Sustainable News Nr. 2


Plastic Waste Set To Beat Price As UK Shoppers’ Top Concern – Study – It’s great to see how consumer mindset is changing and the price isn’t always the number 1 priority.

But What Happens If You Use Up All The Plastic? – The short answer is that’s not going to happen.

Even Insects Are Carrying Around Microplastics – It is not surprising how widespread it is, but it is still quite terrifying!

This Fungus Could Be The Answer To The Plastic Waste Crisis – Hurray! Why aren’t they researching it more?

Are Biodegradable Plastics The Solution To Our Plastic Obsession? – Muccycloud dives into this question and explains what biodegradable plastics actually are.

Sustainable News Nr. 2 - byLiiL


Slavery In The Chocolate Industry – Explains what many big chocolate corporations don’t want to tell you and why we should check more strictly on what chocolate we buy.

FoodShot Global Looking To Fund Innovators Taking ‘Moonshot For Better Food’ – I wish this kind of collaboration at this level would be done across other industries as well.


Leading Bangladeshi Textile Mill Regrets Going Green – Apparently, some customers are not prepared to pay even one cent more for buying green clothes.

Rethinking the Business of Fashion – 12 start-ups that are in an acceleration programme supported by the Fashion for Good-Plug.

Lenzing’s EUR 26 Million Sustainable Nonwovens Fibre Facility – Finally nonwoven that is not an oil-based fibre!!

New Plant-based Shoes From Vivobarefoot – Interesting innovation.

Francesco Carrozzini’s X-Ray Fashion: Seeing Through A Toxic Industry – What if all the consumers would be able to feel how people making our clothes feel, would they shop for fast fashion then?

Grow Your Own Vegan Handbag! The Marvel of Mushroom Leather – I can’t wait for this to become more mainstream, it sounds fantastic!

Sustainable News Nr. 2 - byLiiL


How One E-Waste Recycler Uses Education To Incentivise The Right Behaviours – And more information on e-waste recycling.


What Is Going On In Yemen – Fran writes about a crisis that is less talked on the news but which requires our attention.

50 Girls Hospitalised After FGM In Burkina Faso, Dozens Arrested In Crackdown – Even though Burkina Faso has illegalised FGM the culture is still so ingrained in the practice that the nation has difficulty ending it.

Gender Inequality Is Bad For Men’s Health – It does make sense.

This Incredible Former Child Bride Persuaded Her Country To Ban Child Marriage – So inspiring!

Sustainable News Nr. 2 - byLiiL


California Mandates 2 Largest Pension Funds Factor Climate Risk Into Investment – Excellent, all the banks should be doing that though.

Can China Become Powerhouse In Green Manufacturing? – A very interesting question that leaves us to wait for the future to see if it will.

What Are The Most Effective Water Pollution Solutions – an Excellent guide on what should be done about water pollution.

These Giant Towers Could Clean Toxic Smog In The Wolrd’s Most Polluted Megacity – Air cleaning towers that are self-sustaining, what a great idea, however, I hope they will also consider working on lowering the emission they are releasing in those megacities as well.


What news have you read recently?

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Sustainable News of the April 2018


160 Babies, Children Rescued In Latest Nigerian ‘Baby Factory’ Raid – This article made me cry even before I read it, but still it is an important issue that we should know about!

Africa’s First Female President Won A $5 Million Price And She’ll Use It To Empower Women – She might be the former president of Libya, but after winning her price she is dedicating to help other women and hopes to see more female presidents.

Morocco Has Built A Solar Farm As Big As Paris – This wasn’t the only article that I saw about different countries concentrating on renewable energy and I am absolutely delighted about it!

Sustainable New of the Month - January 2018 - byLiiL


The Hidden Dangers of Vegan Beauty Products – Vegan doesn’t always mean it’s healthier and better option and we need to know all the facts to be able to make the best decision.

T-Shirt That Clean The Air – This truly sounds like quite an amazing innovation!

The Chinese Workers Who Assemble Designer Bags In Tuscany – Even that sentence made me go “what?” but then again why should it surprise me in today’s world? It just proves how we really don’t know what happens in companies supply chains, even when they say “Made In Europe”.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Ethical? – We know that most mined diamonds are unethical, but how about lab-grown ones?

