First 12 books of 2017

How To Be A WomanCaitlin Moran

This is a kind of CaiMoran’sorans autobiography of how she sees she is a woman. It is funny and witty and has many forward thinking ideas, but I would not agree with her on all her points. She goes through many important stages in a woman’s life; getting the period, getting married, boy crushes, boobs etc. And the thing I was thinking throughout the book is “I wish I had this as a teenager”. It would have made me feel that what I am going through is normal, although she didn’t make these things sound normal.  3/5

Shadows of the WorkhouseJennifer Worth

Small glimpses of life in the middle 20th century London. It is a portrayal of lives of people who were struggling during that time. The workhouse, the living conditions in that time in London and how people treated each other. I laughed reading this book, I cried, I smiled and I wanted to hear more. It is excellently written and I would recommend this to everybody! 4/5

First 12 books of 2017 - byLiiL

The Three Musketeers Alexandre Dumas

I can’t believe it took me this long to read this classic. It followed the story of D’Artagnan and his musketeer friends. Their blind trust and courageousness. It is an adventure, chivalry and comradery. Quite unexpected. It is not the fastest book to read, but very intriguing and I really wanted to finish the story. I was so excited to learn, as well, that the book is based on real-life events and people, among them D’Artagnans memoir. 3/5

PersepolisMarjane Satrapi

This is actually a two piece graphic novel, which I finished so quickly! Based partly in Iran where the main character Marjane is growing up during the recent Islamic revolution and partly in Europe where she moves as a teenager. It explains what is is like living in this type of a country and what people do to keep their sanity. And later on, it explores Marjane’s feelings of superficial and ignorant Europeans. I recommend everybody to read this one as it opens your eyes to a new culture and the world. The story is so current and I think everybody should read it! 5/5

Me before YouJojo Moyes

If somebody doesn’t know what this book is about I am surprised. It is about a girl who is kind of lost in her life and finds excitement and drive to her life while working as a career to a quadriplegic man. It is a sweet, but also a very sad story. It does keep you reading to find out what happens in the end, although it is quite expected. 3/5

UtopiaSir Thomas More

A story about a world that some might find a dream, other too constrictive. It is a world of the perfect piece, community and one goal. It is an interesting read and it certainly woke my imagination and I instantly wanted to comment on what I was reading. It was a slow book to read, because of it’s monotonous tone. A philosophical read that will make you think. 2/5

The Buried GiantKazuo Ishiguro

One of my favourite books of all time. This book was mystical fantasy. The whole story was a dreamlike tale of a couple’s adventure. The elderly couple struggle upon many challenges, which are directly related to the problems in the real world. Would you like to remember everything or something better to leave unsaid? This story will make you think and it will make you cry, but it is so beautifully written it made me instantly want to read all of the author’s books! Absolutely beautiful book! 5/5

First 12 books of 2017 - byLiiL

My Life On The RoadGloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem’s biography of her travels and experiences when she was travelling to India or around the USA. It is at a time when the women’s movement was firing up and the USA elected their first African American president. This book is a wonderful group of tales about people, how empowering they can be and how when they unite they can make things happen. It was inspiring and at parts very depressing. This book was very concentrated on political and women’s movements, but it provided me with a good insight into the late 90’s of the USA. So Interesting! 4/5

Career of EvilRobert Galbraith

The third book in the Cormoran Strike series and still keeping it strong. I love a good detective book and J.K. Rowlings rich and surprising writing. In this book, Cormoran and his assistant Robin are faced with a serial killer who is threatening them. It is written from both of the heroes view as well as the villains. There are unexpected turns in the love life, there is the deepening relationship in the workplace and the disgusting mind of a serial killer. If you like a detective novel, read this book! 4/5

Animal FarmGeorge Orwell

This book tells a story about farm animals that fight off the human’s of the farm and revolutionise how the farm is kept. At the core, it is about freeing the animals from the human bondage and seeing how new power makes the animals behave. It is interesting to see how these animals start to seem more human the more you read it and how easy it is to manipulate people’s minds through slow propaganda. Interesting but quite depressing! 4/5

1984George Orwell

Very much like the Animal Farm, 1984 follows what seems like a ubiquitous place. A very communist world where people are not allowed to think for themselves, where even though it is supposed to be communist there is a small group of people who are in command and everybody is perfectly manipulated into the same mould. Where love is forbidden, children are coached to spy on their parents and nobody is your friend. Everything is for the good of the republic. It tells about an older man who wakes up to different views and hopes that there is resistance among the people in this country, that it wouldn’t always be like this. This story made me think of North Korea. I don’t know if North Korea is like this, but this is the closest to what I can imagine and it is very horrifying! This book will make you thankful of being in the world that you are in and in the wrong hands good give ideas of how to make it worse. 3/5

The Underground RailroadColson Whitehead

A recent Pulitzer prize winner, this book tells a story about a girl who escapes slavery with the help of the underground railroad. It tells a story of the time when slavery was ending, but people didn’t know what to do with the African Americans. In the south they were a property, in some states they were banned, in the north some became free. In each case, there were difficulties with the people around them. White people were afraid of them and thought of ways of how to minimise their threat, how to elevate themselves. It was an interesting and a quick read, which thought me a lot about the horrible way people were treated at that time. Although, I am not sure if I like that the underground railroad was portrayed in such a literal way, as it made me very confused. 3/5


What books have you read in 2017?

