What I Was Up To In June

I can’t believe June is already over! This has been a month of reflection for me. I’ve been working more from home and being in my solitude really makes me think! I can influence what I think about with podcasts that I listen while I work or with articles that I read on my free time, however, reading and listening to all the challenges we face with making the planet to be a better place for all and learning about oppression to so many different groups of people can often make me a bit sad before it pushes me into action.

Straws - Eco-Friendly or Healthy?

Due to the reflection, I wrote more about what was going on in my head such as are summer bucket lists necessary and can you fake body confidence. Especially the latter one is a topic that I don’t even like to talk about to my close group of people, but something that I think about and struggle with often. Don’t you think that writing things down just makes more space and sense in your head? Unlike speaking about things, when I write I really dig deep into why I am feeling a certain way, talking is not as easy.

Inspiration of the Month - Fight and Thirst for Education - byLiiL

This month I have also been really tapping into sustainability in general. It’s quite unbelievable how many layers such topic can have. In June I wrote about Honest Rosie – a capsule wardrobe, I shared articles on sustainability and problems with charities, I shared an amazing recycling website Earth 911, I wrote about the sustainability of straws and OneSqin – organic tampons and skincare, and education for girls. Talking about education, which was my inspiration of the month after reading ‘I Am Malala’, I’ve been educating myself on photoshop, start-ups, sustainability and feminism. I couldn’t be more excited and I feel I don’t have enough time for all of my interests!

Uncovering The Secrets Behind Fashion Sizing - byLiiL

This month I started a new thread of posts about fashion and some sustainability issues with it. The first post was about fashion sizing, more or less to explain why we struggle with finding garments that fit us, but I will be tapping into more sustainable topics in fashion soon as well. In addition, I shared my favourite Insta pics from May and how I love pink evening skies.

I still don’t know what July will be like, most likely quite similar to June, as all my summery plans are for August. But you never know what opportunities reveal themselves and I plan to live in the moment!


What did you do in June? And what are your plans for July?

With love,



Happy Favourites of the Week – Midsummers Night

Fine Deodorant – My friend gave me a sample of this brands vetiver and geranium natural deodorant and it is the best that I have tried! The scent is nice, it lasted me with one application to the next shower (except for a tough and sweaty yoga class but I didn’t expect it to) and the best thing, it is aluminium free! Now I just need to acquire the full sized one, unfortunately, they are pretty pricey.

Happy Favourites of the Week - Midsummers Night - byLiiL

Wonder Woman – We finally went to see wonder woman to the cinema, after planning for it for about two weeks. I liked the “girl power” message of the movie and how real and awful they made the war seem, although it also made me very sad. This movie made me consider whether I should change blogging about feminism solely! There is a wonder woman in every one of us!

Maisoap Scrub – This is a bunch of lovely soap in an organdie type bag, which when used under water cleans and scrubs gently. I thought the idea was genius although doesn’t provide a harsh scrub, just a gentle one. The company and product information are in German and this is not one of their usual products, so I am not sure if it is supposed to be a scrub or just a way of using all the rest of the soap bits, but still genius!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Midsummers Night - byLiiL

Earth 911 – I stumbled onto this website when I was researching the recycling of disposable straws and I can’t believe I never knew about it! It is a website where you can enter the item that you want to recycle and where you live and it will tell you whether it can be recycled and where! (and learned that where I live I cannot recycle disposable straws) In addition, it has a lot of tips for sustainable living and information on the development within sustainability with articles and videos.

Midsummer night fun with friends – Midsummer night does not seem to be a big thing in the UK or the USA, but it is big in the Nordic countries. So to keep up with the traditions we came together with some of our friends, made way too much food and had fun drinking and playing trivia. I came up with a new potato salad recipe, which was delicious! And thankfully all the food was consumed in the following days, so there was no waste. It was a fun night full of laughter and we stayed up way too late so waking up the next morning was a challenge, but definitely worth it!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Midsummers Night - byLiiL

The Heart Goes Last – After reading a book that I had been waiting for ages to read and realising that it wasn’t quite as interesting to me I decided next to read something that I know I’ll enjoy. Well, when reading Margaret Atwood enjoy is not the right word, being intrigued, inspired and shaken would be closer to the truth. I have not finished this book yet, but can’t seem to be able to put the book down.

Dharma and Greg – This late 90s early 00s show is one of my favourites to watch again and again and every time I seem to get something new out of it. This time I am so inspired by how open and herself Dharma is and how she is not afraid to be a complete opposite from her husband and the in-laws and stays true to herself. The show introduces sustainability, oppression and what would be called weird to the Western culture, although in a comical way.

Happy Favourites of the Week - Midsummers Night - byLiiL

Laugh of the week – It was a cold and wet day (yes I know it is June) and I was walking home, thankfully during a break in the rain showers. A woman was hurrying towards my direction with her daughter. Suddenly the little girl saw a small puddle, decided to stop and started playing with her white and shiny little pony in it. The mother had walked way past me when she noticed that her daughter wasn’t next to her and started shouting something. But the joy in the little girl’s eyes when she got to play in that puddle reminded me of my childhood. It definitely put a smile on my face for the rest of the day!


How was your week? Let me know in the comment box below!

With love,


Straws – Eco-Friendly or Healthy?

Who doesn’t like drinking liquids with straws? They’re fun, nostalgic, have great colours and shapes, and make sure you don’t spill anything on your clothes. So what’s not to like? It seems from health and environmental perspective, many things.

Straws - Eco-Friendly or Healthy?

