Ethical Christmas Gift Tips 2018

It’s that time of the year again when we get frantic about finishing all the work, preparing for relaxation time and trying to find everybody some presents. My best tip is to check a couple of tip posts or articles out, for some inspiration, and especially the ones for ethical and sustainable presents, there are many of them this year! And then listen to your friends and family and what are they looking for. I think often the best presents are time and being together with somebody, or giving them an unforgettable experience, and that post I will be posting up soon, however, for those who want to give products I am sharing some great brands here where you can find absolutely amazing products that are ethical and/or sustainable, and there are options for different price points as well! Do remember that the most ethical present (in items) is something that the person wants and will use years to come.

You can check an alternative Sustainable Gift Guide that I wrote last year from here and the post about gifting experiences can be found here. The decorations and seeds seen in this posts are from LA Juniper online store and part of the presents I am giving.

Ethical Christmas Gift Tips 2018 - byLiiL

Fashion and Homeware Gifts

Mavolu – An online shop based in Germany selling fashion, accessories and home products made with sustainable textiles.

Gaia & Dubos – A Canadian sustainable fashion company selling beautiful products, teaching how to care for them. In addition, they offer a bunch of tutorials for caring for your clothes.

La Juniper – A beautiful online store for homeware, stationery and gift products all ethically made.

Alicas – This is a Scottish brand working on providing women in crisis new clothes by repurposing surplus stock from retailers. They are selling ethical items with beautiful illustrations, right now to fund their amazing project.

Elvis and Kresse – Make amazing accessories from repurposed fire hydrants and off-cut leather. In addition, they give 50% of their profits to charity. This is one of my favourite brands at the moment and their accessories are on my Christmas wishlist!

Ethical Christmas Gift Tips 2018 - byLiiL

Wild Tussah – Ethical accessory brand made by artisans.

Nandi Berlin – Ethical homeware store with items made by artisans.

Buy Me Once – Fashion,  homeware and gift that will last a long time, are high quality and look great.

Gather and See – Sustainable and ethical fashion from around the world.

LiiL – British made Giclee prints and ethically made sleep masks and homeware.

Primrose and Pixie – Ethical and sustainable lingerie from Scotland.

Studio Emma – Beautiful and colourful homewares made out of concrete.

Maik London – Homewares that are sustainably sourced and ethically made in beautiful prints. I especially like their socks!

Ethical Christmas Gift Tips 2018 - byLiiL

Beauty Gifts

Acala – Zero waste beauty shop selling everything to women and men.

MyPure – Natural beauty shop for women, men and children.

Evolve – Natural and organic beauty brand, which is one of my favourites.


Zero Waste Supplies

White Spring – Sell high-quality bamboo straws, which are a great present for anybody who likes to drink with straws.

Ethical Christmas Gift Tips 2018 - byLiiL

Better Subscription Gifts

Green EcoBox – They have a natural beauty and gourmet food-related subscription boxes which give back. These boxes are amazing for somebody who likes to try new products which are of high quality and from small brands. If you don’t want to get the whole box or a subscription then you can check just the products on their websites. They are amazing!

Sourced Box – A subscription box full of healthy treats and for Christmas, they bring in a healthy chocolate box which looks so delicious I might just have to order one for myself!

Ethical Consumer – A subscription to this magazine will support ethical consumer magazine and bringing information about ethical businesses. It is a great magazine which I like to support.

Willoughby Book Club – or any other book subscription. At Willoughby, you can choose how long subscription and what type you want to order.

Spotify – or any other music service. Having the premium service can be a nice difference when you don’t have to listen to the constant advertising.

Netflix – or any other video service. There are so many options and so many of us watch tv on a daily basis.

Who Gives A Crap – Why not gift somebody, especially those who might need it, a subscription of toilet paper which is better for the environment as well. I know this might be a controversial present, but I also know that some people would love this present!

Ethical Christmas Gift Tips 2018 - byLiiL

Let me know if you have any other great shops or tips for Christmas!

With love,


Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide

This Christmas I was very adamant to get most of the Christmas presents to be sustainable or ethical, by buying from small and local retailers or buying items that I believe are better. Do you want to give somebody a thoughtful gift that is better for out planet and will introduce them to a new company as well? Here is my compiled list of places where to shop from.

Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide - byLiiL

Ambre – Local natural skin care brand that does not use any chemicals and makes their products in small batches.

Hopscotch London – Soy wax candles and vegan and cruelty-free beauty from an independent seller.

Boodle Boutique – Selling organic cotton t-shirts and jumpers with cool screen printed and animal themed pictures, home decor and Christmas decor.

Post-Couture CollectiveRemember when I told about them before? New clothes for somebody who likes to do DIY.

Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide - byLiiL

Oh My Clumsy Heart – Small independent minimal jewellery, which is made in the UK. It is beautiful and made out of fine metal.

Mintoshi – Soy wax candles and wax melts in delicious scents from the UK.

Ingrid Petrie Design – Giclee prints for any room in your home printed on an FSC certified paper.

MyPure – You can read more about it here. It is a great place to shop for natural beauty products.

Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide - byLiiL

Buy Me Once – A store dedicated to things that should last forever. A perfect present!

The Big Calendar – This is a calendar and diary company that makes their diaries especially for you. You can decide when you would like your diary to start from (January or later) and you can have it un-dated as well. The price is reasonable and they look beautiful. Great for a stationary lover!

Mat&Natt – I’ve told you before about this company and will mention it again. Ethical accessories company that makes beautiful bags, wallets and now shoes as well!

Holly Sharpe – Lovely artwork to your girlboss friend!

Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide - byLiiL

Marieke Jacobs – Not many think that leather goods are ethical or sustainable, however, there are many who do like to shop for leather goods and this shop is the one I would approve of. This is what they say in their description:”I mainly use overproduced and remaining stock leather from the furniture and footwear industry. Every part is used, no leather is waisted out of respect for the material.”

31bits – Also a company I’ve written about before. Alternative but fashionable jewellery. A present to somebody and money for a good cause.

byLiiL – Of course, not forgetting to mention my own little shop on Etsy for colourful Giclee prints.

If you would like to gift somebody with a candle, check this post about some more sustainable candles.


Do you have any additional shop or gift recommendations?

With love,