Sustainable News of June 2018


How Solar Minigrids Could Brighten Economic Prospects For Unserved Millions In Africa – A way of helping out the small communities be independent.

BP Just Bought The UK’s Biggest Electric Car Charging Network – Great job, although I hope this will also continue the development into the positive direction it’s been going.

Sustainable New of June 2018 - byLiiL

Animal Conservation

Improving Seabird Conservation In Patagonian Ecosystem – Only 3% of the world’s oceans are protected even though their ecosystems are crucial for the rest of the life on our planet. However, researchers have identified an area in Patagonia which if left for conservation could save 20% of the seabird population.

How Brands Can Bee Of Help In Protecting Pollinators – A list of things brands can do to support a healthy bee population. It is also a thing you can do or check if companies are doing it. Bees are an integral part of our ecosystem and the world sustainability!

Belize Praised For Saving It’s Huge Coral Reef From Utter Destruction – Amazing news and I hope to hear more of them soon!

Sustainable New of June 2018 - byLiiL


In India, Swapping Crops Could Save Water and Improve Nutrition – India’s population is expected to grow at a rapid speed whilst the country is already facing malnutrition and water scarcity.

5 Apps Helping To End Hunger And Food Waste – It’s great to hear so many companies and people are fighting this battle!

Sustainable New of June 2018 - byLiiL


War And Climate Change Force Parents To Trade Girls For Cows In East Africa – The sad reality is that the families might not see any other solution and they think they are giving a better life for their girls as well.

South Africa Is One Major Step Closer To Health Care For All – Although it is one of the most economically stable countries on the African continent only 10% of the population can at the moment afford health care.


Microsoft, Tiffany & Co Lead Global Agreement On Responsible Industrial Scale Mining – Many big companies have come together to change modern mining to be more responsible, only time will show what will happen.

Hiding In Plain Sight: The Carbon Cost Of Everyday Products – This article explains quite well the different aspects we wouldn’t even think go into everyday products and how they contribute to the climate change.

Nestlé Suspended From Sustainable Palm Oil Group Over Poor  ‘Conduct’ – Although the topic does not surprise me when reading the article I noticed how even such certifications can be very misleading.

Sustainable New of June 2018 - byLiiL

Fashion Industry

How A Practical Guide To Sourcing Sustainable Cotton Could Help Transfer The Industry – We all know it exists, but with all the different certifications it can be difficult to know what sources to trust and what not.

Innovation In Apparel: 2018 Pulse Check – Circular apparel is becoming more and more prevalent topic in discussions about the fashion industry and there are many innovations and support networks coming up to help with it. Check out what is happening at the moment.

Trending: New EMF Collaborative, G-Star Raw, Parsons Students Latest To “Make Fashion Circular” – The major players in fashion are coming together to “Make Fashion Circular” by uniting behind three principles: business models that keep clothes in use, materials that are renewable and safe, and solutions that turn used clothes into new clothes.

A Fabric Bank Is Trying To Turn Brazilian Fashion Accountable and Sustainable – Seeing the economic benefits of all the textiles I hope to hear more about it!

Thermore Presents 100% Recycled Blow-in Insulation – There is finally an alternative to duck down that should work as well as duck feathers but are cruelty-free, recyclable and don’t seep microplastics.

Insects Supply Chitin As Raw Material For Textiles Industry – Insects that are being used for feed industry shed their shell several times which in general is waste but has now been found to have a potential raw material for the textile industry.

Sustainable New of June 2018 - byLiiL


4 Things The UK Government Must Do In ‘Crucial’ Year For Hitting Climate Targets – The UK is far behind their targets for 2020 and 2030 although they are doing slightly better than in 1990.

In A Warming World, Could Air Conditioning Make Things Worse? – Air conditioning worsens the air quality and as the temperatures rise they are being used more and more.


If you have any other news to share please share them in the comment box below!