IBM Trust Chain Tracks Diamonds From Mine to Finger – Yet another way to make sure your diamonds are conflict-free.

Sustainable New of the Month - January 2018 - byLiiL


Small Changes In Rainforests Cause Big Damage To Fish Ecosystem –  Scientists believed there was some damage but were surprised to find out how much damage would come from only small changes.

EU Votes To Extend Their Ban On Neonicotinoid Pesticides – Great news!

Australia Pledges $379 Million In Last-Ditch Effort To Save Great Barrier Reef – I hope they also realise to have pre-emptive measures to reduce their footprint.

Sustainable New of the Month - January 2018 - byLiiL


Swiss Mountains Are Covered In Microplastics, Scientists Say – Swiss recycle or incinerate nearly 100% of their plastics and believe the microplastics in their mountains have come with the winds. This could be a new threat to our environment as microplastics can harm the bio-diversity in the soil.

Australia Commits To 100% Sustainable Packaging By 2025 – “Following a Chinese ban on imported plastic waste, Australia has committed to creating 100% reusable, compostable or recyclable packaging by 2025.”

Food Giants Unilever, Nestle And PepsiCo Will Get Together On Single Use Plastic – And hopefully will keep their word and get rid of single-use plastics by 2025 or hopefully earlier.

Kelheim Fibres Presents New Fibre For Disinfectant Wipes – I am excited to hear and see more about this.

Sustainable New of the Month - January 2018 - byLiiL


Greener and Cheaper Technique For Biofuel Production – Hurray!


7 Alternative Social Media Sites We Hope Will Crush Facebook – I am sure I am not the only one who uses Facebook just because everybody is there and therefore it is convenient. But I have been quite annoyed at how it keeps its monopoly over the market, so let’s hope there will be some competition from these.


If you have any additional news from last month that you would like to share please let me know in the comment box below!

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My Matt & Nat bag

I’ve written about Matt &Nat before and now I finally have the joy of using trying one myself. I received this beauty for my birthday when I was in need of a new big handbag. When working I need to be able to fit in it a book, a diary, small pouch with all the essentials, my wallet, some snacks, sometimes lunch, water bottle and occasionally a coffee travel mug and a bunch of accumulated receipts (why can’t we just move onto digital receipts altogether?). It can get pretty full. Last week I also added in yoga gear and surprisingly this bag did fit all of it.

My Matt&Nat - byLiiL

I’ve only used my bag for a short while, but so far it has ticked all the boxes needed. It is big enough, pretty enough, crossbody strap, has 3 compartments or rather two big pockets on the front, the bag and it can fit my laptop inside and it is vegan. The top material seems very durable and I love the blue colour. I like a little bit of colour in my handbags, but this blue is neutral enough to suit many outfits! I can instantly feel the quality of the bag when using it and I can’t remember the last time I was so excited for a handbag! I am sure it will last me for a long time!

If you liked this bag or are in the need for a new vegan bag head over to Matt & Nat while they still have their sale on!

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4 Posts that make you think

You can’t buy your way to a better world – Interesting point of view. Makes a good point of how just changing what you buy is not enough, but it is the whole principle of fast-consumerism that needs to change.

The Future of Cities – This is actually a short youtube documentary/movie, which tells you in short how people are innovating better cities for our future.

4 posts that make you think - byLiiL

Top Tips to Ditch Fast-Fashion – If you have already decided that you want to stop buying fast-fashion and don’t know how to check this out. If you don’t know why you should do it check it out as well!

Confessions of a Meat-eating Vegan – The writer of this article, in my opinion, was brave! There are so many people shaming others who are not vegan or vegetarian, shaming different types of eating habits and in general being mean. Not too long ago I saw a youtube video of a woman telling why and how she started eating meat again and she so much hate from people who were, at least claming, to be vegan. I think it is important that people talk about food and what is good for different people. As she says, one thing might not be the right thing for everybody.


Have you read any other posts lately that have made you think? Share them with me in the comments section below!

