TED Talks About Sustainability

Here are some Ted talks to inspire, inform and think about sustainability, fashion and environment.

How Pollution Is Changing The Ocean’s Chemistry – Explaining one part of climate change.

Truly Sustainable Economic Development – This one is not so much about environmental sustainability, but does have an interesting way of thinking that can be applied to sustainability and environmentalism through entrepreneurship. Ernesto Sirolli is funny, but so on point and has great insight!

TED Talks About Sustainability - byLiiL

Why I Don’t Care About ‘Climate Change’ – David Saddington explains why people are not taking climate change so seriously, as they do not see the effect on themselves.

Our Relationship To Fast Fashion – This is only a short piece done by a young girl, who question whether ignorance is a bliss and the western culture.


Have you seen any additional sustainable Ted talks? Share them in the comment box below!

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Sustainable News of the Month – July 2017

Sea Shells For Sale: A New Source Of Sustainable Biomaterials – Discarded molluscs are a big waste that could potentially be turned into a circular economy.

Remote Sensing Technologies Key To The Future Of The Oil Palm Industry – We know that the oil palm industry can be very harmful to our environment and animals, but it is also a very productive crop meaning companies will want to harvest it. This article discusses the possibilities of making it more sustainable.

Sustainable News of the Month - July 2017 - byLiiL

Biodegradable Cleaning Products And Eco-Friendly Plastics From Mushroom Waste – Each week more than 50,000 tonnes of mushroom waste is generated in Europe alone. How great it will be if this can be generated into something else?

Sourcemap, Provenance Harness Supply Chain Mapping, Blockchain Tech to Power Robust Traceability Platform – Traceability for brands and customers.

Meet the Company Refusing to Accept When a Lithium Ion Battery Is ‘Dead’ – Different solutions for Lithium Ion batteries to reduce wastage.

Sustainable News of the Month - July 2017 - byLiiL

Target, Stella McCartney Strike Up New Partnerships to Drive Sustainable Textile Solutions – Research into sustainable cotton production.

British Retailer Tesco To Detoxify Clothing – How Tesco is joining other brands at aiming to remove toxic chemicals from their clothing supply chain.

The Next Step In Sustainable Design: Bringing The Weather Indoors – How nature and weather affect our mood and mental health, and the way design can support it.


Have you read any interesting sustainable news lately? Share them in the comment box below!

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Introducing – 1 Dress 14 Styles by Doo.Bla.Vey

The minimalistic and sustainable brand Doo.Bla.Vey caught my eye some time ago when they were doing their Kickstarter project, but I didn’t look into the brand until much later on. Similarly to Honest Rosie, a brand which I wrote last about, Doo.Bla.Vey is rocking minimalist principles trying to reduce how much women are buying and dumping fashion. Their vision is to “design multi functional and purposeful clothing toward a minimal, longer lasting wardrobe”. The founder, designer Jiayin Zheng, has so far only designed one dress – the W dress, but styling one dress in 14 ways seems to be so promising I am excited to see what else she will bring in the future!

Introducing - 1 Dress 14 Styles by Doo.Bla.Vey - byLiiL

Doo.Bla.Vey wants to do things ethically and they source their fabrics from surplus vendors and manufacture garments in Taiwanese factories that offer fair wages, good working conditions and skills training for employees.

I am really looking forward to seeing more from this brand, not only for what they design but to see information on their sustainable practices as well! At least they want to spread the message of reducing the mass consumption which is great! I would also like to see designs with less open back for women who would like such a choice. Check their website here and their great Instagram page here. All of the images are from those two sites.

Have you heard of Doo.Bla.Vey before?

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5 Articles for Sustainability, Charity and Body Confidence

The Trouble With Charity – This post pointing out the trouble with companies using charity as a bandage on all the problems they are causing in a world is on point and a very interesting and intelligent read which will provide you with a new viewpoint.

5 Articles for Sustainabiltiy, Charity and Body Confidence - byLiiL

How To Have The Confidence To Wear Whatever You Flipping Want – Cynical Duchess writes about her experience of body positivity, self-confidence and how to feel better about yourself in a beauty controlling society.

How To Overcome Your Fear Of Sharing Your Blog With Friends And Family – A post that not only provides you with tips for telling about your blog to friends and family but empowers you to speak and be proud of what you want and like.

Happy Favourites of the Week - Entertainment - byLiiL

The Myth of Size Small – An article empowering women to think outside the size box and rather dress to look great, whilst explaining one theory why women want to dress in a size small.

Is Ethical Fashion Elitist – Questioning whether it is fair to expect everybody to afford ethical fashion.


Do you have any articles to share write them in the comment box below?

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6 Piece Capsule Wardrobe by Honest Rosie

Minimalism and capsule wardrobes have been a trendy topic for quite some time now and although, I don’t really want to restrict my wardrobe by a number I do like to follow some of the principles such as wearing garments more than once #30wears. For many, however, it seems to be difficult to make a capsule collection no matter how much they would like to. People don’t have the time or know how to curate items that would work together or find garments that would last the test of time. If you recognised yourself here, or just became interested then read forward about Honest Rosie. And if you don’t know what a capsule wardrobe is you should check the Honest Rosie blog for an explanation.

