Introducing Primrose and Pixie

“We are here to sprinkle pixie dust into your underwear drawer”

This is what it says on the Primrose and Pixie’s website, a new lingerie and sleepwear brand from the UK created by Sarah Louise Richards. And browsing through the website and their Instagram account it is exactly the impression that you get, as well as fantasy, magical and cute. Beautiful, romantic and ethereal pieces. The brand does not follow trends but rather takes inspiration from other-worldly, dreamy and gothic.

Introducing Primrose and Pixie - byLiiL

The brand is locally designed and produced in their UK studio. All of their items are vegan-friendly and they favour organic fabrics that have a Confidence in Textiles certificate. Each item is made-to-measure making it more sustainable, definitely.

It is obvious that the brand is new and the offering is quite limited but absolutely beautiful. There are few pieces of sleepwear and lingerie with lovely and cute prints, although still keeping it sexy. I absolutely love their shorts, which I would love to wear at home and I would definitely feel sexy, but still decent.

Introducing Primrose and Pixie - byLiiL

The only thing I hope they will improve upon is their sizing. When ordering any garment you can choose from XS to XL, however, when they are offering made-to-measure there would be a chance to fit the garments more, especially with the bra. On the other hand, they have great size chart from where you can choose which size would fit you and could feel comfortable ordering from them!


Check out their website and Instagram, where all the pictures are from.

How do you like the cute lingerie and sleepwear brand?

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6 Santa’s Helpers

Christmas is a busy time and sometimes even the best of us can have trouble coming up with gift’s or how to hide your presents until the last minute. Here I have compiled some tips for you, hope they will be of some help to you!

6 Santa's helpers - byLiiL


I have trouble with missing deliveries when I have ordered a parcel, or that my partner is at home when they arrive. Not much of a surprise, is it? Doddle is excellent for this. They are located all over the UK and it is like a post office. You send your parcels there and collect them from the shop you sent it to when it is convenient to you. They even have deals with many shops from which they deliver to Doddle for free. So easy and so far I have been able to keep my presents a secret!

Minimalist Christmas Gift Guide

Excellent for alternative gift options and in avoiding buying presents that people do not need! By Sarah Nourse and by FemmeHead.

6 Santa's helpers - byLiiL

UK Independent Shopping Guide

I have linked this before, but I do think it is a great compilation of independent shops.

To lists and be organised

Yes, I know some people do not like this, but I love making lists on my phone because they help me be more organised and they are always with me. At the moment I have a list of what food I want to have for Christmas, according to it what ingredients I need to buy and what presents I still need to buy. In addition, I start buying some ingredients early on to reduce my stress right before Christmas. Such as crackers, wine, nuts and so on. Make some of the food beforehand if you can, that will reduce the time you spend in the kitchen on the actual Christmas!

6 Santa's helpers - byLiiL

Periodical Cleaning

Do not leave all your holiday cleaning on to the last day before Christmas, but do some of it before hand. We like to take it a room at a time (except for vacuuming) and so cleaning does not feel as daunting right before Christmas.


I find that easy way to decorate your house for a season is by adding small things. Christmas flowers, fairy lights and candles bring enough coziness and festivity into our home and it is pretty easy to do.


Do you have any other suggestions as Santa’s helpers to assist other readers?

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Finnish Beauty by Lumene

When I last visited Finland I was really eager to buy myself products from Lumene. We were supposed to visit their factory store, however, run out of time so I just picked a couple of items from the airport.

Finnish Beauty Brand Lumene - byLiiL

Lumene is a Finnish beauty brand, which when I was a child we considered a bit cheap. Now, however, the brand has really upped their game with natural and cruelty-free make up and skincare ranges, which are beautiful and with a reasonable price point. Items range from as small as £8 to some more luxurious items at £40.

I’ve used Lumene mascaras for a while now and can say that they some of the best I have tried. I would also really love to try the ‘Touch of Radiance highlighter’ and their ‘VALO’ (means light) range. Their products seem so natural and fresh, who wouldn’t like to try them? Check their full range here.

Finnish Beauty Brand Lumene - byLiiL

Unfortunately, they are rare in the UK, as they mostly sell in Scandinavia and Russia. There are some great items sold in the Beauty Spin, but otherwise, you might need to wait for a visit to Finland, Scandinavia or Russia to purchase them. For my sake, I hope they start selling more of their items in the UK and elsewhere in Europe as well!

Finnish Beauty Brand Lumene - byLiiL


Have you heard of Lumene before?

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New MADARA review

I recently ordered some new products from Madara and after trying them for a couple of weeks I can now give you a little taste of what I thought about them.

New MADARA review - byLiiL

MADARA Tinting fluid in Moon Flower Rose Beige

Madara has two shades of their tinting fluid, of which one is Moonflower rose beige and the other Sunflower golden beige. I got testers for both of these to determine the shade and whether I would dare to buy the £27 full bottle of the product. To my surprise, my shade was not the golden beige, but the rose beige, which blended beautifully on my skin. I like a tinting fluid, which does not cover too much but does even out my skin tone and this does exactly that. It feels light and moisturising on the skin as well. The price is £27 but you get a 50ml bottle for that price and it lasts for a long time! I would definitely recommend this for a lighter coverage tinting fluid need.

