Happy Favourites of June 2019

Sister visiting – We don’t get visitors often here in Scotland and whenever we do I am overly excited. My sister visited us last month to see the new kitten, who is almost grown up already. They quickly became friends! And I got a bit of diversity into my usually monotone days. We did a small road trip, visited cafes and sat long into the night chatting. Bliss!

Happy Favourites of June 2019 - byLiiL

Little road trip in Scotland – Our road trip was only for one day, nevertheless, it was fun. We visited the Doune castle, which is used as a setting in many movies and tv shows such as Outlander and the Monthy Python, and it was Winterfell in the pilot of Game of Thrones, therefore it is named as Winterfell for the year of 2019. We drove a bit in the Trossachs national park and visited Aberfoyle. I am always in awe at the beauty of the Scottish countryside!

REN Vitamin C gel cream – I recently finished my bottle of Ren global day cream, which is my go-to day cream. It was sold-out from the usual stores where I would buy it from and I had to order it from their online store. On top of my usual cream, I got a few testers and I especially fell in love with the vitamin C gel cream. It is perfect for the hot summer days and it smells nice.

Re-acquainting myself with the library – As some of you might’ve noticed I’ve become an avid reader this year. I always liked reading but this year it has served certain escapism and therefore my reading has tripled compared to previous years. I do not have the money to buy every single thing I want to read, nor should I. I was overjoyed when I realised my local library offers some of the books I want to read that are too expensive for me to buy and that it offers two audiobook apps where I can listen to a big selection of audiobooks. Lately, I have been using my local library weekly and on top of getting great reads, it has gotten me out of the house on a regular basis.

Time With Friends – Although I am quite a strong introvert I love getting together with friends, as long as it’s not every day. Last month I went to celebrate a friends graduation with a PhD, which is so impressive! I made dinner for a friend, I went to lunch and dinner with friends and I helped friends move. I enjoyed all of it! My work is fairly solitary and I notice how I crave for some company on a regular basis.

Happy Favourites of June 2019 - byLiiL

Pela Case – I finally ordered myself a biodegradable phone case. I was at first hesitant because it is pretty pricey, but I couldn’t really justify buying another plastic one either when I don’t know the life of my phone. In general, I prefer not having a phone case, but without knowing how it happened, the glass in the back panel of my phone had broken at some point and for all safety, I knew that I needed a phone case. The phone case is soft and has a good grip, although it doesn’t fit quite as snuggly as I hoped. Nevertheless, it sits fairly well and protects my phone, and it has a cute penguin on the back!

Hoya cuttings – I recently got some Hoya cuttings from a friend of mine. I didn’t know how they would survive in my household or if they’re even going to grow. I guess I got them at the right time as the summer sun has really done wonders and the plants have put out several leafs each and seem to be thriving. I am really excited for them to grow into beautiful bushy plants!



Maus – This is a graphic memoir of survival during the Holocaust. It is heartbreaking and gruesome, but at the same time, it shows the tenacity for survival and how horrific events mould people, their character and their view on life. It has won a Pulitzer Prize, which I am not surprised about. I cried like a baby after finishing the book and the story has stayed with me. I recommend everybody to read it, although there are definitely some trigger warnings.

Fashion Craft Revolution by Fashion Revolution – The fourth fanzine is all about craft, artisans and cultural appropriation. I found that the fanzine was ever more full of information and this time from different cultures, on their crafts and history. In addition, in the end, there are tips on how to make crafts yourself or change your garments. It is an excellent edition!

Happy Favourites of June 2019 - byLiiL



Testing 7 Anti-Chafing Products – I thought this to be such a great body positivity and generally good mood video. Also, great to know that I am not the only person who experiences thigh chafing when it’s warm. I am surprised nobody has come up with a product for this problem yet that works perfectly.

Gentleman Jack – Gentleman Jack was a pure surprise of a tv-show to me! I had heard about it before I started watching it, but it surprised me with the tone of the show, the great acting and the story. It is set in Victorian time, and anything historical doesn’t usually fly with my fiance, but he was instantly swept into the story and we finished the first season in a matter of days. It is based on a diary of a woman who was one of the first modern lesbians in the era. It tells about her love life, her struggles as a woman and as a lesbian. It is brilliant!



Jamie Squire – Jamie Squire is a brilliant illustrator whose Instagram page I follow. She never fails to amaze me with her poignant, honest and hard-hitting yet light comics that portray anxiety and femaleness.

Happy Favourites of June 2019 - byLiiL


What were your favourites in June?

With love,


Scottish Highlands

What to see and do.

There still some summer left so some tips about Scottish Highlands as a holiday destination are somewhat relevant. I spent one long weekend travelling around this majestic scenery and now have the hankering to go back. It is not one of the warmest places to have your holiday and do not count on too much shopping (except if you are looking for Scottish goods such as whisky, woollen items or other memorabilia). The highlands, as a holiday, are for your sole. The scenery is so beautiful and serene it makes your mind forget about all your daily life troubles. There are several castles and other historic places, gorgeous nature and if you are lucky some wildlife to be spotted as well.


Loch Ness

If you don’t know anything about Scotland, well you have heard about the Loch Ness monster and the lake. The lake is massive and very deep, however, it is still only a lake. I crossed it over my bucket list with little enthusiasm. What I did like about the lake, was the drive around it (it takes few hours). There were many things to see such as the Urquhart castle and the falls of Foyer. My favourite part, however, was the drive on the hills where we saw a large flock of deer having their evening meal next to the road. In the pictures, you can only see a couple of them, but there were at least a dozen and probably more.


Urquhart castle

There is a lot of history related to this castle, which I am sure is interesting but I won’t go into it here. It is a ruined castle that looks onto the loch ness. It is very well hidden by the bushes around it and if you want to see and explore it properly you need to pay to get in. Or you can do the same as we did (and a dozen other tourists) take pictures through the holes you find in the bushes.


Falls of Foyer

Well, these were beautiful! The only downside is that you have to walk down a hill for a while before you locate it and then, of course, the rise back up.

Standing Stones

This was definitely one of my favourite tourist attractions. It is a stone ‘arrangement’ dating back to the bronze era. I love the mystery behind the stones, why they are there, what was their function. We very often can go and see something from the middle ages, but from the bronze age it is a rare treat!


Culloden Battlefield

This is the last site of Jacobite rising battlefield. I mean it is only a field, but there is a visitor centre with a lot of information about this time in the history. In addition, to really clean and nice bathrooms and good ice cream.

Cairngorms national park

On our way home we drove through this national park and it was beautiful! I wish we weren’t on a such a tight schedule, as I would have loved to stop somewhere along the road just to take it all in. This is a place where you can see some wildlife. We saw guise, hawks and rabbits (potentially you can see an eagle or even wildcats).

Dolphin spotting point

Apparently, this is the best place to spot dolphins in the wild in the whole isle (correct me if I am wrong). This spot is located on the Black Isle, next to a place called the Fortrose. You drive to a Rosemarkie bay which has a good parking spot to leave your car at. It is a freezing spot with all the ocean water running in, but that’s probably why it is a good spot to spot dolphins. We saw several of them jump! So exciting! There is a boat that can take you on the waters to see it happen, or you can just look from the beach. Beware of all the other people with their camera’s who are also looking for the dolphins.



This is the favourite sport of people who visit the highlands and why not. There are several Munros to climb, including Ben Nevis (the highest moor in Scotland), with gorgeous scenery to look at and with good trails. If this is of interest to you then I recommend checking walk highlands.


Have you ever been to Scottish Highlands?

With love,