6 Articles To Help You Be More Sustainable

How To Eat Sustainably (Without Going Vegan) – We’ve heard it all over that veganism is supposed to be the most sustainable diet and healthy for you as well. But let’s face it, everybody in the world will not become vegan no matter how much people keep talking about its benefits. For some people veganism just isn’t the best option. Not eating meat is a big step for being sustainable, especially when you leave out cow-meat, however, it is not the only consideration you should take when thinking about what you eat; how much water it takes to grow the food you eat, how many miles has it travelled etc. This article discusses other options which you can do to eat more sustainably whether you are vegan or not!

6 Articles To Help You Be More Sustainable - byLiiL

Conscious Consumerism Is A Lir. Here/s A Better Way To Help Save The World – We often think that just by buying better options, striving to recycle and reducing waste will sort out the climate change problem. However, even though our decisions can make a mark on more sustainable consumption habits, it doesn’t change the problem that is at its root. This article excellently points out what are the problems that we really should be tackling!

The Unexpected Way Your Fast Fashion Wardrobe Is Sabotaging Your Career – This post by Alden Wicker explained a lot to me! It explains how we have decision fatigue whilst providing a new point of view why our wardrobes should be more conscious!

6 Articles To Help You Be More Sustainable - byLiiL

Making Your Period More Ethical, Eustainable and Better For You –  A post by Quirky Queer explaining why we shouldn’t be using the supermarket hygiene products and what are the other options that are more sustainable and healthier for us. A great resource for any woman!

Eating Sustainably: What I Eat In A Day and Why I’m Not A Vegetarian – A post by world threads traveller about her eating habits. She brought a new point of why different diets are good and there is no one diet suitable for everybody, with a hint of history into her life, which brought a smile to my face!

Sustainable Pet Ownership: Ways To Reduce the Environmental Impact of Your Pets – Because your pets, like you, are part of the nature and if they could decide, I am sure they would like to be a positive force on the planet… well except my Ninja, who loves a warm spot so much she has an angry look on when the heating is not on…

6 Articles To Help You Be More Sustainable - byLiiL


Let me know your additional tips in the comment box below!

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Sustainable vegetable marking – forget the stickers

Not too long ago I stumbled onto this article about laser marking vegetables in Sweden. A company called ICA wanted to have an environmental marking system for their organic produce and were marking avocados and sweet potatoes by laser. Reading more into it I found that similar type of system has been experimented in the UK as well at Marks and Spencers.


So what is it?

EU requires the produce sold to be marked in some way. Up until now most fresh vegetables and fruit had been marked with a sticker. The stickers are made with glue and using dyes to print them and are discarded afterward. The laser, on the other hand, peels off a layer of the vegetable or the fruit leaving a mark on it, which can be eaten or peeled. To top this, the technology produces only 1% of the carbon emission than the production of similarly sized stickers!

Laser tagging is still in its early experimentation and it might not work on all produce, however, I cannot be excited enough to be without the stickers! The annoyance to rip them off and having left with the sticky surface. I am looking forward to Marks and Spencer widening their repertoire of laser tagged produce as well as I hope the rest of the Europe would.

You can read more about this from Guardian, DesignWeek and Freshplaza (picture taken from).


What do you think about laser tagging fresh produce?

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Bee’s Wrap Sheets – a sustainable food wrapping

Striving to be sustainable I often come upon the problem of making too much waste, especially when food is involved. For this reason, I usually like to store my food in different containers, but too often I tend to go for a plastic wrap or foil wrap. When I stumbled upon Bee’s wrap on the buy me once website I got very excited and I had to share it with you as well!


Bee's wrap - sustainable wrapping - byLiiL

Bee’s wrap sheets are a reusable and sustainable alternative to plastic wrapping your food. They are made of organic cotton, bee’s wax, organic jojoba oil and tree resin, which make them natural, antibacterial and ease to care for. The wax moulds from the warmth of your hands and stays in place in cold. It is easy to clean with cool water and mild soap. If you read their testimonials and how quickly they’ve built the business you can see that the product is a hit.