6 Piece Capsule Wardrobe by Honest Rosie - byLiiL

Honest Rosie is a brand that has readily curated a 6 piece capsule collection for you. All the pieces work well together and they are so carefully designed that with just 6 pieces you are able to create 30 outfits! Sounds impossible, but the pictures are here to prove.

In addition, Honest Rosie is trying to run everything sustainably and ethically. They are big advocates for fair labour showing videos of the women who make the garments, pay fair wages and raise awareness about environmental issues and working conditions. The garments are made out of pre-consumer, upcycled fabrics.

6 Piece Capsule Wardrobe by Honest Rosie - byLiiL

The collection includes a blue vest blazer, a white shirt tunic, a white jumper, a blue button-down blouse, a light blue skirt and a dress in one and a pair of light blue trousers. So most of the garments are versatile and can be worn in many ways, which is absolutely amazing! The colours work well together and if you don’t want to buy the whole collection you can buy just one item that will definitely complement your own wardrobe. I hope to see in future that they will bring out some other colour variations as well!

6 Piece Capsule Wardrobe by Honest Rosie - byLiiL

When I heard about the brand they had just finished their Kickstarter campaign and earned much more than they were aiming to. With such a great idea I am not surprised! At the moment they are in the process of manufacturing the garments and I hope they will soon be available for sale! They are definitely striving for transparency and I wish they will share their location and how they supply their materials.

To check out their website visit here and definitely visit their Instagram account, where all the pictures in this post are from!


Have you heard of Honest Rosie before? Do you want to have a capsule wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below.

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What Have I Been Up To In May

The end of May was a beautiful time in the UK with the amazing sunshine and the heatwave, and I enjoyed it to my fullest, but more of it in the upcoming Happy Favourites of the Week post. During May I’ve been trying to plan and look for the summer, but somehow the summer bucket list seems to be hard to compile and half of what I managed to add to it was accomplished during the beautiful days in May; drink Pimms cocktail, sunbathe in the botanical gardens, spend time on a terrace. The rest are concentrated on travelling and working, as well as reading few more books and having a picnic. I hope I will be bitten by the summer inspiration bug in June! What summer did inspire me to do though was write about Finland as a tourist destination and some tips to be touristy in a sustainable way.

Happy Favourites of the Week - New Found Motivation - byLiiL

This month I was excited about several sustainable brands like Mirabelle Jewellery and Boodle boutique. What especially caught my eye was the Kickstarter campaign by OneSqin, which you should definitely check out as well!

Introducing Mirabelle - Jewellery with Meaning - byLiiL

I got on a story mood in one of my happy favourites of the week and in another, I told about my Finland trip and my beautiful new dishes! I shared my favourite April pictures from Instagram, and there were quite a few of them. I shared some videos for feminists and about feminism, which I was inspired by.

Happy Favourites of the Week - The Happy Day - byLiiL

By the end of the month, we were shocked by the brutality in Manchester which made me think and then inspired me to share some articles that inspired hope. Sometimes even the terrible things can inspire you to do something, and I guess it is exactly the horrible things that inspire the change in our world. What do you think? Finally, I ended the month with hopes of inspiring people to really embrace their power to choose how they behave and how the purchase things.

Now I wish June will be full of adventures for me and in addition to hard work I wish to relax a lot! How was your May?

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Introducing Boodle Boutique

I’ve been meaning to tell you about the Boodle for way too long. I mentioned it the first time in December in my gift guides when I bought one of their t-shirts as a present for my boyfriend. I knew the cute and quirky animal themes is something that he would like. And I wasn’t wrong. The t-shirt is organic cotton, which not only makes it clean of toxins and sustainable, but also soft to wear. Since Christmas, the t-shirt has been worn often and washed as often. It has kept it’s print excellently and the fabric still seems as though it is new.

Introducing Boodle Boutique - byLiiL

Like this wasn’t a reason enough to write about the brand, there is actually more. The brand, founded in 2010 by a Nottingham Trent graduate Bethan Buss, is always trying to make everything in a sustainable way. Their garments are made out of organic cotton or recycled materials, their inks are eco-friendly where possible and the paper and card they print on is 100% recycled. And no wonder. As Bethan is inspired by animals, nature and adventures, what better way to celebrate that than making sure you are producing sustainably and not harming the environment!

Introducing Boodle Boutique - byLiiL

The brand concentrates on screen printing their adorable animal prints on various items including clothing for women, men, kids and babies, greeting cards and art prints. In addition, they sell mugs and absolutely beautiful chalkboards. I am obsessed with this whale one. Unfortunately, I already have a cat chalkboard at home. Does a person need more than one chalkboard in their house?

If you got interested in the brand (why wouldn’t you) you can check their charming website to learn more about them, check their shop and their blog.

The last pics are from the Boodle website.

Have you heard of Boodle before?

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