Happy Favourites of the Week – New Things For Winter

New trinket – Although I am trying to be more sustainable, I am not really a minimalist. If I really want something and know I will have it for long or for the rest of my life I will get it. I am not one to get rid of homeware items when I get bored of them, but rather cherish each item or pass it along to a next person who can cherish it. That could be the reason for why I don’t shop homeware a lot. Buying new trinkets is actually a thing I don’t really do. But for some time now I have been looking for a Buddha’s head. I finally found one the size and shaper that I liked after searching for it for 3 years. And you know, it really does bring me joy every single time I see it under our beautiful flamingo plant!

Happy Favourites of the Week - New Things For Winter - byLiiL

Murder On The Orient Express – I’ve been waiting for this movie for a long time and now finally it was in the cinemas so we could go and see it, and I loved it. It was beautifully done, Kenneth Branagh was absolutely brilliant and the plot was intriguing. I haven’t seen any of the previous versions of this movie or any other Hercule Poirot movies or read them, but am now really eager to do so!

Cranberry and Orange candle – While getting some Christmas presents I ordered myself a couple of soy wax candles and I absolutely fell in love with the cranberry and orange scent. These candles are made by Rainflower and this one smells like the most comforting tea which is just slightly sweetened. So lovely!!

Happy Favourites of the Week - New Things For Winter - byLiiL

Why I’m Not Buying The New iPhone X – There are many reasons why I wouldn’t buy the new iPhone X, or any other iPhones, but Kirsten Leo takes a sustainable and humanitarian view on why she wouldn’t buy one and explains it excellently! We should all take a second before buying new technology!

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #11 – This was the first time I saw this Jimmy Kimmel segment and couldn’t stop laughing. It is really funny, although quite rude as well, still, it made my midday much more amusing!

Happy Favourites of the Week - New Things For Winter - byLiiL

New slouchy rollneck jumper – I very rarely buy clothes, so when I do I know I will get a lot of wear out of them. The slouchy rollneck jumper had been on my list for nearly two years and suddenly this week I grabbed it at the store and didn’t let go. It is the softest and the warmest jumper ever and will probably worn way too much in the cold days of this winter!

Doisy & Dam chocolates – These little packs of chocolate, although are tiny are absolutely delicious!

Happy Favourites of the Week - New Things For Winter - byLiiL


How was your week? Let me know in the comment box below!

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Happy Favourites of the Week – Blog posts

6 Affirmations blog post

This blog post by Paula from Thirteen Thoughts is basically my thoughts put in a much better way than what I could’ve done myself! I like to use affirmations to transform my mind to feel better and I believe it has worked! Check it out here.

Happy Favourites of the Week - byLiiL


This app is so fun! I uploaded it because there is often songs playing in my head which I can’t remember the name of and it takes ages to find them. Well, apparently this app won’t help me with that either. It is supposed to recognise songs if you humm for it, but so far it has only recognised me humming ‘I’m a Barbie girl’ by Agua. It is still really fun to play with it and we were humming onto my phone, in turn, trying to get it guess what songs we were humming. Could be a fun drinking game as well!

Post about self-made toners

This post lists many toner recipes which you can make yourself at home. So, natural ingredients, you know what you are putting in it and the process is more sustainable!

Happy Favourites of the Week - byLiiL

Happy Dogs

I get insanely happy when I see a dog who is, also, insanely happy. Funnily enough, it is not even when the dogs see me, but when they see their owner. You know when dog recognises the owner, starts wiggling it’s tale and looks like the happiest creature on the planet for getting his owner back (when he probably just popped into the shop for 5 minutes). Seeing dogs being happy with their owners reminds me of how not all people are horrible when it comes to animals, but there are many who love them and give them the attention and care they require.

Nisolo Story

I very much enjoyed watching this youtube clip of a shoe brands story. Definitely got me interested in this brand, which I had never heard of before!!

Happy Favourites of the Week - byLiiL

Soy wax candle sale

I love it when I get a product that I love on sale. Nowadays, I am not hunting sales anymore, as I used to, but it is a nice surprise when you are purchasing something. I’ve had these soy wax candles before and loved them!

Happy Favourites of the Week - byLiiL

What have been your favourites this past week?

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Hopscotch soy wax candle review

It’s not too long since I ordered the little parcel from Hopscotch with a soy wax candle and beautiful tear drop paper clips. And the order was not too early. Although we still enjoy some sunny days, it has become pretty cold and evenings are very dark so it is the perfect time to cosy up with a candle to read a book or watch a movie! After lighting the Hopscotch candle on a couple of nights I now have some thoughts on it that I wish to share with you.

Hopscotch soy wax candle review - byLiiL

It looks nice and high quality in its glass jar with the golden lit and minimalistic design. So even though I don’t burn it all the time, it still looks nice standing on my shelf. And excellent in pictures!

It really has a long burning time. I’ve already burned it several days and I’ve maybe gone through one-fifth of it and I have the smaller 135g size. Many more nights of burning this candle in the horizon then!

Hopscotch soy wax candle review - byLiiL

When opening the lid you can smell the lovely slightly citrusy scent, which is so relaxing. Apparently, bergamot oils have been used to reduce anxiety, so definitely excellent for some relaxation!

When burning the candle the scent is faint. So excellent for somebody who doesn’t want a strongly scented candle, although I would’ve wished for a slightly stronger scent! In addition, it smells cleaner than a regular paraffin wax candle, when burning. Not sure if this is just a placebo effect.

