Sustainable News of June 2018


How Solar Minigrids Could Brighten Economic Prospects For Unserved Millions In Africa – A way of helping out the small communities be independent.

BP Just Bought The UK’s Biggest Electric Car Charging Network – Great job, although I hope this will also continue the development into the positive direction it’s been going.

Sustainable New of June 2018 - byLiiL

Animal Conservation

Improving Seabird Conservation In Patagonian Ecosystem – Only 3% of the world’s oceans are protected even though their ecosystems are crucial for the rest of the life on our planet. However, researchers have identified an area in Patagonia which if left for conservation could save 20% of the seabird population.

How Brands Can Bee Of Help In Protecting Pollinators – A list of things brands can do to support a healthy bee population. It is also a thing you can do or check if companies are doing it. Bees are an integral part of our ecosystem and the world sustainability!

Belize Praised For Saving It’s Huge Coral Reef From Utter Destruction – Amazing news and I hope to hear more of them soon!

Sustainable New of June 2018 - byLiiL


In India, Swapping Crops Could Save Water and Improve Nutrition – India’s population is expected to grow at a rapid speed whilst the country is already facing malnutrition and water scarcity.

5 Apps Helping To End Hunger And Food Waste – It’s great to hear so many companies and people are fighting this battle!

Sustainable New of June 2018 - byLiiL


War And Climate Change Force Parents To Trade Girls For Cows In East Africa – The sad reality is that the families might not see any other solution and they think they are giving a better life for their girls as well.

South Africa Is One Major Step Closer To Health Care For All – Although it is one of the most economically stable countries on the African continent only 10% of the population can at the moment afford health care.


Microsoft, Tiffany & Co Lead Global Agreement On Responsible Industrial Scale Mining – Many big companies have come together to change modern mining to be more responsible, only time will show what will happen.

Hiding In Plain Sight: The Carbon Cost Of Everyday Products – This article explains quite well the different aspects we wouldn’t even think go into everyday products and how they contribute to the climate change.

Nestlé Suspended From Sustainable Palm Oil Group Over Poor  ‘Conduct’ – Although the topic does not surprise me when reading the article I noticed how even such certifications can be very misleading.

Sustainable New of June 2018 - byLiiL

Fashion Industry

How A Practical Guide To Sourcing Sustainable Cotton Could Help Transfer The Industry – We all know it exists, but with all the different certifications it can be difficult to know what sources to trust and what not.

Innovation In Apparel: 2018 Pulse Check – Circular apparel is becoming more and more prevalent topic in discussions about the fashion industry and there are many innovations and support networks coming up to help with it. Check out what is happening at the moment.

Trending: New EMF Collaborative, G-Star Raw, Parsons Students Latest To “Make Fashion Circular” – The major players in fashion are coming together to “Make Fashion Circular” by uniting behind three principles: business models that keep clothes in use, materials that are renewable and safe, and solutions that turn used clothes into new clothes.

A Fabric Bank Is Trying To Turn Brazilian Fashion Accountable and Sustainable – Seeing the economic benefits of all the textiles I hope to hear more about it!

Thermore Presents 100% Recycled Blow-in Insulation – There is finally an alternative to duck down that should work as well as duck feathers but are cruelty-free, recyclable and don’t seep microplastics.

Insects Supply Chitin As Raw Material For Textiles Industry – Insects that are being used for feed industry shed their shell several times which in general is waste but has now been found to have a potential raw material for the textile industry.

Sustainable New of June 2018 - byLiiL


4 Things The UK Government Must Do In ‘Crucial’ Year For Hitting Climate Targets – The UK is far behind their targets for 2020 and 2030 although they are doing slightly better than in 1990.

In A Warming World, Could Air Conditioning Make Things Worse? – Air conditioning worsens the air quality and as the temperatures rise they are being used more and more.


If you have any other news to share please share them in the comment box below!

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Happy Favourites of the Week – Pirate Women and HBO

Holiday in Finland – I can’t say it is a holiday whenever I visit Finland because the schedule is almost even busier than at home and all the energy is used on socialising with people who you haven’t seen in at least 6 months. This time was the same. Within the first 7 days, we had visited 7 different cities. There were summer parties, surprise visits and more coffee breaks than I would normally do in a month. Still, it is worth it to see all the people we love and by the end of the week, we got to spend very relaxing mid-summer without any extra hassle.

Happy Favourites of the Week - Pirate Women and HBO - byLiiL

Dry oat and seed bread – My mum made me try them and I am hooked! Too bad I only brought 3 packs with me home. They will be finished soon!

