Straws – Eco-Friendly or Healthy?

Who doesn’t like drinking liquids with straws? They’re fun, nostalgic, have great colours and shapes, and make sure you don’t spill anything on your clothes. So what’s not to like? It seems from health and environmental perspective, many things.

Straws - Eco-Friendly or Healthy?

Unlike the common misconception, drinking with straws is not good for your teeth, some even would argue it’s worse that without them because the liquid shoots straight at them. Think about it, when you drink with a straw do you feel the liquid around your teeth? I do! Sucking motion we do with straws is similar to that of smokers when they smoke and has similar consequence – wrinkles around the mouth. In addition, you might wonder why you feel gassy after you’ve drunk your drink with a straw, although, part of it might be because of the actual drink you are drinking, part of it is the air to gulp when drinking through a straw.

Straws - Eco-Friendly or Healthy?

I use straws rarely, so I am not that afraid of these consequences. Straws can still be fun and in some situations very useful. However, the big problem I find with straws is their disposable nature. Disposable plastic straws, as you can imagine, are not great for the environment. Most common plastic straws are made from polypropylene, which as an oil derived chemical. Many straws are made of plastic that is recyclable, but it is not mentioned on the packaging or anywhere else how or where to recycle them, so most of them end up in the landfills and the ocean.You’ve probably seen the pictures of videos of people pulling a straw out of turtles nose, in addition, bigger marine animals eat them and die of the plastic in their stomachs.

Straws - Eco-Friendly or Healthy?

Although straws are not the best alternative when drinking any liquids, I think there should be some fun in our lives, and if straws can bring that little bit of fun occasionally then why not use them. But as I want to live a more sustainable lifestyle I now opt out for reusable straws, which there are now many options of from Amazon, Etsy and many zero waste stores. You can choose from glass, metal, silicone and bamboo. Eco-straws has many great alternatives!


Do you like drinking from straws?

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