With love,


Fashion Revolution Week

I am sure all of you have seen “Who Made My Clothes?” posts on Instagram and Twitter for the past couple of days. If you haven’t, you should definitely read this! As I’ve written before and many others before me, fashion is a very polluting industry and can be very harmful to the human race as well. People who make clothes for the many multimillion-dollar fashion companies do not get the same benefits as the companies do. Mostly these people work in unsafe environments, are treated inhumanely and do not even get compensated accordingly. When shopping for fashion we rarely stop and think about this, however, for some, it is their everyday life.

Fashion Revolution and SUSS Kickstarter - byLiiL

Fashion Revolution is a movement to change this and for the week of 24th to 30th of April they ask everybody to ask “Who Made My Clothes?”. Sometimes the answer can be easy. There are many designers who boast about their local production and hand-made goods. In most cases, however, this is not so easy to answer. Big companies like to hide their manufacturing practices. It is not really media friendly when people find out that the company has been exploiting children or the building collapsed killing hundreds of their employees. So it is left up to us, the consumers to put the pressure on these companies to change the way they do their business.

Fashion Revolution and SUSS Kickstarter - byLiiL

To join the movement and change the way fashion companies do their business ask them “Who Made My Clothes?”. You can learn more about the movement from the Fashion Revolution website, including the Fashion Transparency Index, the garment worker diaries, information what the price behind your garments means and much more. I spent literally the whole day perusing this website. In addition, you can check their Instagram account to follow the journey of the movement.

Fashion Revolution and SUSS Kickstarter - byLiiL

Additionally, you can support those brands who are being transparent and are trying to make a difference. I’ve posted about SUSS Instagram account before and how they have the greatest tips to be a more sustainable fashion shopper. Well, now they are in the process of starting up “A pop up concept store promoting a lifestyle for a healthier and happier planet.” How amazing is that?! I can’t wait! And if you want to support them you can fund them on Kickstarter until Monday 1st of May. So hurry up!

How do you support sustainable fashion?

With love,


Evolve Organic Beauty Review

I introduced you to Evolve Organic Beauty a couple weeks ago and now I’ve finally had time to test it and give you my opinion. First of all, I absolutely loved the packaging it came in. It is very simple and minimalistic, and the little pouch they came in is very handy to store them in. I appreciate how they explain how the ingredients work for your skin and what ingredients are involved in the products. I only tried 4 products out of their collection, but would really love to try the other ones as well, especially the hair products!

Evolve Organic Beauty review - byLiiL

Radiant Glow Mask

It has this chocolaty scent and slight grain to it, which makes it act as a mask and a scrub at the same time. This mask didn’t sting or itch like some other masks but felt moisturising on the skin and I felt great afterwards! The only thing I would change about this product is the scent. Although I love chocolate, I prefer my beauty products to be scented with something fresher and not as rich. Nevertheless, the scent was nice!

Hyaluronic Serum

A very easy to use serum, which absorbs quickly and hydrates the skin. I understand why it has been chosen as the winner for a couple of awards. It is so hydrating and I can use it for night or day. Also, you don’t need a lot of this product so it lasts a long time! I mean, I had only this small bottle and been using it for over two weeks and I’ve barely used any of it! The scent is neutral and the application is smooth. Excellent value for the price!

Evolve Organic Beauty review - byLiiL

Miracle Facial Oil

This is the first time that I use facial oils to moisturise my skin, but especially for the night time, I am sure it won’t be the last time. This oil feels so nourishing and combined with the serum it’s just the best hydrating combo to make me feel good the next morning! The application though is not the easiest with the small pipet. I accidently pushed the bottle and lost third of the product with that. However, this is still good value product for the price and I will be buying more!

Daily Renew Facial Cream

This was the only product that I was not so keen on, although I think it might work wonders for other. It was a very moisturising cream, but compared to other moisturisers that I have, I didn’t feel it nourishing my skin quite in the same way. Also, although I like coconut, I thought this product smelled too much of coconut. I still think it is a great moisturiser to try, especially as you can buy the smaller containers to try out, as it can be a wonderful product for somebody else!

Evolve Organic Beauty review - byLiiL

Overall, I love what I have tried for now and I know I will be buying more Evolve Beauty products! Check their website here.

Have you tried Evolve Beauty products?

With love,




Happy Favourites of the Week – Finland Trip

Adventure walk – It probably sounds more exciting than it is, but it was exciting to me. Spending Sunday walking through the city with friends, stopping at places where we’ve always wanted to go and learning more about the city was lovely!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Finland Trip - byLiiL

Trivial Pursuit – I love playing board games with friends and this week it was the trivial pursuit. Funnily enough, I am usually a very competitive person, but with this game, it is definitely more about the fun!

