365 Days of Happiness

(AD: I was kindly gifted with this book in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.)

If you didn’t yet know, 365 Days of Happiness is a book written by Jacqueline Pirtle or the #freakyhealer. The cover of the book illustrates the content excellently. It is a delicious collection of guides on how to live a happier life. There is a unique guide for every day of the year making sure there is a practice for everybody even if not every, day guide, is suitable for you.

I like to live a happy life, and I post monthly about the things that have made me happy in the previous month. I believe that to live and make the world sustainable we need to also be happy. When our own life is in balance it is much easier to help others and our planet. So make sure you take care of yourself as well as the planet. When you feel better you can put more energy into your activism!

365 Days of Happiness - byLiiL



365 Days of Happiness is about learning to take charge of your happiness. It is about starting to live happily every day by using little practices that you can adapt daily to notice, do and practice things that will make your life happy. It shows that happiness is not something else or somebody that will bring it to your life, but rather happiness is in you, and you have the power to make yourself happy.

The book has 365 different tasks, one for each day of the year, which will help you realise your happier life. You could read one per day, or scroll through several. I found that there are days when the task is so suitable for me I had to write it down and make sure I would adapt it into my everyday life. And there were others which weren’t really suitable for me. Nevertheless, there are so many different types of tasks and tips, making sure that everyone will find a few that are suitable for them. One of the best things about the book is how you can make your bad day just a little bit better by taking the book and finding your favourite task, or why not a new one.

365 Days of Happiness - byLiiL


I enjoyed going through the tasks and found many exercises that I will be adapting to my everyday life, such as making a list of things that make me happy and making sure I do some of them each day. I think Jacqueline brings out well our connection to the earth and to everybody else and talks about nourishing our soles and bodies. Sometimes the book felt a bit cheesy, or I felt that things could’ve been said in a simpler way, but I do understand that sometimes flowery overly positive writing can be inspiring if a person is not feeling very happy. It is still something to keep in mind.



A Swiss-born Jacqueline lives now in the USA, dedicated her life on being happy and feeling good about herself and in herself. This happiness was magnetic and slowly she started helping others, until in 2006 when she started leading workshops, talks and private sessions on changing your life and being happy. Her concentration is on wellness, holistic medicine, energy healing, law of attraction and happiness, and she holds international wellness degrees, as well as is a certified Reiki master. Jacqueline’s whole being, life and work is centred around happiness and it can be felt from her work and from her writing.

In 2017, Jacqueline used the year to record things she did to honour her joy and to be happy.  These recordings were based on her morning ritual of starting days with shifting her current feeling into making sure she would have a happy day. Those recordings were used to make the book 365 Days of Happiness, which is a guide to her students and to other people to find their happiness.

365 Days of Happiness - byLiiL


Jacqueline has truly done a great job writing this book and I can only imagine her going through some of the struggles and making her experience these exercises to be able to come up with it. Jacqueline is so concentrated on helping people heal and be happy that she created a separate Self-Study Programme to accompany the book, which covers 6 lessons that will help you find happiness on top of the book.

If you are interested in the book, as you ought to be nevertheless if you are happy or not, you can now find it on Amazon US or UK, or read it on your phone by purchasing the app. If you want to read more about Jacqueline Pirtle and her healing check out her website the Freaky Healer. You can also find her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Goodreads.

365 Days of Happiness - byLiiL


Have you read 365 Days of Happiness? Are you interested in reading it? Please let me know how you liked it! I will now continue my year with the book and am looking forward to how it might shift my way of thinking and feeling.

With love,



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Happy Favourites of May 2019

Writing this post I see that the previous post I wrote was from the beginning of April. Considering that I keep this blog partly to help educate myself about sustainability I am a bit ashamed with the lack of posting I’ve done. Earlier in the year, I didn’t post much as I was very busy with work, but now I can’t make the same excuse. Reflecting on why I’ve had such a long hiatus (well for me) is probably some level of burn out, or the start of a burnout. I came up with loads of ideas about what I wanted to write about but instead, I continuously chose not to take up my laptop, but rather pick up a book and immerse myself into stories. Even now it feels like I need to push myself to bring up this page and write, and hopefully this way I’ll find my passion for it again!

The thing is it’s not burnout on sustainability or activism. I think my brain has just required some time to process these few months to be able to think clearly again. I remember being younger and thinking about how people can forget things or cannot hold all the information in their head, and only now that my brain gets tired of too much information or certain stimulus that I recognise how difficult it is sometimes to keep all things organised in our heads. Our brains are not computers. On some level, they might be more powerful, but they also require their rest and reboot, as cheesy as it is to say. I still want to write about sustainability, and I still want to study and research sustainability, but while the rest of my life is finding it’s the new direction this blog suffers in return. I hope to do better this month, but don’t blame me if I still need some time.

