Sustainability in 2017

2017 was a year of learning to me, as I mentioned in the Reflections and Goals post. I learned a lot about myself and about sustainability. There is still much more to learn, but I have to be proud of all that I’ve learned so far. If you missed any of those posts here is the list of sustainability posts from 2017:

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My plan is to make even more and better sustainability content for this year and you can help by letting me know what you would like to read about Sustainability in 2018 in the comment box below!

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The Beautiful and Free Berlin

I’ve been to Berlin before, although only for a one day trip and was really excited to finally go and visit it again last month. My memory didn’t do it justice and spending 4 days there with my fiance we both agreed that it was one of the best trips we’d had together.

The Beautiful and Free Berlin - byLiiL

Our trip didn’t start in the best way. The Schoenefeld airport is changing its name to Brandenburgh, which made us very confused when we arrived at the airport. We had to set location on, on our phones to check whether we were in the right airport! Then we hadn’t got the exact address for our Airbnb and our host wasn’t answering her phone which made things a bit more difficult. We scared few of her neighbours but eventually found the adorably quirky flat in a great location with a little cat to keep us company. We were absolutely enchanted with the cat who obviously liked company and being pet and were sad to leave him when we left the flat. I was inspired by the collection of art books that our host had in her flat and odd but interesting decor.

The Beautiful and Free Berlin - byLiiL

The Beautiful and Free Berlin - byLiiL

We had the pleasure of having the best tourist guide ever, as my friend lives in Berlin and was happy to escort us into places where we wouldn’t have found by ourselves, such as rooftop bar, a Turkish market or where to find what in Friedrichshain, she pointed out all the sustainable and eco shops, which there were many! On our four day trip, we only spend one day going through the different tourist spots from Holocaust memorial to Brandenburg gate and spend the rest getting to know Friedrichshain and visiting odd places here and there. Luckily, Berlin has a great metro network, which is easy to use and get’s you almost anywhere, and which I would recommend! Berlin is a very big city with wide and slightly eerie streets, which makes all the distances longer than you might imagine from the map.

The Beautiful and Free Berlin - byLiiL

It does have a sense of freedom though. We didn’t feel overcrowded anywhere except for the airport. In addition, the whole culture is so different with openness about sexuality, drinking on the streets but not being drunk and the very international vibe.  For example, on the first day, I saw a massive advert for a dildo in the middle of the day on a busy street next to a small shopping centre which was filled with children. At first, I felt a bit weird about it, but I realised it was only because I wasn’t used to it.

The Beautiful and Free Berlin - byLiiL

The Beautiful and Free Berlin - byLiiL

Berlin is great for food offering dishes from German to Italian, Asian and even African cuisines. It was my first time trying Korean buns, which were absolutely delicious and one of our favourite meals was having African style Halloumi pitas on the last day for lunch.

The Beautiful and Free Berlin - byLiiL

The Beautiful and Free Berlin - byLiiL

Berlin was interesting culturally and historically, and it has lots to do. We managed to squeeze in a fashion show, watching an ice hockey game and even go clubbing which we never do, but in Berlin, it definitely was an experience.

The Beautiful and Free Berlin - byLiiL

What I would recommend:

  • Go to Friedrichshain for food and shopping from small independent brands.
  • Turkish market is great for buying souvenirs that are locally made (there is a lot of crap and foreign stuff as well, but you can find gems in the midst of it all).
  • There is a big selection of Airbnb places where you can stay for a reasonable price.
  • Berlin is great for just going for a walk in the Mitte or Kreuzberg (Friedrichshain as well).
  • Don’t spend all your money on the tourist spots, there are many free places as well such as Reichstag building.
  • Use the public transport and if you are going to travel a lot take a day card, which can be used on any public transport around Berlin.
  • Restaurants and cafe’s I would recommend: Neue Bahnhof st. and Sonntag st. are great for good in general, Marafina on Wüchlisch st., 1990 vegan living on Krossener st. and Aunt Benny on Jessner st.

We loved Berlin and I am already planning my trip back there again to walk along the beautifully colourful streets and seeing the crazy buildings with all the greenery, or having coffee at a local cafe!

The Beautiful and Free Berlin - byLiiL

The Beautiful and Free Berlin - byLiiL

Have you been to Berlin? Do you have any additional recommendations?

With love,


What Was I Up To In September

September was my month of holidays. After a whole summer of working hard, it was great to take a couple of little trips and get my mind off things. My holidays could be seen on this blog as well from trip posts and long breaks between posts. When I wasn’t travelling I was working a lot, which is why I couldn’t quite keep up with blogging. Sorry about that, but I hope I can get back into the schedule with the blog now as I have many great post ideas in the works!

The Isle of Mull Experience - byLiiL

First, at the beginning of the month, I visited Isle of Mull and the Newlan Ark, whilst at the end of the month, I visited Berlin again in 10 years and fell in love with it (more on that soon). During my trips, I was very excited about wildlife and local produce on sale!

I was researching a lot about sustainability, but could only get the monthly sustainable news on here. I should soon be writing more on my research though! I did also share a beautiful collection of Instagram pics as well.

Happy Favourites of the Week - Trips and Wildlife - byLiiL

I really enjoyed my September, but I am looking forward getting into my routine in October; working a lot and posting here.


How was your September?

With love,



What Have I Been Up To In May

The end of May was a beautiful time in the UK with the amazing sunshine and the heatwave, and I enjoyed it to my fullest, but more of it in the upcoming Happy Favourites of the Week post. During May I’ve been trying to plan and look for the summer, but somehow the summer bucket list seems to be hard to compile and half of what I managed to add to it was accomplished during the beautiful days in May; drink Pimms cocktail, sunbathe in the botanical gardens, spend time on a terrace. The rest are concentrated on travelling and working, as well as reading few more books and having a picnic. I hope I will be bitten by the summer inspiration bug in June! What summer did inspire me to do though was write about Finland as a tourist destination and some tips to be touristy in a sustainable way.

Happy Favourites of the Week - New Found Motivation - byLiiL

This month I was excited about several sustainable brands like Mirabelle Jewellery and Boodle boutique. What especially caught my eye was the Kickstarter campaign by OneSqin, which you should definitely check out as well!

Introducing Mirabelle - Jewellery with Meaning - byLiiL

I got on a story mood in one of my happy favourites of the week and in another, I told about my Finland trip and my beautiful new dishes! I shared my favourite April pictures from Instagram, and there were quite a few of them. I shared some videos for feminists and about feminism, which I was inspired by.

Happy Favourites of the Week - The Happy Day - byLiiL

By the end of the month, we were shocked by the brutality in Manchester which made me think and then inspired me to share some articles that inspired hope. Sometimes even the terrible things can inspire you to do something, and I guess it is exactly the horrible things that inspire the change in our world. What do you think? Finally, I ended the month with hopes of inspiring people to really embrace their power to choose how they behave and how the purchase things.

Now I wish June will be full of adventures for me and in addition to hard work I wish to relax a lot! How was your May?

With love,