More Lush favourites

I think everything I get from Lush will end up in my favourites. If I don’t like the scent or the idea of the product in the store I will not buy it, but everything I buy is amazing!

More Lush Favourites - byLiiL


I had forgotten about this soap, which I loved using when I still lived in Finland. Now my love for it is back again. It is not the neatest in the shower, as it is made out of sand which will be all over your shower area, however, it gives a nice scrub, which is natural as well, and it smells amazing!

It contains coriander oil (which is deodorising, excellent!), rapeseed oil, coconut oil and sand among others.

More Lush Favourites - byLiiL

Angels On A Bare skin

Another one of my favourites from my youth. This face cleanser, I use it kind of as a scrub, although it is a much gentler than many others and moisturises as well. During this cold winter, it has been a staple in my bathroom!

It contains ground almonds, lavender, rose absolute and kaolin among others.

More Lush Favourites - byLiiL

The Plumps – Solid Conditioner

Another wonderful solid conditioner from Lush. This conditioner smells nice and works well with my locks conditioning them and untangling them.

It contains fine sea salt, honey and cedarwood oil among others.


What products do you like from Lush?

With love,