World recycling week


Unlike in media, I have noticed, that H&M has been making moves towards a more sustainable fashion future, for some time now. This week (April 18-24), H&M launched a World recycling week in the aim to collect 1,000 tonnes of unwanted textiles which they will then recycle.


I think this is an amazing initiative to raise awareness about overfilling landfills and overusing the planet’s natural resources. We have all heard about these problems, however, now it is time to understand what we can do about it.

  1. You can recycle your clothes which are broken or unwanted at any H&M stores or in any charity stores, which sell textiles. This is a great way to spring clean your wardrobe without filling the landfills!
  2. Remember to take care of your clothes. Wash them in right temperatures and care for them. This way they will last longer and can be more useful when recycled, even if you don’t want them anymore.
  3. Shop smarter. When shopping for clothes think whether you will be needing the garment. Check the quality of the garment, check how the garment has been made (is it ethical or fair trade production, is it organic, what other considerations are important for you?). How long do you think your garment can last in your use?


What is great, is that these principles can be applied to other textiles, furniture and many other things as well. Let’s recycle more and waste less!

If you want to read more about this initiative go check out H&M website and go check this music video by M.I.A ‘Rewear It’, which is done in collaboration with H&M and the World recycling week.

Happy recycling week, let’s make the world a better place!!

With love,


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