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Sustainable News Of The Month May 2018

What people are doing around the world

45,000 Norwegians Join Massive Beach Clean Up – Since 2011 Norwegians started a custom when they go to clean up their beaches in growing recognition of the ocean pollution. Every country should be doing this and not only have one day a year but much more often!

Fed Up With Plastic, This Man Got Kenya To Ban It – Such an inspiring story about a man who didn’t stop but worked until he got his wish and made his country better for it!

Hawaii Lawmakers OK Ban On All Sunscreens Harmful To Coral Reef – Excellent and hopefully this will make people recognise how they might harm the coral reefs!

A Team Of Female Engineers Brought Running Water To This Guatemalan Village – Instead of going to celebrate spring break they decided to help a community and making their life easier, making especially women’s lives easier. How amazing!

Sustainable News Of The Month May 2018 - byLiiL


This App Hopes To Reduce Child Marriages In Bangladesh – A place where especially girls are still forced to marry when they are children. Let’s hope this is coming to an end with this app!

Malawi Just Made It Easier For Women To Run For Office – Malawi is striving for equality and has reduced the price women would pay to apply for office by 25%.

Sustainable News Of The Month May 2018 - byLiiL


Reimagined Future For Sustainable Nanomaterials – What our future will be made of and what future designers will be working with, as long as it will be made sustainable!

Calling Into Question Ethical-Sourcing Certificates – Consumers are becoming increasingly more aware of unethical practices and therefore shopping trends are changing towards more ethical, however, can they really trust all the certificates out there?

How Apparel Sector In Vietnam Promoting ‘Business Sustainability’ Concept – As an answer to Rana Plaza Vietnam is changing their manufacturing to be more social and increasing employees wages.

Can Transparency Alone Transform the Fashion Industry – Is one of the topics discussed at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit. Very interesting!

Brands Take Note: Gen Z Is Putting Money Where Its Values Are – Again, not surprising, but I am so happy to see that a growing number of people is thinking about their values when shopping.

Aquafil-H&M Collaboration, Cotton-Dyeing Process Making Textiles More ‘Effective’ – A new innovation into cotton fibre making it more absorbent when dyeing, therefore, requiring fewer chemicals and water in the process.

Sustainable News Of The Month May 2018 - byLiiL

Food and Environment

Extend The Sugar Tax – With the UK’s introduction of sugar tax, many companies are replacing sugar with other additives which aren’t any better for us.

How Safe Is Chrolinated Chicken? – It appears that it’s not very safe, but it required research to confirm it.

Soil Pollution Is The Next Major Hurdle In Combating Climate Change, Expert Says – I am not surprised by this, but I am surprised by how long it has taken to take this seriously!

“Deforestation-free” Palm Oil Is Not As Simple As It Sounds – And when it comes to sustainability nothing seems to be, so it shouldn’t be a surprise. But check this article for why it is not so simple.

Black Rhinos Make Triumphant Return To Chad After Being Killed Off – And I wish them luck and hope they will be well protected there!!

Shocking Study Shows One Third of World’s Protected Areas Degraded By Human Activities – It is the sad reality we live in and only understanding them will we be able to change things.

Sustainable News Of The Month May 2018 - byLiiL


The UK Might Ban Wet Wipes To Cut Down On Plastic Waste – As part of their 25-year plan, one of the UK governments plans is to cut down on single-use plastics.

How Michelin Is Finding A Second Life For Tires – One way when I am impressed with a company that purchases another company. Michelin bought another company not to greenwash their own but to gain the knowledge of how to recycle their tires.

Every Google Search You Do Contributes To The Climate Change – “That’s because Google relies on a vast physical infrastructure of servers, routers, and cables that all depend on electricity to operate, according to Quartz.”



If you have any other articles you might want to share, please share them in the comment box below.