Great catsitter – When we are away for a long time I am always stressed about how the cats are doing. It is always tough going on any holidays and leaving them by themselves when they are so affectionate and like being in people’s company. So having a catsitter who reports everything about them with a bunch of pictures is calming! And coming back home to cats who are not mad at you is even better!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Pirate Women and HBO - byLiiL

Big Little Lies Theme Song – The song by Michael Kiwanuka suits the show well, but is also a pleasure to listen!

HBO – My brother loaned me his logging details for while we were in Finland and we managed to watch Big Little Lies, which I had been dying to watch for ages, and we finished the second season of the Westworld. Big Little Lies wasn’t quite as good as the hype around it, but still interesting and the ending was so satisfying!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Pirate Women and HBO - byLiiL

Pirate Women – I recently started reading a book about women who were pirates. It writes about the largely unknown women who were pirates to show the hidden information we didn’t know about the history and about the fascinating lives of pirates. I am hooked already, and I’m only in chapter two!

Friends Trivial Pursuit – I and my friends love playing various quiz games, which has probably come apparent on the blog and Trivial Pursuit is definitely one of the games we play on a regular basis. So it is quite obvious that we run out of questions (or rather have played it so many times we remember all the questions) and we’ve had to start acquiring new ones. I like buying bite size boxes of questions because they take up less space and I don’t have any need for a whole new game. We’ve had versions on Harry Potter and the Big Bang Theory for ages now, but what I’ve been looking for for years has been Friends. And you should’ve seen how happy I was when I finally found them! It’s going to be endless questioning time with these now!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Pirate Women and HBO - byLiiL

Summer Weather – It’s been very uncommon weather in Scotland this summer. We’ve had such a heat wave that the people have started to complain, which I find funny, as usually, I hear in the autumn ‘how poor the summer was’ when they’ve enjoyed two weeks of sun. Well, they can’t say that this summer!


How was your week?

Obviously, all of this happened in more than a week’s time and I am considering changing this topic to a Happy Favourites of the Month. Let me know what you think of the change!

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Sustainable News Of The Month May 2018

What people are doing around the world

45,000 Norwegians Join Massive Beach Clean Up – Since 2011 Norwegians started a custom when they go to clean up their beaches in growing recognition of the ocean pollution. Every country should be doing this and not only have one day a year but much more often!

Fed Up With Plastic, This Man Got Kenya To Ban It – Such an inspiring story about a man who didn’t stop but worked until he got his wish and made his country better for it!

Hawaii Lawmakers OK Ban On All Sunscreens Harmful To Coral Reef – Excellent and hopefully this will make people recognise how they might harm the coral reefs!

A Team Of Female Engineers Brought Running Water To This Guatemalan Village – Instead of going to celebrate spring break they decided to help a community and making their life easier, making especially women’s lives easier. How amazing!

Sustainable News Of The Month May 2018 - byLiiL


This App Hopes To Reduce Child Marriages In Bangladesh – A place where especially girls are still forced to marry when they are children. Let’s hope this is coming to an end with this app!

Malawi Just Made It Easier For Women To Run For Office – Malawi is striving for equality and has reduced the price women would pay to apply for office by 25%.

Sustainable News Of The Month May 2018 - byLiiL


Reimagined Future For Sustainable Nanomaterials – What our future will be made of and what future designers will be working with, as long as it will be made sustainable!

Calling Into Question Ethical-Sourcing Certificates – Consumers are becoming increasingly more aware of unethical practices and therefore shopping trends are changing towards more ethical, however, can they really trust all the certificates out there?

How Apparel Sector In Vietnam Promoting ‘Business Sustainability’ Concept – As an answer to Rana Plaza Vietnam is changing their manufacturing to be more social and increasing employees wages.

Can Transparency Alone Transform the Fashion Industry – Is one of the topics discussed at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit. Very interesting!

Brands Take Note: Gen Z Is Putting Money Where Its Values Are – Again, not surprising, but I am so happy to see that a growing number of people is thinking about their values when shopping.

Aquafil-H&M Collaboration, Cotton-Dyeing Process Making Textiles More ‘Effective’ – A new innovation into cotton fibre making it more absorbent when dyeing, therefore, requiring fewer chemicals and water in the process.

Sustainable News Of The Month May 2018 - byLiiL

Food and Environment

Extend The Sugar Tax – With the UK’s introduction of sugar tax, many companies are replacing sugar with other additives which aren’t any better for us.