Hopscotch - succulent - candle - byLiiL

In conclusion, I love this candle but wish it had a stronger scent when burning. Definitely, will buy from Hopscotch again and dreaming now of the cedar and pine candle! If you want to try your own check Hopscotch website here!

With love,


Introducing Hopscotch

I recently discovered this brand, Hopscotch, and am now totally in love with it! It is a small design-led lifestyle brand, from East London, which makes their beautiful soy wax candles and natural beauty products, in addition to curating a small collection of minimalist jewellery and homeware products on their website as well. Doesn’t marble and copper candlestick holder sound great? It does to me! Their beauty products are all natural, vegan and not tested on animals, which are designed, formulated and handmade in their London studio!

hopscotch, soy wax candle, bergamot, tear shaped paperclips

I ordered a bergamot soy wax candle (although I could choose many other amazing options as well!) and tear shaped golden paper clips from them (more about the paperclips soon, a diy idea). I received the parcel in just a couple of days and such a nice parcel it was! I mean, how beautiful is this turquoise bubble wrap?  I know, there is no particular use for it, except reusing it when I need to send something or use it as a photo prop, but I was so delighted when I opened the box and I saw this bubble wrap! The little things!

hopscotch, bergamot soy candle, gold paper clipsHopscotch, stationary, gold tear drop paper clips

I love buying from smaller brands, especially the ones that produce their products in the home country and so reducing the steps in the supply chain. And now I can’t wait to try some of their all natural beauty products, I know what I will have on my Christmas wish list!

Hopscotch, soy candle, hand poured in London, gold paper clips

You can check Hopscotch from their website or Instagram.


Have you heard about Hopscotch? Oh, and stay tuned for a review on the candle!

With love,


A more sustainable autumn ambiance

It is the beginning of September and I cannot believe it is autumn again! Autumn usually means two things for me. One: warm jumpers, candles, the start of school/uni and meeting my friends again and Two: rain, greyness and cold. This year I am not going back to Uni, which is making me a bit sad. I love Uni and studying, so I am dreading the greyness and rain. To keep my mood lifted I decided to research into some soy candles. Soy wax is much more sustainable than paraffin wax candles and as a candle lover, I think I should do the environment a favour and move onto using the more sustainable ones. Here I compiled some of my favourites from my research. I would prefer ordering candles from the UK, just because I live here, however, I do know that there are some US readers there as well so I did a small compilation of US sellers too. Enjoy!


Screenshot 2016-09-01 17.35.13

Park & Madison candles

Good information burning times and scents, as well as advice on why to use soy candles rather than paraffin wax candles. Amazing scents!

Motto candle co.

Good burning time and nice packaging.

Screenshot 2016-09-01 17.37.16

Witch City Wicks

Very good burning time, really nice packaging and scents!!

Legacy Candle Co.

Amazing mission, which I can appreciate! Good price and lovely scents. However, there is no information on the burning time, which I would really appreciate!



CH Candles

Beautiful packaging, although a bit girly. Nice array of scents with a good price and good information on the burning time. Definitely considering ordering one or two!

Screenshot 2016-09-01 17.39.08

Beauty Scents

Candles look beautiful and the scents so delicious. The postage is also free in the UK! However, there is no information on burning time or safety information, which I find very important when selling candles!!

Croydon Candle Co.

Lovely scents and so cute and minimalistic packaging. Good information on burning time, which is long!

Screenshot 2016-09-01 17.39.55

Lollyrocket Candle Co.

So inspiring! Amazing little sentences, which are great for different events or for a mood-lifting in the middle of the week. Great collection of scents and amazing burning time!

Wax and Woodland

The cutest little candles, which I would never dare to burn! It does provide safety information but not the burning time. However, the price is very reasonable for the intricacy of the product!

Screenshot 2016-09-01 17.41.15

Have you used soy candles? Do you have any brands to recommend?

These pics are from each of the sellers etsy shops.


With love,




Recycled treasures from Etsy

There was a time when I thought anything recycled would be something horrible, dainty and looked used, doesn’t sound too appealing does it? However, as we the human race is generating so much waste and depleting natural resources we are forced to make the ‘old things’ count. In the past couple of years, I’ve seen so many excellent creations which have used recycled or sustainable making technique and really want to support this craft! Here I have compiled a list of items on the Etsy which are recycled or made in a sustainable way. Have a look at each products seller as well and you might just find something even more incredible!! Link.

Screenshot 2016-04-19 09.23.24

I mean look at these creations, would you think even for a second that they were recycled? I wouldn’t! I am especially in love with the acrylic lamp, which is sold out, but it is just gorgeous! And the candles are on my shopping wish list just now! Also, the recycled wrapping paper made me really excited!!


Have you seen any beautiful recycled or sustainable creations?

With love,


Natures treasures – Etsy finds

Even though the lovely UK climate doesn’t always show the best of our spring, it is still in our hearts (read it is cold and windy today!). The cherry trees are blooming and the birdsong wakes us up nicely in the morning. Nature is all around us and it provides us with a refreshed sense of living and beauty. To celebrate this I collected some items inspired by nature or made out of nature’s supplies from the Etsy. Go and have a look, there are some truly amazing handmade items there! I especially like soy wax candle, as I am on a lookout for a more sustainable candle to cozy up to and the beautiful wooden items!

Screenshot 2016-04-12 08.51.27

The treasury or the Natures treasures collection can be found here.

Do you like making collections of items you find in shops?


With love,