New MADARA review - byLiiL

MADARA oil-to-milk scrub

I got this product as a travel size to give my face some much needed exfoliating while travelling. I love the way this product works. You first scrub your face with this product and then add some water to make it a bit milkier, which you then wash off. It is not too harsh for your skin and it is really easy and quick to use. Excellent for when you are travelling to get your skin exfoliated. I would recommend this to everybody.

New MADARA review - byLiiL


With love,


New Lush Favourites

It’s not too long since I told you about my favourites from  Lush and now I have some more. It seems there is no going wrong with Lush!

Lush new favourite products

Dark Angels

I’ve used this product before and I still love it, nevertheless of its scary black colour! Dark Angels is a face wash and a scrub. It is made out of charcoal and black sugar, and it cleans the face really well without making it dry and itchy. The scrub is not too harsh and much better on the environment as they are using sugar rather than microbeads to scrub. The only problem with this product, though, is that it actually colours you black and you need to use another soap to get the blackness of you.

Lush Dark Angels review

Pumice Power

Yes, it has a strange name, but oh is it a wonderful product! This is a foot scrub, with an amazing orange scent. The scrub part feels really gentle but works wonders on your feet. Plus having this product in my bathroom is the most wonderful thing ever! It smells amazing!

Lush foot scrub pumice power review

Jason and the Argan oil shampoo bar

I told you before about the Seanik shampoo bar, which was amazing. But if possible I like this one even better! The rose scent is lovely, it cleans well and the cleanliness stays for longer than usually with other shampoos for me. It is my trusted shampoo now, whenever I need that!

Lush jason and argan oil shampoo bar review - byLiiL


Have you found any new lovely Lush products?

With love,


Introducing Hopscotch

I recently discovered this brand, Hopscotch, and am now totally in love with it! It is a small design-led lifestyle brand, from East London, which makes their beautiful soy wax candles and natural beauty products, in addition to curating a small collection of minimalist jewellery and homeware products on their website as well. Doesn’t marble and copper candlestick holder sound great? It does to me! Their beauty products are all natural, vegan and not tested on animals, which are designed, formulated and handmade in their London studio!

hopscotch, soy wax candle, bergamot, tear shaped paperclips

I ordered a bergamot soy wax candle (although I could choose many other amazing options as well!) and tear shaped golden paper clips from them (more about the paperclips soon, a diy idea). I received the parcel in just a couple of days and such a nice parcel it was! I mean, how beautiful is this turquoise bubble wrap?  I know, there is no particular use for it, except reusing it when I need to send something or use it as a photo prop, but I was so delighted when I opened the box and I saw this bubble wrap! The little things!

hopscotch, bergamot soy candle, gold paper clipsHopscotch, stationary, gold tear drop paper clips

I love buying from smaller brands, especially the ones that produce their products in the home country and so reducing the steps in the supply chain. And now I can’t wait to try some of their all natural beauty products, I know what I will have on my Christmas wish list!

Hopscotch, soy candle, hand poured in London, gold paper clips

You can check Hopscotch from their website or Instagram.


Have you heard about Hopscotch? Oh, and stay tuned for a review on the candle!

With love,


Natures treasures – Etsy finds

Even though the lovely UK climate doesn’t always show the best of our spring, it is still in our hearts (read it is cold and windy today!). The cherry trees are blooming and the birdsong wakes us up nicely in the morning. Nature is all around us and it provides us with a refreshed sense of living and beauty. To celebrate this I collected some items inspired by nature or made out of nature’s supplies from the Etsy. Go and have a look, there are some truly amazing handmade items there! I especially like soy wax candle, as I am on a lookout for a more sustainable candle to cozy up to and the beautiful wooden items!

Screenshot 2016-04-12 08.51.27

The treasury or the Natures treasures collection can be found here.

Do you like making collections of items you find in shops?


With love,


Card shopping

This week was my best friends birthday. Living in different makes me miss her a lot and so when a special occasion arrives I feel the need to give her the best loving message possible. This year I decided only to get a card, to ease the sending process, and was surprised at how difficult it was to find a decent card. The shops are full of funny and quirky cards, however none that provided the message I wanted to give my friend. Fortunately on the last day I found this card, which I new she would love, from the Oliver Bonas store. It was a lovely turquoisy colour from inside and blank to let me write my own lovely message for her. (I did actually take the plastic of the card, just forgot to take the picture that way. Live and learn!)

After sending the card I had a wonder around the Etsy shop in search for quirky and nice cards, in case I would need to buy another one any time soon. I am quite picky with my cards, but was able to find surprisingly many and wanted to share them with you as well. If you love any one of them, you can click on the link below to go into the particular etsy store.




il_570xN.746940204_4kbmBecka Griffin




Where do you look for nice cards?

With love,