How Safe Is Chrolinated Chicken? – It appears that it’s not very safe, but it required research to confirm it.

Soil Pollution Is The Next Major Hurdle In Combating Climate Change, Expert Says – I am not surprised by this, but I am surprised by how long it has taken to take this seriously!

“Deforestation-free” Palm Oil Is Not As Simple As It Sounds – And when it comes to sustainability nothing seems to be, so it shouldn’t be a surprise. But check this article for why it is not so simple.

Black Rhinos Make Triumphant Return To Chad After Being Killed Off – And I wish them luck and hope they will be well protected there!!

Shocking Study Shows One Third of World’s Protected Areas Degraded By Human Activities – It is the sad reality we live in and only understanding them will we be able to change things.

Sustainable News Of The Month May 2018 - byLiiL


The UK Might Ban Wet Wipes To Cut Down On Plastic Waste – As part of their 25-year plan, one of the UK governments plans is to cut down on single-use plastics.

How Michelin Is Finding A Second Life For Tires – One way when I am impressed with a company that purchases another company. Michelin bought another company not to greenwash their own but to gain the knowledge of how to recycle their tires.

Every Google Search You Do Contributes To The Climate Change – “That’s because Google relies on a vast physical infrastructure of servers, routers, and cables that all depend on electricity to operate, according to Quartz.”



If you have any other articles you might want to share, please share them in the comment box below.

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What Was I Up To In May 2018

I spend may working very hard and working on a project that I am super excited about and can’t tell about yet, but will hopefully be able to start talking about soon. There very many late night sessions of work, asking my partners help and a couple of cries of frustration when the internet wasn’t working. It is funny to realise how dependent we are on the internet. Our lives in the western countries are based on us being able to use the internet, so it’s no surprise how helpless you can feel when that is taken away from you.

Sustainable Chania - byLiiL

When the internet actually did work I quickly did the work required to be done on my computer and wrote posts here. I finally published my experiences of sustainability in Chania. The post is a great resource if anybody ever wants to go on a holiday there! I was excited to learn, during the Organic Beauty and Wellbeing week, that the eye cream I bought from Chania was certified organic and have enjoyed using it even more since!

Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week - byLiiL

I also visited the Glasgow Coffee Festival where I got to know several new local companies making amazing products! And I shared Instagram pictures that I enjoyed in April and the most interesting sustainable news I saw in April.

Happy Favourites of the Week - Calming Candles in the Sun - byLiiL

For June I am expecting one of my busiest months but will try to come and write here on occasion. Funnily enough, my freelance work is piling up just now and I don’t seem to be able to say no. And on top of that, I still have my project that I am working on. So keep your thumbs up that I will have enough time to finish it all and still have some time off for myself!


How was your May? And what plans do you have for June?

With love,


Sustainable Chania

Sustainable Chania - byLiiL


Chania is a beautiful town in Crete, which is an island of Greece. The island is fairly big and offers long coastlines with sandy beaches, beautiful mountain ranges towards the centre of the island, farmlands, wildlife and ruins to remind of its rich history. It is favoured location to holiday, especially for the Scandinavians and German. You can see the island filled with tourists from April to October walking leisurely pavements among cats that are napping either in stores or on the streets, which the island is full of.

Sustainable Chania - byLiiL

Tourism is the islands main income followed by farming, and both of these occupations employ a big number of the island’s population. However, unemployment is still strongly prevalent, especially among the millennials. There is no proper benefit system and the government is not working to encourage people to get work. Nevertheless, the island does not really see any crime and the atmosphere is quite relaxed all around.

Greece has a history of corrupt politicians and the people do not trust them, therefore try to avoid paying taxes in many cases. However, that is part of the problem as there is no money then to support the country. On the island, you might see many different ways the companies avoid paying taxes. Sometimes they do not provide you with a receipt at all and most tourists don’t dare to question this practice. Some might give you a receipt for half of your meal and write the rest by hand on a piece of receipt paper. Some receipts look like receipts, but might not be. To make sure you help contribute to the local economy you can check your receipt for the following VAT number.

Sustainable Chania - byLiiL


Most of the food you’ll eat in Crete is made out of local produce; either locally grown fruits and vegetables, freshly fished seafood or locally grown meat. Crete is famous for its healthy diet and it’s locally grown olives and olive oil, as well as cheese such as myzithra, which is delicious! Organic farming is a growing practice and you can find several farms which offer you a glimpse of organic farm life and an organic meal, however, these are mostly out of town.

