What have I been up to in August

This summer has been truly very busy for me and while I am quite excited to get more me time in September I have really enjoyed all that has happened in August. It was a warm month with a lot of work, friends, getting back to my daily routine. There has been a lot of laughter while I have been able to take some down time every now and then to relax and gather my thoughts. After being a bit stressed for a couple of days about the starting Autumn I have finally made some plans that will ground me down and keep my routine and make me happy about the future, more about soon!


Looking back what I have been talking about on my blog in August it seems that I have been travelling my fair share and wrote about it in August. My travels have taken me on a road trip with friends around the beautiful and tranquil Scottish Highlands. I should go back there anytime I need to get out of the city! I have enjoyed a couple of little trips to beautiful old towns of Vianden and Metz where I have been totally amazed by their castles and cathedrals, and I have spent some time roaming around the Luxembourg city with my family. Living away from my family makes me treasure the times when I see them!


My own research into sustainability has found me new information on the problems of sustainability in the fashion industry which I discuss in Overdressed and True Cost. In addition, I found two online brands which are amazingly innovative with the sustainability. The Post-Couture Collective, which has innovated a new way to create fashion and Buy Me Once, which promotes a new way of shopping for products.

I have been so busy that goals and self-improvement have not really been on my mind. However, I have thought about my social awkwardness a bit, especially in the context of complimenting.

Fionna Fernandes

August has been full of favourites from finding a book on a bus to favourite illustrators, feminist interviews and working in a photo studio. I have truly been fortunate with my happy moments, but then it is all in the attitude. I like my life happy and inspired, so I look around and find it.


How has your August been?

With love,