What have I been up to in August

This summer has been truly very busy for me and while I am quite excited to get more me time in September I have really enjoyed all that has happened in August. It was a warm month with a lot of work, friends, getting back to my daily routine. There has been a lot of laughter while I have been able to take some down time every now and then to relax and gather my thoughts. After being a bit stressed for a couple of days about the starting Autumn I have finally made some plans that will ground me down and keep my routine and make me happy about the future, more about soon!


Looking back what I have been talking about on my blog in August it seems that I have been travelling my fair share and wrote about it in August. My travels have taken me on a road trip with friends around the beautiful and tranquil Scottish Highlands. I should go back there anytime I need to get out of the city! I have enjoyed a couple of little trips to beautiful old towns of Vianden and Metz where I have been totally amazed by their castles and cathedrals, and I have spent some time roaming around the Luxembourg city with my family. Living away from my family makes me treasure the times when I see them!


My own research into sustainability has found me new information on the problems of sustainability in the fashion industry which I discuss in Overdressed and True Cost. In addition, I found two online brands which are amazingly innovative with the sustainability. The Post-Couture Collective, which has innovated a new way to create fashion and Buy Me Once, which promotes a new way of shopping for products.

I have been so busy that goals and self-improvement have not really been on my mind. However, I have thought about my social awkwardness a bit, especially in the context of complimenting.

Fionna Fernandes

August has been full of favourites from finding a book on a bus to favourite illustrators, feminist interviews and working in a photo studio. I have truly been fortunate with my happy moments, but then it is all in the attitude. I like my life happy and inspired, so I look around and find it.


How has your August been?

With love,


Travelling in Scotland


There is some public transport in the form of a train to the biggest cities like Inverness. Buses travel to most places, as well, between smaller towns as well. However, if you want the freedom to go to any attractions/activities travelling by car can be much easier.

Be aware that roads are narrow and serpentine like. Other travellers are usually very polite and there are not that many people on the roads. Also, when you are driving your own car you can stop and wonder at the beauty of Nature. Like here we stopped to wonder at these deer!




There are hotels and hostels, but I would rather stay in an Airbnb, cottage or a lodge. We stayed in a lodge, which was beautiful. We had an amazing view over a hill, lake and flowers, gorgeous! In a lodge, you have more space with your own kitchen and a living room, for relaxing in the evening.

These can be expensive during the season, however, you can find good deals and off-season prices are much more reasonable. Really good places to look from are hoseason.com and embracescotland.com.




Seafood in the speciality in the highlands and you can find good seafood restaurants, especially in the big cities. Fish and chips should be available from almost all the restaurants in the area. In small towns and villages, there is not a big variety, but you should be able to find food. We loved having breakfast in our lodge, which kept us full until a late lunch. Also when we went for walking trips we could make lunch in the lodge and take it with us to eat in nature.

I ate the best ice cream ever in Oban. They had this small gelateria on the square (can’t remember the name) and I had pineapple ice cream, which was so creamy and fresh and just yummy!



With love,


Scottish Highlands

What to see and do.

There still some summer left so some tips about Scottish Highlands as a holiday destination are somewhat relevant. I spent one long weekend travelling around this majestic scenery and now have the hankering to go back. It is not one of the warmest places to have your holiday and do not count on too much shopping (except if you are looking for Scottish goods such as whisky, woollen items or other memorabilia). The highlands, as a holiday, are for your sole. The scenery is so beautiful and serene it makes your mind forget about all your daily life troubles. There are several castles and other historic places, gorgeous nature and if you are lucky some wildlife to be spotted as well.


Loch Ness

If you don’t know anything about Scotland, well you have heard about the Loch Ness monster and the lake. The lake is massive and very deep, however, it is still only a lake. I crossed it over my bucket list with little enthusiasm. What I did like about the lake, was the drive around it (it takes few hours). There were many things to see such as the Urquhart castle and the falls of Foyer. My favourite part, however, was the drive on the hills where we saw a large flock of deer having their evening meal next to the road. In the pictures, you can only see a couple of them, but there were at least a dozen and probably more.


Urquhart castle

There is a lot of history related to this castle, which I am sure is interesting but I won’t go into it here. It is a ruined castle that looks onto the loch ness. It is very well hidden by the bushes around it and if you want to see and explore it properly you need to pay to get in. Or you can do the same as we did (and a dozen other tourists) take pictures through the holes you find in the bushes.


Falls of Foyer

Well, these were beautiful! The only downside is that you have to walk down a hill for a while before you locate it and then, of course, the rise back up.

Standing Stones

This was definitely one of my favourite tourist attractions. It is a stone ‘arrangement’ dating back to the bronze era. I love the mystery behind the stones, why they are there, what was their function. We very often can go and see something from the middle ages, but from the bronze age it is a rare treat!


Culloden Battlefield

This is the last site of Jacobite rising battlefield. I mean it is only a field, but there is a visitor centre with a lot of information about this time in the history. In addition, to really clean and nice bathrooms and good ice cream.

Cairngorms national park

On our way home we drove through this national park and it was beautiful! I wish we weren’t on a such a tight schedule, as I would have loved to stop somewhere along the road just to take it all in. This is a place where you can see some wildlife. We saw guise, hawks and rabbits (potentially you can see an eagle or even wildcats).

Dolphin spotting point

Apparently, this is the best place to spot dolphins in the wild in the whole isle (correct me if I am wrong). This spot is located on the Black Isle, next to a place called the Fortrose. You drive to a Rosemarkie bay which has a good parking spot to leave your car at. It is a freezing spot with all the ocean water running in, but that’s probably why it is a good spot to spot dolphins. We saw several of them jump! So exciting! There is a boat that can take you on the waters to see it happen, or you can just look from the beach. Beware of all the other people with their camera’s who are also looking for the dolphins.



This is the favourite sport of people who visit the highlands and why not. There are several Munros to climb, including Ben Nevis (the highest moor in Scotland), with gorgeous scenery to look at and with good trails. If this is of interest to you then I recommend checking walk highlands.


Have you ever been to Scottish Highlands?

With love,




Revive eco – the future of zero waste

Following on the World recycling week – theme, I wanted to introduce to you the company about which I read not too long ago and was so impressed with! It is just the kind of idea for entepreneurship, recycling and the use of natural resources that this planet needs, and it comes from the city where I live! So cool!

revive eco 2

Revive Eco is a company, started by three young people in Glasgow. The whole point of their business ethos is to find solutions for the growing food waste the UK is faced with. They collect used coffee ground from local coffee shops, restaurants and offices, which they turn into natural fertilicers for plants. Well, that was their original plan, but now that I went to research them more for this post they have come with another even greater product, by extracting oil from these used coffee grounds they are creating coffee base biofuel! How amazing is that?!

revive eco1

This new start up has already won several awards for their innovation and it is not a surprise. They are reducing waste and creating new uses from it! I am so impressed and wish to hear a lot more from them. But for now go and check their facebook page with lots of new information on how their business is progressing (great inspiration) and videos where they explain their process and benefits of their business program! By googling them you will be able to find even more information and interviews of them.

Pictures are sourced from these two articles: Link 1 and Link 2.

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