Happy Favourites of October 2018

Tiger – October has flown by so quickly I didn’t even realise it started. This is largely due to one reason – Tiger. If you follow me on Instagram you already know that at the beginning of the month I got a small addition to my family in the form of our ginger kitten Tiger. He is the cutest, the friendliest, the liveliest, the craziest and the hungriest little creature, who is making us smile every day and has us sleep deprived ( who would’ve thought …). He loves to sleep in any human lap and if you put him down he either crawls back into your lap or starts running around like crazy. Also, he has a lovely loud purr that relaxes everybody. It is very difficult to leave the house with such cuteness in it!

Happy Favourites of October 2018 - byLiiL

Friends’ Wedding – My friends got married in the beginning of October and I was lucky to witness their beautiful ceremony and fun party. It was definitely a day of love and merriness and left everybody feeling happy.

Taking care of Cats – And following the wedding me and my fiance got to take care of their cats. We luckily live close to them and therefore were able to spend every day a bit of time with the wonderful felines. Meeting new animals and winning their trust is quite a wonderful experience!

Circular Economy Hotspot Conference – I got an opportunity to attend the Circular Economy Hotspot conference held in Glasgow and I was so impressed with how motivated everybody was to make our planet a better place. I got to hear a talk from Scottish First Minister about their plans for Circular Scotland, from organisations working on circular Glasgow and what the chair of United Nations Environmental Protection is planning. I also learned why recycling plastic is problematic at the moment and what innovations there are to replace plastic in Scotland. I am really impressed with all the companies collaborating to make Scottish businesses more circular! Overall the experience was amazing and really inspiring!

Happy Favourites of October 2018 - byLiiL


Fashion’s Dirty Secret – Talks, investigates and reveals some of the secrets fashion industry has and how they impact the planet. Everybody should see it to understand the enormity of the problem! I was surprised that people didn’t know there is a problem with the fashion industry. However, not so surprised to see the big brands refusing to even talk about these issues nevertheless of talking sustainability at Copenhagen Fashion Summit. Makes me a bit scared for leaving a big amount of sustainability into their hands. Watch this (available on BBC iPlayer) and then send an email to your local governmental representative requesting legislation to keep our planet safe!

Emma Watson Interviews Reni Eddo-Lodge – Emma interviews the author of “Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race”. They discuss feminism and race and how why these topics are still important in our today’s society.

The Ivory Game – A documentary on Netflix telling why and how the elephants are in danger of dying of our planet. It is devastating but also very informative.

I Tonya – I watched it because of figure skating, however, there was very little figure skating in the movie. Instead, it showed how pr and branding orientated the United States is (or was I am not sure) to the point that they will not send the best athlete to the world podiums just because of their image. And how they put down the people with a bad image. It was sad and showed the problems of the poor, different and women.


Bristol Cloth Crowdfunder -“What’s missing from the UK is a locally-sourced and manufactured cloth for designers to work with, and we’re setting out to change this by creating the Bristol Cloth: A sustainable, bioregional material that regenerates rather than degrades our land and natural resources.” Sounds great, doesn’t it!

Right to Repair – It is time that technology companies would let us repair our devices to lengthen their lifecycle, instead of having to buy a new one all of the time.

What were the happy favourites of your October?

With love,