According to their website all their products are sourced sustainably, including the bee’s wax which is sourced from sustainably managed hives. The product lasts for about a year, but it is biodegradable and compostable so it doesn’t fill the landfills with extra produce.



I am so excited about this product, and the brand, I am planning to order one for an experiment. Did you get excited? If you did, check their website here for more information! Don’t you just wish there were more innovations like this? And that they would spread their wrap so that products you buy from stores were wrapped in this?

Pics from buy me once and Bee’s wrap.

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Roundup September and October

I forgot to do aa roundup of what I had been up to in September, so I decided to include it in the October post. This Autumn, so far, has been very busy for me. At first, I was a bit apprehensive about the coming autumn, so I dove into studying free courses online and doing a lot of freelance work.

5 easy ways to be more sustainable - byLiiL

My research into sustainability has taken me to publishing my thoughts on sustainability, showing Instagram account with great tips, talking about documentaries and sharing tips with you about how to be more sustainable and how to grow your own basil (which is doing great btw!). In addition, I did some diy recycling with candle holders which I turned into plant pots.

Succulents - aloe and money tree - byLiiL

I’ve gone through several books here, here and here (not as many as I hoped to achieve), all of which were great! And I have tried some Almighty food’s chocolates and Hopscotch soy candle.

Hopscotch soy wax candle review - byLiiL

All in all, it does not look like it was a busy two months, but I can assure you there was a lot of buzzing in the background of this blog and in my life. But I still had time for some dreaming!

How has your autumn started?

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5 easy ways to be more sustainable

I find often that it is difficult to think of how to act more sustainably and had to really write down things that I want to change in my life to become more sustainable. They are really easy tips, which everybody has probably heard before, but they are a good reminder as sometimes even the best of us can forget.

1. Expand the lifecycle of your items

Do not use products/items only once, but rather try to get as much use of them as you can. If you have a plastic bag, throw your rubbish out in it, or reuse it when shopping. Wear your clothes many times, reuse your old homeware items, reuse old rags as wash cloths. There are many tutorials how to do that on Pinterest! The more you use your items the more it pays back in what it cost to you or the environment.

5 easy ways to be more sustainable - byLiiL

2. Opt for shower instead of bath

We tend to use less water when taking a shower rather than a bath. Even if you don’t live in a country where clean water is scarce it does take energy to get us clean water.

3. Recycle

You can recycle most things you use in your everyday life! Card, paper, plastic, batteries, textiles, furniture and biowaste. When you recycle your things rather than throw them out, they will not take space in the landfills and they might actually be useful in some other ways.

5 easy ways to be more sustainable - byLiiL

4. Eat seasonally and locally

I am planning to write a more detailed post on this, hopefully, in the near future. Although, there is a lot of information on seasonal eating all over the internet. Eating seasonally and sourcing food from local farmers is likely to reduce the amount of pesticides used to produce your food, is more likely to be organic and there are probably fewer air miles as well.

5. Opt for public transport or cycling

I know how convenient it can be to drive your own car, however, even if you drive an electric car it can be harmful to the environment. Using public transport is more efficient and can be cheaper, whereas, cycling can be great for your health!

5 easy ways to be more sustainable - byLiiL

Do you have any great tips for being sustainable?

With love,


Zero-waste supermarkets, here they come!

I have been long annoyed with how much packaging all of our groceries have and how much waste it is! I complain about this often to my boyfriend and am coming up with ideas how things could be better (you can’t even imagine how many ideas I have :D). Once I was talking about how wonderful it would be, if supermarkets would not have packaging at all, but we would all have to bring our own containers to the store. He shrugged it off, saying that it would be highly unlikely that it would happen. The next day I read this article!

Screenshot 2016-05-13 14.08.54

Zero-waste supermarkets. It is a thing! It is a fairly new thing, as the first one is planning to open this summer, that I know off. It is not happening in the UK, but rather in Copenhagen, Denmark and Vancouver, Canada, but it is a start for the brighter future. Don’t you think?