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What Was I Up To In May 2018

I spend may working very hard and working on a project that I am super excited about and can’t tell about yet, but will hopefully be able to start talking about soon. There very many late night sessions of work, asking my partners help and a couple of cries of frustration when the internet wasn’t working. It is funny to realise how dependent we are on the internet. Our lives in the western countries are based on us being able to use the internet, so it’s no surprise how helpless you can feel when that is taken away from you.

Sustainable Chania - byLiiL

When the internet actually did work I quickly did the work required to be done on my computer and wrote posts here. I finally published my experiences of sustainability in Chania. The post is a great resource if anybody ever wants to go on a holiday there! I was excited to learn, during the Organic Beauty and Wellbeing week, that the eye cream I bought from Chania was certified organic and have enjoyed using it even more since!

Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week - byLiiL

I also visited the Glasgow Coffee Festival where I got to know several new local companies making amazing products! And I shared Instagram pictures that I enjoyed in April and the most interesting sustainable news I saw in April.

Happy Favourites of the Week - Calming Candles in the Sun - byLiiL

For June I am expecting one of my busiest months but will try to come and write here on occasion. Funnily enough, my freelance work is piling up just now and I don’t seem to be able to say no. And on top of that, I still have my project that I am working on. So keep your thumbs up that I will have enough time to finish it all and still have some time off for myself!


How was your May? And what plans do you have for June?

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Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week

This week 7th to 13th of May was an Organic Beauty and Wellbeing week. Unfortunately, I stumbled upon this information too late and therefore am only posting about it now, however, I think the point of any such week is to raise awareness and educate people rather than only to make changes that week. So for everybody who might’ve missed this week and it’s message keep reading.

Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week


What we put on our skin is as important as what we eat; it can nourish our bodies or it can harm it. Skin is the biggest organ in our body and absorbs everything we put on it or it gets in touch with and it is why we should be quite considered of what we put on our skin, especially as we use various cosmetics daily. Do you know what is in your cosmetics and how it affects you?

The mainstream cosmetics are often advertised as containing good for us ingredients or have attractive qualities, but what they don’t say is how they achieve these qualities.  Many cosmetics products contain harmful chemicals; such as parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, fragrances, not even talking about pesticides used in farming some of the ingredients, that are then absorbed by our skin and end up in our bloodstream or get stuck inside our bodies causing irritation, allergies, cancer and other health problems. According to Soil Association from the 10,000 chemicals commonly used in our cosmetics, only 10% have safety data. Research shows that organic ingredients have higher levels of antioxidants than mainstream cosmetic products that lack the nourishment we require.

When thinking about environmental sustainability organic beauty is better as well. The production of our beauty products that can harm the environment with chemicals flushed in the waterways or in the local environment. However, what harms the environment more is when we wash the product of our skin it flushed into our waterways. Many chemical components used in the mainstream cosmetics doesn’t break in nature but rather accumulates and harms the ecosystem.

Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week


The big problem with beauty industry is that it is not regulated. When a company wants to hop along the natural and organic marketing train it can do that without actually proving it to anyone. The only way to make sure something really is organic is if they have independently certified organic certification. That is where few independent organic and natural certification bodies came into play. The few that I know of are Soil Association from the UK and Ecocert from France. To combat the problem with regulations in the beauty industry several European independent beauty certification organisations (Soil Association, Ecocert, ICEA, BDIH and Cosmebio) have come together to create a harmonised standardisation COSMOS which is a European wide cosmetic organic standard. It is owned and managed by a non-for profit international organisation. Since it’s founding in 2017 other certification bodies, including some out of EU, have joined to certify to the harmonised standard.

Each company that wished to have a COSMOS Organic or COSMOS Natural certification must be certified by an independent certification body, meaning one of the certification bodies following COSMOS standard. Each of these companies will be checked on their natural ingredients, no ingredients can be from endangered species, no GMO products and any chemicals must respect the principles of Green Chemistry. In addition, all ingredients should be biodegradable, water usage should comply with hygiene standards and they should report with their water and energy usage, as well as environmental waste management plans. All companies wishing to get the certification need to minimise their packaging and ensure it is environmentally friendly. Soil Association also reviews marketing messages to ensure there is no greenwashing.

Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week - byLiiL


This week beauty certification bodies want you to ask what your beauty products are made of for wider awareness of what is in your beauty products. I think it is an excellent campaign, similarly to “who made my clothes” and I encourage everybody to check their cosmetics box and review how many ingredients they can recognise. When I found this campaign I instantly started wondering whether the BIOselect eye cream I got from Crete was really certified organic, as it was a new brand for me, and had to go and check. To my happiness, it is certified by ICEA, which is one of the founding companies of COSMOS. That made me very happy and I liked using the cream even more since then, but more about the cream in another post.

You can find more about the campaign, about organic certifications and about organic beauty on Soil Association website, which I really recommend checking out! Also, check out the COSMOS website.

Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week - byLiiL

Do you use organic beauty products? If not are you interested what ingredients are in your beauty products? Let me know in the comment box below.

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Sustainable News of the April 2018


160 Babies, Children Rescued In Latest Nigerian ‘Baby Factory’ Raid – This article made me cry even before I read it, but still it is an important issue that we should know about!

Africa’s First Female President Won A $5 Million Price And She’ll Use It To Empower Women – She might be the former president of Libya, but after winning her price she is dedicating to help other women and hopes to see more female presidents.

Morocco Has Built A Solar Farm As Big As Paris – This wasn’t the only article that I saw about different countries concentrating on renewable energy and I am absolutely delighted about it!

Sustainable New of the Month - January 2018 - byLiiL


The Hidden Dangers of Vegan Beauty Products – Vegan doesn’t always mean it’s healthier and better option and we need to know all the facts to be able to make the best decision.

T-Shirt That Clean The Air – This truly sounds like quite an amazing innovation!

The Chinese Workers Who Assemble Designer Bags In Tuscany – Even that sentence made me go “what?” but then again why should it surprise me in today’s world? It just proves how we really don’t know what happens in companies supply chains, even when they say “Made In Europe”.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Ethical? – We know that most mined diamonds are unethical, but how about lab-grown ones?

IBM Trust Chain Tracks Diamonds From Mine to Finger – Yet another way to make sure your diamonds are conflict-free.

Sustainable New of the Month - January 2018 - byLiiL


Small Changes In Rainforests Cause Big Damage To Fish Ecosystem –  Scientists believed there was some damage but were surprised to find out how much damage would come from only small changes.

EU Votes To Extend Their Ban On Neonicotinoid Pesticides – Great news!

Australia Pledges $379 Million In Last-Ditch Effort To Save Great Barrier Reef – I hope they also realise to have pre-emptive measures to reduce their footprint.

Sustainable New of the Month - January 2018 - byLiiL


Swiss Mountains Are Covered In Microplastics, Scientists Say – Swiss recycle or incinerate nearly 100% of their plastics and believe the microplastics in their mountains have come with the winds. This could be a new threat to our environment as microplastics can harm the bio-diversity in the soil.

Australia Commits To 100% Sustainable Packaging By 2025 – “Following a Chinese ban on imported plastic waste, Australia has committed to creating 100% reusable, compostable or recyclable packaging by 2025.”

Food Giants Unilever, Nestle And PepsiCo Will Get Together On Single Use Plastic – And hopefully will keep their word and get rid of single-use plastics by 2025 or hopefully earlier.

Kelheim Fibres Presents New Fibre For Disinfectant Wipes – I am excited to hear and see more about this.

Sustainable New of the Month - January 2018 - byLiiL


Greener and Cheaper Technique For Biofuel Production – Hurray!


7 Alternative Social Media Sites We Hope Will Crush Facebook – I am sure I am not the only one who uses Facebook just because everybody is there and therefore it is convenient. But I have been quite annoyed at how it keeps its monopoly over the market, so let’s hope there will be some competition from these.