Seafood is very common in Crete and every morning or even during the day you could see fishermen on their small boats sailing out to fish and then sell their gain to local people and restaurants and then sell the rest on the markets. During the day and especially evening you can see individuals fishing quietly in the harbour.

Sustainable Chania - byLiiL

Wine is the most common accompaniment for meals. Most restaurants will offer house wine made by themselves, but there are many wineries in Crete as well, in addition to few beer breweries. Venetian harbour is full of restaurants that offer various cuisines, however, I found them to be too touristy for my taste and rather ventured to the narrow streets of the Old Town to find a place to eat. We were lucky enough to have a taste of home-made food as well as try a couple of great restaurants:

  • I would definitely recommend Tamam with their great selection of greek food with some delicious vegetarian dishes, their greek salad was massive and filled me for several hours! I wasn’t the only one who loved the restaurant, as we walked past it every day several times, we noticed it was almost always full and during the evening time, it was difficult to get a table if you hadn’t booked one in advance. Tamam pride themselves on sourcing high-quality food from local farmers and their workforce which is loyal and some even reach their retirement age by working in their restaurant, which is a great thing to hear from a company in Greece! You can get a good meal with drinks for two for around 25-30 euros.
  • Semiramis had a beautiful traditional Greek setting and a quiet location with great greek food selection. This is mostly an outdoor restaurant, but on a cooler weather, they have a tarp that covers the dining area. Semiramis also prides themselves on sourcing their food from local farmers, but also for their entertainment during the evenings with local bands playing Cretan music. You can get a good meal with drinks for two for around 30-35 euros.
  • Tsalikis is a taverna under the hotel Melanis and is a bit outside the city centre area but alongside a beautiful beach. It is a seafood restaurant located in the perfect place to look at the absolutely gorgeous sunset. We sat looking at the sunset for over an hour whilst the ocean hum next to us quietly making the evening feel very calm and serene. They offer absolutely massive portions of food which are meant to be shared and they offer a big variety of fresh seafood. The owner of the restaurant is very friendly and the atmosphere in the taverna is quite relaxed. You can get a good meal with drinks for two for around 20-25 euros.
  • Kormoranos cafe situated just off the Venetian harbour on Theotokopoulou was my favourite place to get my breakfast. They offered various local pastries, greek yoghurt with local fruits and honey, as well as omelettes and sandwiches. Greek coffee was served in nearly every cafe, but Kormoranos was one of the only ones that also served Cretan mountain tea, which is delicious! You could also get fresh juice and local deserts. The service was very friendly and the street quiet with a view to the sea.

Sustainable Chania - byLiiL


Cretans continue the tradition of pottery making, weaving, needlework, woodcarving and leatherwork, which you can see in many shops around the island. However, to recognise the products made by Cretan’s or sourced from Taiwan or China to be sold to tourists can be tricky, as everything is marketed as handmade. I saw many leather sandal shops selling their sandals for 20 euros and commenting on how they were handmade, which might be true but doesn’t sound like ethically or artisan made products. Most artisans had their shop alongside their workshop, which is one way to recognise local artisans, also the price was a good way to recognise what was made in Crete. Many tourist shops offered cheap touristy products, to be fair that is what most tourists would buy and that is how the shop owners would make the money. Whereas artisan stores or boutiques were a bit more hidden but offered beautiful treasures with definitely higher prices.

Sustainable Chania - byLiiL

Theotokopoulou had a few beautiful little boutiques with artisan made pottery, jewellery and other items, as well as design-led shops. Although, I would visit the street because of its charm. It is quiet and beautiful!

Kondilaki was a street full of touristy shops, artisan stores, a couple of ethical stores as well as a couple of restaurants. I really like the Elephant Store and a couple of other stores right next to it, the names of which unfortunately I don’t remember any more.

I loved the shop Memorabilia with its design-led and very clever products, which was situated on Episkopou Chrisanthou.

Many shops offered clothing that was printed locally and even more offered local beauty products made with locally grown olive oil. So far my favourite brand which I tried was BIOselect.

Sustainable Chania - byLiiL


Most sustainable accommodation options would be based out of Chania in small villages where sustainable tourism is starting to grow with the village and farm experience see Vamos and Agreco. If you want to stay in town, however, there are some better options.

Airbnb – Renting other persons flat or a room in a flat is always a way to get to know the town as though you belong in it. You see better how people live there and you are providing a person with an income.