Screenshot 2016-05-13 14.05.59

Zero-waste supermarket, what does it mean exactly? Well, they both go by the same principle. No packaging when you are shopping for your groceries. Instead, you can bring your own containers, buy containers from the store which you can reuse or use their compostable bags. You can buy as much as you want, and reduce your food waste. In addition, they offer mostly local organic ingredients supporting eco-friendly agriculture.

Screenshot 2016-05-13 14.06.08

I find this such an excellent idea, that it should be a law, and all the supermarkets in the world should be doing this! Of course, it would be something to get used to, but hey, with got used to 5p plastic bags! But imagine the effect this would have on the environment. No unnecessary plastic packaging that litters our nature, less food waste and supporting local farmers and reducing food mileage. Sustainable, ethical and good for you. What more could we want?! In addition, both of these stores claim that their organic food is competitively priced compared to other supermarkets because of their bulk buying and all their leftover food is donated to charities. Loving it!

Screenshot 2016-05-13 14.37.28


Now, I am waiting for other supermarkets getting inspires and open a similar zero-waste store in Glasgow! If you want to read more about the zero-waste stores you can read an article from Huffington Post, or go straight to the Løs Market and Zero-Waste Market websites. Happy fooding and dreaming!

Would you like a similar store near where you live?

All pictures are from the two shop websites.

With love,


My sustainability


One of the main topics that I want to write about in my blog is sustainability. I thought it only suitable to start with telling you about my own sustainable behaviour and perceptions.

I think everybody should have at least small consideration for sustainability to protect the earth from even further damage. The waste, the toxicity, overusing natural resources and the list goes on. When adding ethical issues such as animal and human abuse, the list can become really overwhelming for every one-of-us.


This used to make me very anxious and sad. I tried hard finding solutions for all the problems, only finding more problems. It is a vicious cycle! Buying products in todays world is so difficult, as there are so many layers of companies and hands before the product actually reaches the buyer. In most cases you are not even aware of where the product has been before you buy it.


I want to behave sustainably, however, I also want to feel happy and good about it, rather than anxious. Balancing the happy with sustainability can be very tricky, and I do want to enjoy my life! So I cut myself some slack and decided to take it step by step, and making it more as a journey towards really sustainable life. At the moment, I am doing several things that could be considered sustainable, but they are so rooted in me that I might not even notice it, however, I thought of mentioning few here that I am quite conscious about.

  • I have reduced my shopping for fashion and beauty items a lot. I like to buy only things that I know I am going to like and wear for a long time, so quality and style go a long way. With beauty, I do not really experiment, but rather only buy things I need or I have run out of.
  • I am always conscious of trying to use all the food from the fridge before buying new, and I hate wasting food. It makes me really guilty and annoyed.
  • Partly related to the previous note, we have a charging system at home for when we have to through out food that we didn’t finish or if we left the lights on in the room. How it works is, when such an incident occurs we have to put the value of the food item or 50pence for lights into a box. The money from the box is then at some point used for something useful like gym membership or haircut. This sounds like it is just a way of saving money, which it is, but it really has made us think about how we consume food because we are really competitive with who gets to put less money into the box!
  • I only wash my clothes if they start to smell or when I feel they get dirty. I like to air them a lot, though.
  • I am not vegetarian or vegan, but I do eat mainly plant-based diet with some eggs and cheese. Okay, a lot of cheese, I am completely obsessed with cheese! But then I rarely eat meat and don’t really drink milk.
  • We recycle as much as we can.


There are still many things that I consciously want to improve on, such as bio-composting, recycling tights (how quickly can I wear them out?!), generating less waste, being even more economical with food and shopping from more sustainable or ethical sources for food. Then there are of course those things I have not even realised to consider yet, as I learn something new all the time.


I want to take sustainability with enthusiasm and positivity and help other make it easy on them to make small changes in their life for a more sustainable future. I want to find companies and brands who are trying to be more sustainable and introduce them to you as well. And I wish there could be an open discussion about these issues in the comments as well.


Are you trying to be sustainable? If so what are your tips for a more sustainable life?

These pics are from my resent walk in a park near me. I thought pictures of nature is suitable to the topic.


With love,