4 Articles To Inspire Hope

Ethical Fashion Meets Refugee Empowerment – An article about a company ‘From Found’ written by Ethical Unicorn that explains the ethos behind the brand’s values and ethos in employing and empowering refugee’s and why it is important.

A New Book Ranks the Top 100 Solutions To Climate Change – This article takes a closer look at the book and the top solutions for the climate change and how they are measured and reasoned. Interesting reading and proves that it is possible if more people got involved with this, such as world leaders.


I Am Beautiful And I Am Not Afraid To Say It – A woman talking about how she feels beautiful and does not compare herself to others in a society where comparison and self-hatred is a norm.

Nature Strikes Back: Notorious Hunter Meets His Karma – It doesn’t matter whether you believe in karma or not as this article mainly tells about trophy hunters who, ironically, have been killed by the animals who they were hunting. “Go elephants!”


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No Words

Some days you don’t know what to say. Or you have too much to say, but nothing really feels right. You write and you write and then smudge the whole thing. I had another post wall written for this day, but after Monday I didn’t feel like posting it here. It wasn’t inappropriate it just didn’t reflect they way I felt. I could have just posted pictures to take people’s mind off or make them feel that there is hope. And there is hope, it can just, at times, be difficult to see. Instead, I will leave you with this.

I Don't Have Words - byLiiL

I look out the window feeling sad for the humanity. What happened on Monday in Manchester was horrible, but horrible things happen every day; some closer to us and some further away, some touch us and some don’t. I feel sad for the ignorance, for the greed, for the unfairness, for the bigotry, for the inequality. But now that I look out the window I see children playing in the schoolyard. There is a boy with a red coat on carrying a bag in his hand who runs around with no care in the world. He stops are whirls around with his arms stretched out and stairs at the sky enjoying every moment. These children are happy. They don’t yet know what the world is like. These children make me smile and make me feel that there is hope in this world. They make me want to change it so that they wouldn’t have to know the current grimness of the world, but just the beauty of it.

I Don't Have Words - byLiiL

With all that is happening, I hope we don’t lock ourselves away from the world and become more ignorant. I hope the people will join together, forget the greed and the strive for power and think of the future in the long run. What will make it better in five or ten years, not just right now?


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Inspiration of the week: Iris Grace


I first stumbled upon Iris Grace just last week while scrolling through my Facebook feed. Somebody had linked an article about her, which sounded interesting. I could never have imagined the beauty that was revealed to me through that article. She is only a little child with an autism, but makes the most beautiful paintings! And the story about her and the cat Thula is just heart warming and eye watering! I really recommend checking the website about Iris Grace and her story.



Her story is really inspiring and her art makes me feel emotional and happy. What else do you need to cheer up your day? If you really love the pictures, some of them can also be purchased as prints or cards from their online shop.

The pictures are the work of Arabella Carter-Johnson, Iris Grace’s mother and professional photographer. I wanted to show here some of my favourite ones!

How did you like Iris Grace’s art?


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