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Introducing Hopscotch

I recently discovered this brand, Hopscotch, and am now totally in love with it! It is a small design-led lifestyle brand, from East London, which makes their beautiful soy wax candles and natural beauty products, in addition to curating a small collection of minimalist jewellery and homeware products on their website as well. Doesn’t marble and copper candlestick holder sound great? It does to me! Their beauty products are all natural, vegan and not tested on animals, which are designed, formulated and handmade in their London studio!

hopscotch, soy wax candle, bergamot, tear shaped paperclips

I ordered a bergamot soy wax candle (although I could choose many other amazing options as well!) and tear shaped golden paper clips from them (more about the paperclips soon, a diy idea). I received the parcel in just a couple of days and such a nice parcel it was! I mean, how beautiful is this turquoise bubble wrap?  I know, there is no particular use for it, except reusing it when I need to send something or use it as a photo prop, but I was so delighted when I opened the box and I saw this bubble wrap! The little things!

hopscotch, bergamot soy candle, gold paper clipsHopscotch, stationary, gold tear drop paper clips

I love buying from smaller brands, especially the ones that produce their products in the home country and so reducing the steps in the supply chain. And now I can’t wait to try some of their all natural beauty products, I know what I will have on my Christmas wish list!

Hopscotch, soy candle, hand poured in London, gold paper clips

You can check Hopscotch from their website or Instagram.


Have you heard about Hopscotch? Oh, and stay tuned for a review on the candle!

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Lush hair products I love

Continuing on my favourite products in use. Last time I told you about Madara, this time, it is a brand that everybody, I am sure, knows about. Lush. Yes, Lush is one of my favourite brands as well. It has spread the awareness of animal cruelty in the beauty industry and with that, and their beautifully scented products, gained a strong following of customers. I love going to the Lush store and picking up a couple of products to indulge in or brighten my bathroom with. Funnily enough, last time my sister visited me, she was wondering why my bathroom smelled always so nice. The answer is lush products. I always have some kind of lush soap in the bathroom and although it does not smell like in the lush store (I don’t think my boyfriend could take that, he gets a headache from two minutes in the store) it does bring that nice slight scent which is not too much on your face.


I didn’t come here to tell you about Lush as a brand, as I am sure all of you know it quite well, but rather of two products which I have become quite fond off. With my love for a more natural beauty regime, I wanted to incorporate that into my hair care as well. My hair is long and quite fine although, I have a lot of it. So when it comes to hair products I require volume and conditioning care. These two products from lush have been excellent for just that!


Seanik Shampoo bar

This is actually my second seanik shampoo bar in use, the last one lasted me ages and I loved it so much I had to get another one. Lush explains this shampoo bar as providing shine and volume, and I truly feel and see it. In addition, the scents are amazing! I do not really like those super sweet products at Lush, but rather go for the citrusy fresh ones and this is exactly it. With mimosa, jasmine and orange flower oils it provides the perfect combination of soothing, fresh and uplifting scents. So great for the hair and your mind!


Big solid conditioner

When I decided that I wanted to try a conditioner bar from lush I noticed that the store was running out of products (it was Saturday afternoon and the store was jam packed). So I picked the first one that had some mention on volume, hoping that it wouldn’t be a disappointment. Although, me picking up the last of this kind, was somewhat reassuring.

This product smells also incredible and is a great addition to have a nice smelling bathroom. It has a butter-like consistency, which at first I found quite confusing to use, but after a couple of times, I got used to it and was amazed at how little I needed it. After using this conditioner my hair smells amazing, feels soft and healthy and not at all greasy (which can happen with some conditioners). I adore the citrusy scents in it and I notice during the day I like to sniff my hair.. a lot!


It took me time to get used to the bar like shampoo and conditioner, but I love them and find them very handy for travelling. Now I am looking to adding some other lush shampoo’s and conditioners to try and add into my hair routine. It is good to mix things up to keep that healthy hair! If you are interested in learning more about these products head to Lush website to find Seanik shampoo bar and Big solid conditioner. What I really like about Lush products is that they are hand made with fresh ingreadients and they are transparent about their production with websites showing how their products are made. The only thing I would wish is to know whether their products are organic and where they are sourced from!



Brand rating lush

Have you tried Lush’s hair products? How have you liked them?

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