If you have any additional news from last month that you would like to share please let me know in the comment box below!

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What Was I Up To In April 2018

April seemed to run by in a second, does anybody else feel like it? I seemed to have more work again and was just trying to keep on top of work before my holiday and suddenly it was May. It feels like I don’t have much to show for April, but I worked a lot and when it is items that I send over to my clients, of course, I don’t see much, but my diary looks full. Then again there was my holiday that helped me to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy myself. It was difficult to get back to work after it and motivate myself so that is what I am doing now in May. At least spring has been showing up a little bit at a time!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Spring Time - byLiiL

April also saw the Earth Day and the Fashion Revolution Week.  I enjoyed to see so many people rallying behind ethical fashion and questioning fashion brands on who made their clothes, even if there weren’t many answers, and I hope this will continue! I also questioned whether recycling is really sustainable, especially as we’ve learned about our recyclables travelling to China and African countries.

Happy Favourites of the Week - Spring Vacation - byLiiL

I hope I have more time for work and my life in May and more lovely sunny days! But let me know how was your April, in the comment box below!

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Happy Favourites of the Week – Spring Vacation

A vacation – I went for a vacation to Crete for a week, which was very much needed although confusing. I am not used to taking it easy during the day, so when all we could do was stroll slowly through the city, sitting on the beach, staring at the ocean and enjoying our time together. It was wonderful and it was so difficult to get back to a routine once I was home.

Happy Favourites of the Week - Spring Vacation - byLiiL

Gelato – During my holiday not a day went by without some gelato. I was sad that I couldn’t find any kiwi gelato, but pistachio and coconut were good second options! Gelato was also a saviour on those truly hot days when you felt like you were just overheating.

Chania – Chania is a beautiful little city with great restaurants and cafes to enjoy the delicious Greek food. I tried so many new things and was surprised how I enjoyed everything. In addition, we visited archaeological museum and 3 different beaches during our stay. The most beautiful part is, of course, the Venetian harbour and the Lighthouse, although I felt all the touristy restaurants along the harbour did cheapen the experience a little bit. Crete has a deep history and anybody interested in history can definitely find lots to do there!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Spring Vacation - byLiiL

Fashion Revolution Week – Although I was away for half of the week from my usual routine and I couldn’t find any events in Chania, I ended up just following what is happening on Instagram and was so impressed and inspired by all the people who were posting about this great movement! Now I think we should be continuing on demanding more sustainable and transparent supply chains from all fashion brands and not just during the Fashion Revolution week!

Swim in the Sea – I haven’t swum in the sea or a lake in a few years. Growing up in Finland we spent our summers swimming mostly, so now that I finally had a chance to go swimming I took it, even though the sea wasn’t quite warm enough. Actually, the sea was freezing cold, but spending some time in it made it feel warmer, and it was such an enjoyment and so refreshing!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Spring Vacation - byLiiL

Eugene Onegin – Yesterday I went to see an opera Eugene Onegin. I love mixing some culture into my everyday life and this tragic love story was quite a delight. For such a small theatre it was very well made and the singers and the ballet dancer were great!

Cherry Blossoms – I was afraid that I would miss the cherry blossoms while I was away and it is my favourite thing during the spring in Scotland. So I was over the moon to see that they are only starting to bloom around the city and I can enjoy their full blooming period now! They are so beautiful!!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Spring Vacation - byLiiL

The Alps – While on the plain to Crete I saw the Alps, and I couldn’t take my eyes of the magnificent beauty of them! Definitely my favourite thing on an otherwise boring flight!

Magnificent sunset – I love sunsets and often watch them, when possible, from my window. So seeing one in Crete whilst having a long and quiet dinner was such a delight. That was definitely slowing down and enjoying the moment. The sounds of the sea and birds and the colourful sunset with a glass of wine, what more could you want!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Spring Vacation - byLiiL


How was your week? Let me know in the comment box below!

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