourage to have a look!

My beautiful pastel roses, I got from my boyfriend, have been cheering me up throughout the week!


My lovely cat who has been extra cuddly and attention seeking this week. Here I was trying to take pictures, but she decided it was her time (btw she usually doesn’t like being in front of the camera). She is really into roses, though, apparently, cute!


I read about this amazing invention! Edible beer rings! And before you think it is food made out of beer, wait a second. If you have watched HIMYM or just generally read the news.. or facebook, you are most likely familiar with the plastic beer rings in which beer cans come in. These most often end up in the sea and pollute the marine water and harm the marine life. But now Saltwater brewery has come up with beer rings, that are edible by the marine life, they are biodegradable and so can’t harm the marine life. How amazing is that! I think all beer companies should take this policy, right now!! Read more about it here.



What made you happy this week?

Happy Weekend everybody!!

With love,



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