Inspiration of the week: Iris Grace


I first stumbled upon Iris Grace just last week while scrolling through my Facebook feed. Somebody had linked an article about her, which sounded interesting. I could never have imagined the beauty that was revealed to me through that article. She is only a little child with an autism, but makes the most beautiful paintings! And the story about her and the cat Thula is just heart warming and eye watering! I really recommend checking the website about Iris Grace and her story.



Her story is really inspiring and her art makes me feel emotional and happy. What else do you need to cheer up your day? If you really love the pictures, some of them can also be purchased as prints or cards from their online shop.

The pictures are the work of Arabella Carter-Johnson, Iris Grace’s mother and professional photographer. I wanted to show here some of my favourite ones!

How did you like Iris Grace’s art?


With love,


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