Bee’s Wrap Sheets – a sustainable food wrapping

Striving to be sustainable I often come upon the problem of making too much waste, especially when food is involved. For this reason, I usually like to store my food in different containers, but too often I tend to go for a plastic wrap or foil wrap. When I stumbled upon Bee’s wrap on the buy me once website I got very excited and I had to share it with you as well!


Bee's wrap - sustainable wrapping - byLiiL

Bee’s wrap sheets are a reusable and sustainable alternative to plastic wrapping your food. They are made of organic cotton, bee’s wax, organic jojoba oil and tree resin, which make them natural, antibacterial and ease to care for. The wax moulds from the warmth of your hands and stays in place in cold. It is easy to clean with cool water and mild soap. If you read their testimonials and how quickly they’ve built the business you can see that the product is a hit.

According to their website all their products are sourced sustainably, including the bee’s wax which is sourced from sustainably managed hives. The product lasts for about a year, but it is biodegradable and compostable so it doesn’t fill the landfills with extra produce.



I am so excited about this product, and the brand, I am planning to order one for an experiment. Did you get excited? If you did, check their website here for more information! Don’t you just wish there were more innovations like this? And that they would spread their wrap so that products you buy from stores were wrapped in this?

Pics from buy me once and Bee’s wrap.

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Happy Favourites of the Week – The big little things

The big little things

For Christmas, we got money with which we bought a new bed, a side table for me and a laundry basket. Simple things, but oh the joy! The bed has underneath drawers which fit in them so much stuff. The organisational freak inside me got a treat when I got to organise all out drawers again and make our house a much more organised and neater looking space. But the most excited I am for the laundry basket. It is neat and tidy looking and fits a lot inside. We used to use a big Ikea bag before, which I didn’t want to keep in the room, but we were too lazy to put the laundry into the walking wardrobe either, so this has finally solved the problem and I am so happy with the new found neatness in our flat!

Happy Favourites of the Week - big little things - byLiiL

Reading my new books

It took me 2 and a half months to read a book in the end of the year 2016, so when at Christmas I finally had time to read I’ve finished 3 books within 3 weeks! Actually, one I finished in just 2 days. The enjoyment of reading was one of the favourite bits of my holiday and I’ve kept it up since!



I always decorate my house with flowers over Christmas, but this year only poinsettia was flowering over the holidays. My amaryllis grew and grew, but it flowered only this week. And I’ve been planning to acquire an orchid for ages now and finally I bought one that I love. I have already read instructions on how to care for it and am adamant to keep it alive!




I am loving everything jasmine at the moment! I have green tea with jasmine, which makes me so happy. And when I go to bed I use jasmine oil to fill the room with a lovely scent. Such a lovely way to go to bed! I would definitely recommend this shop if you are looking to get some jasmine oil for yourself!


What have you been loving these past few weeks?

With love,


Happy 2017 Goals

Happy New Year! I know I am a bit late, but this being the first post in this year I just had to celebrate it! As I was working very hard just before the holidays, I spend my free time literally just resting, relaxing and eating. I had planned to make goals for the following year and lot’s of other things that I don’t usually have time for, but hey ho, the relaxing really rejuvenated me and now I am ready for this year. Last year was the first when I really made goals. I was not happy with my life at that point, mainly because it had no direction and once I had thought about where I want to get I started making goals to keep me in focus. Turns out last year, although many would say was hard and unfortunate, was for me personally enjoyable and successful. I am pretty sure this is due to making goals and not using time on something I don’t see has any place in my life. So naturally I made goals for this year as well and will share few of them with you.

Happy 2017 Goals- byLiiL


If you have been reading my blog, you might have noticed that I like to develop myself, my skills and learn new things. So most of my goals are in some ways to do with self-development.