Sustainable Chania - byLiiL

Villa – There are plenty of villa’s to be rented all around Chania. These are self-serving and if you book one that does not promise room service and cleaning every day the better option it is.

Small hotel – I had difficulty finding a hotel that had definitely sustainable credentials, but I had several hotels that were owned and run by a local person. The hotel is their life and they treat it in that way. They offer good service to their guests and by leaving a “do not disturb” sign on your door you make sure they won’t change your sheets and towels too often. Check Casa Veneta.

Sustainable Chania - byLiiL


Before travelling to Crete we did our online research into Chania, what to see and about the public transport, but outside of sights that are meant for tourists, there was little information (or we just weren’t able to find any). Many tourists rent a car for the trip, which is fairly easy, as there are many car renting companies about and they will bring the car to you even to your hotel. However, there are quite a few problems with the car renting companies from some companies providing cars with broken parts or others charging your credit card additional amount a few months later. As this resulted in untrustful customers many car renting companies now offer to rent for cash which is very easy and straightforward. However, electric or hybrid cars were rare as there aren’t really any charging spots for them, although this may be changing in the future.

Chania is a fairly small city and you can walk nearly everywhere within it. There is a bus station in the centre of Chania where you get good information on bus journeys and buses leave around every 20 minutes to different popular locations, so there is no need for a car unless you want to travel at your own pace and into locations that are not as easy to reach with a bus. Bus fares are fairly cheap, the airport bus takes around 30 minutes and costs less than 5 euros per person, whereas a taxi from the airport to city centre is around 25 euros. In addition, drivers in Chania are fairly erratic with speedy driving and not always paying attention to the rules. We didn’t see any car crashes, but to a drivers eye, it was scary to think of driving among those drivers. So if you decide to take a car to drive in Chania be careful and make sure you follow the road rules.

Sustainable Chania - byLiiL


  • Walk around the old town and Venetian harbour – Crete is an island full of history which can be seen in Chania pretty well. The island was occupied at various times by Romans, Ottomans, Venetians and the ancient Minoans. The city’s architecture and ruins still carry many signs of the ancient times alongside its modern culture. The whole city is relaxed and oozes you to take it easy and enjoy your life. You can find restaurants or cafe’s on almost any street in the old town, and gelato can be bought long until midnight. The Venetian harbour is gorgeous at night time, although I have to warn that every restaurant will try to talk you into having a drink or food at their establishment.
  • Lighthouse – Lighthouse is one of the main attractions in Chania and can be seen from the Venetian harbour. If you want to see the harbour better have a walk to the Lighthouse, which is free but can take a while. You can see small fish in the water and the ocean humming on the other side. Just remember to wear comfortable shoes as the walk is longer than it looks and the road is not smooth, but it is a beautiful view!
  • Ruins – There are ruins all around the city and going out of the city. Walking around the old town you can see a Mosque and old Harbour fortification. On the east side of the city in Souda, you can find Ancient Aptera and if you continue further towards Stilos you’ll find Archaeological sit of Azoires. On the south side of the western Crete there is the Ancient city of Lissos, and in Kissamos you can find an Ancient city of Polyrinia and Archaeological site of Polyrrhenia. There are many more if you search a bit online and each of them will show you a little part of the history of the island.
  • Archeological Museum – There is one in most big cities of Crete, the one I visited was in Chania. It exhibited relics and findings of archaeological digs around the island and especially around Chania. It was filled with a lot of history and I was surprised at the detail of items people made 4000 years ago! It is also a great place to hide if it is starting to get too hot outside.
  • Orthodox Cathedral – The main religion on the island is Orthodox and the island has orthodox churches dotted all around. Many of them really small, some really beautiful! The cathedral is right in the centre of the old town and is worth a visit to see the history and the beautiful building.
  • Visit the Market – There is a market at least once a week on Minoos where you can find fresh vegetables, fruit, cheese and other food ingredients.
  • Go to the Beach – There are several beaches in Chania, the famous tourist beach is Nea Chora, which is not too far from the city centre and has a bunch of cafes and restaurants right at its side. Koum Kapi beach is on the other side of the old town and close to the Market. It is a beautiful beach, but very small. There are also Kladissos, Aptera, Chrissi Akti, Agioi Apostoloi and Agii Apostoloi.
  • Botanical Gardens – Build out of aches of the 2003 devastating fire, stand botanical gardens right at the root of the White Mountains. It offers a beautiful trek in nature, relaxing with local and foreign plants.
  • Boat trips and Watersports – There are several different boat trips available for tourists who want to see the ocean from a glass bottom boat, or go to a near small beach to go snorkelling, diving or just swimming. Paraglyding trips are offered at some of the beaches as well as luxury boat rides. Please be considerate of the wildlife!
  • Stargazing – The island of Crete is great for stargazing. If you are not in a centre of a city there is much less light pollution and you are able to see the star constellations with a naked eye. Did you know, most of the constellations we know today come from the ancient Greeks, so where better to learn stories about them whilst looking at the beautiful Universe? Check trips here.