Meeting my Godson ❤ – I finally got to meet my godson, who was the most adorable little baby ever! Calm for a child of 1 month and heart warming. The feeling of responsibility and pride is amazing. I will definitely spoil him to bits! Can’t wait until the next time I will see him!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Finland Trip - byLiiL

A trip to Finland – Seeing my family and friends and spending some quality time with them. Not even talking about all the goodies I took home with me. Now we have rye bread for at least a month 😀

Sea Buckthorn Berry Juice – I’ve been a fan of sea buckthorn berries for a while now. Before going to Finland I got a cold and so my mother made me drink a sea buckthorn berry juice and I fell in love instantly! I love the sour taste of it that almost makes you cry. It makes me feel really awake and the c-vitamin content made me feel better so quickly!

Surprise friendship – This surprise friendship wasn’t mine, but something that I noticed. When flying to Finland I noticed close to me these two women talking together lively with enthusiasm. I thought to myself how fun that they were travelling together. When we were getting out of the plane they hugged like close friends, said how wonderful it was that they met each other on the plane making it obvious to me that they hadn’t known each other previously, and they went their own ways. It made me smile the rest of the day!

My furballs – Getting back home to my furballs was amazing! We were cuddling the whole day long! I missed them so much!

Bloom – The trees have been blooming almost everywhere except outside my bedroom window. The first morning I woke up back home, they were finally in full bloom and it made my day! How beautiful are they?!


How was your week?

With love,


A Mall for Repaired and Recycled Goods

It is quite unbelievable that I am only learning about this amazing mall, in Sweden Eskilstuna, now, when it has been open since the year 2015! As the title says there is a mall that solely sells repaired and recycled goods, in addition, they actually recycle and repair the items in the mall. How cool is that?!

A Mall for Repaired and Recycled Goods - byLiiL

The mall takes household item donations, which they then sort into workshops to be recycled or repaired and then sold in their boutiques or if there is no use to the donations they send them to the recycling centres. They have 9 running stores and 3 small pop-up stores that sell anything from furniture, computers, clothes, building materials, toys, you name it. In addition, they have the organically focused cafe and a restaurant to feed the hungry shoppers and educational centre, conference hall and a meeting room.

The team behind the mall is aiming to “make it the best town to handle waste-management” and hope the customers will bring in their unwanted items and stay to look for what they would like from the stores available to them. This sounds so exciting I wish there would be one in every town! It creates jobs and reduces the waste burden on the local governments. This is a great effort to make a whole town more sustainable!

A Mall for Repaired and Recycled Goods - byLiiL

I wonder whether this kind of a mall would be successful in a town where people are not as sustainably conscious and happy to buy second hand? Would you like to visit a mall like this?

You can read more about the mall from here1 and here2 and visit their (unfortunately it is all in Swedish) website, picture from here.

With love,


5 articles for Feminists

Behind every Feminist, there is a Chauvinist – I thought this article was light hearted and on point. It is about a relationship between a man and a woman and how to recognise a chauvinist man. Funnily enough, I recognised several relationships in both categories.

5 articles for Feminists - byLiiL

Seeing My Body With Fresh Eyes – Empowering article showing how the people around you can make you see yourself differently. It makes you believe that people are not always attracted by the media impressed image of a perfect human body, that there is more to a person. It was so wonderful to read about this experience!

The Power of Language To Cage or Free Us – Accompanied by a video of Mayim Bialik where she explains with authority about the power of language this article does explain simply how we can empower each other with language. A must read and a must watch!

5 articles for Feminists - byLiiL

Female Confessions of a Recovering Apologist – Questioning why women should be apologetic about their existence and why we only take the space we feel is left for us in this world, accompanied by a poem.

Why we see Women as Weak – A man explaining from a man’s perspective why women are seen weak, but also explaining how those qualities are what make a woman strong and men weak instead.


Share with me any other feminist articles in the comment box below!

With love,


Introducing Primrose and Pixie

“We are here to sprinkle pixie dust into your underwear drawer”

This is what it says on the Primrose and Pixie’s website, a new lingerie and sleepwear brand from the UK created by Sarah Louise Richards. And browsing through the website and their Instagram account it is exactly the impression that you get, as well as fantasy, magical and cute. Beautiful, romantic and ethereal pieces. The brand does not follow trends but rather takes inspiration from other-worldly, dreamy and gothic.

Introducing Primrose and Pixie - byLiiL

The brand is locally designed and produced in their UK studio. All of their items are vegan-friendly and they favour organic fabrics that have a Confidence in Textiles certificate. Each item is made-to-measure making it more sustainable, definitely.

It is obvious that the brand is new and the offering is quite limited but absolutely beautiful. There are few pieces of sleepwear and lingerie with lovely and cute prints, although still keeping it sexy. I absolutely love their shorts, which I would love to wear at home and I would definitely feel sexy, but still decent.

Introducing Primrose and Pixie - byLiiL

The only thing I hope they will improve upon is their sizing. When ordering any garment you can choose from XS to XL, however, when they are offering made-to-measure there would be a chance to fit the garments more, especially with the bra. On the other hand, they have great size chart from where you can choose which size would fit you and could feel comfortable ordering from them!


Check out their website and Instagram, where all the pictures are from.

How do you like the cute lingerie and sleepwear brand?

With love,