Happy Favourites of May 2019 - byLiiL


Meditation – It does often feel like my brain is going overdrive. It is difficult to calm it down, and I get anxious easily. For the past month, I have started the majority of the days with a short guided meditation often with breathing practice which has done wonders. I feel how I gravitate to meditate in the mornings or sometimes in the afternoon if I start getting anxious or overexcited. Just 5-10 minutes and my days have had a better start. I recommend Insights Timer for this.

A weekend of Ice Hockey – This is definitely not the most sustainable sport there is, however, it is a national pride for Finnish people and when being in their company and there is a World Championship game we are most likely watching it. This year, Finland won, and the weekend of watching the final games and seeing the Finnish team being beating so many stronger teams was quite enjoyable. Although, I rather enjoyed the company of friends and good food!

365 Days of Happiness – This book by Jaqueline Pirtle was gifted to me by Kelsey from Book Publicity services. I mentioned it in last months happy favourites as well, but this month the mention is for a different reason. This book truly does bring little glimpses and practices of happiness into every day. I have not felt depressed this last month, but whenever I’ve felt a bit down reading just a page from this book has brought a smile to my face. More on this soon!

Happy Favourites of May 2019 - byLiiL


Books – If it is possible I think I’ve read more than ever in one month. Many of these books are audio books, some graphic novels and poetry books, but still, the collective number is 20. There have been so many books that have broadened my view on different cultures, social classes, race, sustainability and identity.

The Summer Rain – Living in Scotland I don’t often enjoy rain but this summer rain we’ve had for the past couple of days is refreshing. And I love the smell of summer rain, that truly is happiness to me!

Friends Birthday Celebrations – I loved going out with a group of friends. To go for a delicious Mexican meal and then going around the pubs while chatting with people who I rarely see.

Happy Favourites of May 2019 - byLiiL


Little Fires Everywhere – A beautiful book discussing race, class, motherhood and how it relates to race and class, who is suitable to care for a child, teenage relationships and reading people. It was an enjoyable read while it touched on important topics.

To Die For – Lucy Siegle talks about the different parts of the fashion industry and how it kills people or animals. Even if you know about the problems in fashion Lucy Siegle will surprise you with new problems.

A Thousand Beginnings and Endings – This was one of my favourites reads of the month. It is a short story collection by different authors with an Asian background. The stories are inspired by fantasy or mythology that they grew up with.

The Picture of Dorian Gray – This classic became one of my favourite classics that I’ve read to date. It is dark and twisted and examines how people behave towards beauty, and how people can hide their sins.

My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness – This emotional graphic novel memoir by Kabi Nagata was very powerful. She talks about her anxiety and you can really feel how she felt in those situations through her illustrations.

Sex Object – Another memoir, this by Jessica Valenti, but this touches strongly on how women are objectified in everyday life. Reading this made me happy about how protected my life has been and that I didn’t have to experience a lot that she experienced. I got so angry over the unjust behaviour from men and women towards women in general which isn’t dealt with properly. At the same time this book introduced me to all the injustices towards me, which I’ve brushed of as “this just happens” without thinking that it happened because I am a young woman.

Happy Favourites of May 2019 - byLiiL


I Won’t Complain Choreographed by Larkin Poynton – Truly powerful!

The Gentle Power Of Highly Sensitive People – Being a highly sensitive person it is comforting to hear and know about others who are, and encouraging the world to accept highly sensitive people as who they are and take their contribution instead of moulding them into society’s beliefs of what everybody should be like.

The Book of Life – I really enjoyed this animation which I saw on Netflix. It brought out Mexican culture, absolutely stunning colours and visuals, with interesting depth the way the animation was done. I quite liked the story and the strong female characters. However, what I would’ve preferred would’ve been voice actors who represented these Mexicans better. No matter how much I like Channing Tatum or Zoe Saldana, they don’t really represent Mexicans to me, unless I am horribly mistaken. There would’ve definitely been other’s who could’ve done this voice acting.


What were your happy moments in May?

With love,



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Happy Favourites of the Week – Uno and a Book Haul

The Colour Purple – I had been pushing this book further and further on my reading list until one day I decided that it was time to read it. I was so surprised when I swallowed it in a couple of days and enjoyed it immensely!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Uno and a Book Haul - byLiiL

Chamomile Manuka Tee – It is soothing and relaxing to my mind and my tummy. It has been great for these chillier August days!