Sustainable Chania - byLiiL

Sustainable Chania - byLiiL


I hope you got as excited about this charming little city as I am!

With love,



Happy Favourites of the Week – Calming Candles in the Sun

The beautiful sunny days – I haven’t spent many days outdoors, only a couple, but I’ve enjoyed my fair share of the sun whilst working and staring out the window. My cats are enjoying it even more than I, and it warms my heart even more!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Calming Candles in the Sun - byLiiL

Zamir’s Bunker Buddies – This song is not my favourite in the world, but its message is to the point.

How #MeToo Revealed The Central Rift Within Feminism Today – This article is brilliant to raise discussion and awareness in different opinions about feminism. My favourite part was about Federici’s Wages for Housework campaign, which as an idea feels absurd, but then again most of the housework is done by women who rely on their husbands to provide for them and treat with respect. It might not be the answer, but it does raise a problem that we are facing when discussing equality.

Happy Favourites of the Week - Calming Candles in the Sun - byLiiL

Ruby – I just finished this book which I couldn’t put down. It was absorbing, even though many parts of it made me really sad and angry, but the other side was so beautiful. Reading it was definitely a rollercoaster for emotions and still I recommend everybody to read it!

Northern Light – This is the first time I am reading Philip Pullman, and the only reason I am reading it is the big commotion around his writing when he published the Book of Dust. I didn’t think I would like the book quite as much as what the hype was, but since I started the book I don’t want to put it down, I am so enthralled in the story! It is almost as though the book is my daemon and I can’t be away from it. It’s a shame I didn’t read the story when I was young! And I found the second book from the trilogy in a charity shop so I can keep reading the story instantly!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Calming Candles in the Sun - byLiiL

New soy candle – I’ve been very nervous in the last week because of few problems. There’s been this knot in my stomach and my mind has been wandering without being able to focus on anything. The only thing that could ease my mind was doing some yoga, but especially when I light up the candle I received from my fiance a couple weeks ago. The scent is so delightful and calming that I can just sit smelling it and I feel my head emptying. I need to get more of them!

What’s Wrong With My Succulent – This post is what I’ve been looking for for a while now. Although succulents seem to be the one plant that I can keep alive best, I’ve had a few die on me and felt helpless. This post though answered all my questions in a very simple way and even the comment box was hugely helpful. So if you have succulents check it out!!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Calming Candles in the Sun - byLiiL

Spring Clean – I am not big for cleaning, but I hate when all the corners are full of random stuff. Yesterday we finally started our spring clear out (it might take several weeks) and went through our closet that is full of things that we don’t need anymore. We took 4 bags of clothing that we wouldn’t wear any longer (and that accumulated into those bags for the past 3 years) to the local charity who seemed very happy for the donation. I wish there was a better system in place so that I know these garments will be recycled, but until then this is the best option.

Organic Beauty Week – Although I am always trying to research new things about sustainability and wellbeing, weeks like fashion revolution week and organic beauty week help me to concentrate the research at that point. Organic beauty week helped me to learn about organic beauty certifications and feel more confident with the beauty brands that I use.

Happy Favourites of the Week - Calming Candles in the Sun - byLiiL

Glasgow Coffee Festival – Last weekend I visited the Glasgow Coffee Festival which was quite an exciting event of trying different types of coffee from various Scottish coffee roasters, a lovely local tea by Pekoetea, kombucha made by a locals and new local chocolate makers, Rebel, that have reduced the added sugar compared to the high street chocolate and instead added protein to make it more nourishing for the body. And it was the first time I got to try some Matcha latte, I am not sure yet whether I like it or not.


How was your week? Let me know in the comment box below!

With love,


Favourite Instagram Pictures of March and April

I seem to have forgotten my favourite Instagram pictures from March so I have added them to the April ones. This spring I have been dreaming of light and warm spring and summer days and I think it shows in the posts I like. In addition, I have been enjoying all the empowering messages online, especially to do with feminism and sustainability.


What were your favourite Instagram pictures this spring?

With love,