  • Learn German – I have been studying german on Duolingo for ages, but I always seem to forget to do it and fall back. Now I am planning to really stick with it raise my fluency score.
  • Read 24 books – This was my goal last year, but I felt short of it by 3 books. I got stuck on a book, which wasn’t bad it just wasn’t moving forward. This year I will beat this goal!
  • Do yoga consistently on a weekly basis – I love doing yoga, but when I get busy and tired I talk myself out of it. I know how good yoga is for me, so I need to be stronger than that and get a grip. 3 times of yoga a week and I am sure I will feel better!
  • Develop my photography skills – I’ve had some lovely comments here on my photography, which I absolutely love to read. I like taking photographs and I want to improve in it. Mostly I want to improve the style of my photography and train my eye to take good photos.
  • Learn more about sustainability, especially withing textiles – I need to read more blog posts, articles, books and watch documentaries on this. Although, I think often that I know a lot I know I have only scratched the top of the issue.
  • Learn to keep plants alive and thriving – I love plants and flowers, but do not seem to be able to keep most of them alive. I seem to be over watering everything except for my succulents which I leave week after week unwatered and they are thriving. I will get a book on how to care for my plants and will do my best at keeping them alive. If there is anybody who would like to help me with this I would love some advice!

Happy 2017 Goals- byLiiL

What are your goals this year?


With love,


Busy B calendars

This is one brand that makes me happy with it’s beautiful illustrations and clever products. No wonder their quote is “Oh so clever!”. The brand is from Edinburgh, where they design their products and where the headquarter is, which I feel close to my heart! We had a couple’s calendar last year from this company and I can tell you it is a stationery lovers dream. It comes with stickers to decorate the calendar and I love the feature of being able to write what is going on with each of us or together. So naturally I got another one for the year 2017 as well.

Introducing Busy B - byLiiL

The only minus I find in this brand is that only some of their products are recyclable and they are made in China. I do hope this would change soon, as their products do cheer me up so much! Check their website here.

Introducing Busy B - byLiiL

Introducing Busy B - byLiiL

Do you like stationery? What stationery brands would you recommend?

With love,


Happy Favourites of the Week – Something different

5 innovations that make ethical shopping easier

This post introduces you to innovative ways that make it really easier for you!

6 Santa's helpers - byLiiL

Free public transport in Paris

This is actually positive and a negative thing, but it is none the less inspiring, which is why I added it here. In Paris, the pollution has been so bad lately, that they have banned cars and introduced free public transport for people travelling in the city. This is only for the amount of days that is necessary to reduce the pollution in the air, however, I find it a great way to for people to learn and want to learn more about the climate change. Although, if public transport was free always, how much more likely would people use it, rather than the car?

Something different

Last weekend I went to see an Ice Hockey game with friends. I am not the biggest fan, even though I am from Finland, but my friends are. So to have a bit of a different Saturday night I joined them to go and see a game between Braehead Clan and Edinburgh Capitols. It was interesting to see how different the game was from what I am used to in Finland. I encourage everybody else to go and do something different from your usual during a weekend or why not during Christmas time. And if you are interested to see ice hockey game in Glasgow you can check more about it here or here.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them

I am a big Harry Potter fan and this movie didn’t disappoint. Although, it is very different from the original saga, it still has the magical appeal to it. I loved seeing all the magical beings and fell completely in love with them!


With love,


DIY Gift tags

I am always up for some kind of DIY, especially for Christmas. So when I come up to do something for other I do it, if I have the time. I like to make presents, such as sewing things I know my family will like or make cards. This year I was looking for Christmas tags and when I couldn’t find any that I really liked I came up with the idea of making my own. And it turns out to be super easy, especially when we have such an amazing resource as Pinterest! They are cute, fun to do and personal.

DIY Gift Tags - byLiiL

What I did:

  1. I drew a shape on a paper.
  2. I cut the shape out. If you want the shape to be even, fold the paper and draw only on one side and then cut it folded.
  3. I then traced this shape on a card of my choice. I had nice thick red, green and blue card in my house for doing different crafts.
  4. I then decorated the cards with coloured pens. This year white gel pen has been one of my favourites, as it is fresh and looks good with coloured card. You can also add some sparkle or stickers on the cards.
  5. To make these gift tags more sustainable you can write the name with a pencil and reuse the next year or write the name on a sticker that comes off fairly easily.


DIY Gift Tags - byLiiL


Happy DIY! Do you have any other DIY ideas under Christmas?

With love,