In A Heartbeat – The new Pixar short animated movie about a boy coming out. Of course, I had to watch and within such a short time managed to shed more than just a couple of tiers. It is really sweet and beautiful, as well as funny!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Uno and a Book Haul - byLiiL

Unsolved Murders – This week while working I’ve been listening to the Unsolved Murders podcast and been completely obsessed! Although there are some quite grim parts when they discuss the murders, the main part of the podcast that I like is the speculation and analysis of the mystery; who did it? why they did it? and so on. Also, so of the murders have happened in the 19th century or early 20th century so there is a good amount of history and description of the time, which is very fascinating.

Little Book Haul – I really don’t like any kind of hauls, but when I get to do it for a charity, I can accept it occasionally. I went into a local Cat charity shop (a great concept for cat lovers) and found a deal on 4 books for £1. Luckily I found 4 books that I was actually quite excited about. Hurray for book deals!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Uno and a Book Haul - byLiiL

The Versions of Us – I was not expecting to like this book, but I quite enjoyed it. It has a very similar feeling to David Nicholls One Day with its love story. The main concept of the book is the three different versions of this couple’s lives if they would’ve changed one moment in their life.

Uno – Who remembers this game? I had forgotten all about it, until one of our friends, visiting us, asked if we had them. And of course, we started an Uno tournament and I am sure there are many more to come!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Uno and a Book Haul - byLiiL

Big Sick – I went to see Big Sick with my friend in the local cinema and I laughed harder than I’ve had in a while. It was a sweet story and a good laugh, definitely, recommend! It also really makes you appreciate your health and your relationships (well if the relationship is good).


What made you happy this week?

With love,


Happy Favourites of the Week – The Happy Day

New client – It’s always fun and motivating to start a new project and this was no different. It made me take my time more seriously so that I have enough of it for the new client and the other projects I have going.

Happy Favourites of the Week - The Happy Day - byLiiL

My new work chair – I used to work sitting on a stool and believe me if you sit on a stool for several hours your back will be sore. So I finally went and got myself a supporting chair to work on and it has made all the difference! It is supportive, comfortable and the colour and the style makes me smile! Of course, the cats love it as well and during the hot days we had there they were rather sleeping on that chair.

Miroslava Duma launches Fashion Tech Lab with $50 Million To Invest – It is amazing to hear how the big names in fashion want to transform it and help it grow into a more sustainable market!

Happy Favourites of the Week - The Happy Day - byLiiL

The Orphan Master’s Son – This book by David Mitchell has been so interesting, it nearly keeps me of work. Definitely worth a read!

Brunch with a Friend – It’s always lovely to spend some time catching up with your friends and who doesn’t like brunch? I had the loveliest meal at Kember and Jones, who really do make a nice and good sized side salad for your sandwich! And no, I didn’t take pictures. Sometimes you can just enjoy the food!

Lucky Clover – My sister gifted me with the cutest thing! It was a little pot with three seeds to grow my own lucky clover. Somebody knows what I like… It had this little pallet of soil, which I added into a little bit of water and it swelled to fill the whole miniature pot. Now it’s growing and it is so exciting! I just love seeing the plants I have been caring for growing!

2017 Ethical Activist Book Club – I just stumbled upon this and got so excited. I love reading books and knowing more about how to make our planet more ethical and sustainable is always on my agenda. There are only 6 books on the list for 2017, so one book for every two months. That should be manageable!

Happy Favourites of the Week - The Happy Day - byLiiL

Strange man stroking a cat – While working at my desk I looked outside where I saw a cat walking on the pavement. It had come out of the house next to it. It was a sunny day, so it is no wonder the cat was yearning to get out. Along the pavement walked a man towards the cat. Usually, people don’t pay attention to cats, or cats quickly run away and hide, but this time it was not the case. The man kneeled down next to the cat and started stroking it. The cat seemed so happy it dropped on its side and started rolling on it’s back to get some tummy rubs, a sign that the cat is happy. I was sure this man was no stranger to the cat, as no cat would let a stranger touch their tummy. In a few seconds, the man rose up and kept walking away from the cat. Not into the house from where the cat came but kept going along the pavement and the cat the other way. It seems these two strangers just shared a nice moment in the middle of a sunny beautiful day.

The Happy Day – Once I started writing this post I realised I had nothing to add up. For some reason, I didn’t feel happy about anything and it made me anxious. I usually find happiness in the smallest of things and suddenly I just couldn’t think of anything. I gave it a couple of days and I started adding something to this post by force, just to have something to say. Until the happy day came and suddenly I wanted to fill this post with writings of all kind. Suddenly I remembered the happy things from several days previously. Everything seemed to make me happy. I think these are the days that we live for, the happy days. When every little detail makes you smile and you are just happy to be alive and living in the current moment!


What is your happy day like?

With love,