Unlike the common misconception, drinking with straws is not good for your teeth, some even would argue it’s worse that without them because the liquid shoots straight at them. Think about it, when you drink with a straw do you feel the liquid around your teeth? I do! Sucking motion we do with straws is similar to that of smokers when they smoke and has similar consequence – wrinkles around the mouth. In addition, you might wonder why you feel gassy after you’ve drunk your drink with a straw, although, part of it might be because of the actual drink you are drinking, part of it is the air to gulp when drinking through a straw.

Straws - Eco-Friendly or Healthy?

I use straws rarely, so I am not that afraid of these consequences. Straws can still be fun and in some situations very useful. However, the big problem I find with straws is their disposable nature. Disposable plastic straws, as you can imagine, are not great for the environment. Most common plastic straws are made from polypropylene, which as an oil derived chemical. Many straws are made of plastic that is recyclable, but it is not mentioned on the packaging or anywhere else how or where to recycle them, so most of them end up in the landfills and the ocean.You’ve probably seen the pictures of videos of people pulling a straw out of turtles nose, in addition, bigger marine animals eat them and die of the plastic in their stomachs.

Straws - Eco-Friendly or Healthy?

Although straws are not the best alternative when drinking any liquids, I think there should be some fun in our lives, and if straws can bring that little bit of fun occasionally then why not use them. But as I want to live a more sustainable lifestyle I now opt out for reusable straws, which there are now many options of from Amazon, Etsy and many zero waste stores. You can choose from glass, metal, silicone and bamboo. Eco-straws has many great alternatives!


Do you like drinking from straws?

With love,


A Mall for Repaired and Recycled Goods

It is quite unbelievable that I am only learning about this amazing mall, in Sweden Eskilstuna, now, when it has been open since the year 2015! As the title says there is a mall that solely sells repaired and recycled goods, in addition, they actually recycle and repair the items in the mall. How cool is that?!

A Mall for Repaired and Recycled Goods - byLiiL

The mall takes household item donations, which they then sort into workshops to be recycled or repaired and then sold in their boutiques or if there is no use to the donations they send them to the recycling centres. They have 9 running stores and 3 small pop-up stores that sell anything from furniture, computers, clothes, building materials, toys, you name it. In addition, they have the organically focused cafe and a restaurant to feed the hungry shoppers and educational centre, conference hall and a meeting room.

The team behind the mall is aiming to “make it the best town to handle waste-management” and hope the customers will bring in their unwanted items and stay to look for what they would like from the stores available to them. This sounds so exciting I wish there would be one in every town! It creates jobs and reduces the waste burden on the local governments. This is a great effort to make a whole town more sustainable!

A Mall for Repaired and Recycled Goods - byLiiL

I wonder whether this kind of a mall would be successful in a town where people are not as sustainably conscious and happy to buy second hand? Would you like to visit a mall like this?

You can read more about the mall from here1 and here2 and visit their (unfortunately it is all in Swedish) website, picture from here.

With love,


4 top articles to read this week

I am still gathering my thoughts after last week so I will rather share these 4 articles/posts with you that should bring some inspiration into the start of this week. Have a good one!

20 ways to experiment with sustainable living

This post is pretty much what I would have wanted to write! Worth a read and worth a try!


4 articles - byLiiL

All about jeans and sustainability

Excellent post, talking about jeans and their impact on the planet. This blog is great for all the other sustainable topics as well!

Seven Award Season Films

Lauren from My Two Pence listed seven films that she cannot wait to see and after watching all the trailers I agree with her! Especially on my list now are ‘Arrive’ and ‘The Handmaiden’.

4 articles - byLiiL

6 Women Who Won Historic Firsts

After what happened last week, this article will hopefully lift your mind. Amazing women making things happen!

Pictures are from here and here.

With love,


DIY recycle candle holders

I love using beautiful candles (now prefer soy wax ones, as you might have noticed), however, I do not like throwing out the glass holders. I am not too good at making my own candles, so I had to come up with something else to use them for, and I did. I recycled them into flower pots.

I found the most difficult part of reusing candle holders the left over wax. It turns out, it is not that difficult after all.

  1. Put the holder into a freezer for few hours and then the wax should start chipping out.
  2. Wash up with soap.
  3. Let it dry properly.
  4. Paint on it with glass paints if you wish to make it look different.

Succulents - aloe and money tree - byLiiL

I liked the glass look, so I just put some fresh soil in it and planted my two succulents in. The new aloe succulent and this little money tree baby. Voila! Now I have my two new flower pots!

How to reuse candle holders into flower pots - byLiiL

Recycling candle holders into succulent pots - byLiiL


Have you recycled your candle holders?

With love,


What is sustainability?


It wasn’t too long ago when I got asked this question.

What is sustainability? What does it mean? What does it entail?

We do correlate the term sustainable usually to the environment, however, what is surprising is how little we actually understand it. And as I want to promote and discuss the sustainability within fashion and living I thought it was about time I would discuss the meaning of the term.


To me sustainability means continuity. Continuity of our planet so that it will continue to provide us with earth to live on.

What can we do so that our planet will continue providing to us and supporting us?

Well, we can’t continue using pesticides and dropping toxins and waste on our planet. Earth erodes and pollutes, which harms us through food, water and air. If this will continue, we will not have the space to live, except in litter and we will run out of food and water before long, not even talking about other necessities. Instead, we can become mindful and conscious about what we consume, start making smarter decisions and demand companies to provide us with these options and letting us know about the whole lifecycle of the product. Sustainability is not a thing that only government, companies or consumers would have to think about. It is a thing that everybody should think about!

  • The innovation of ways to produce products and food, which keeps our earth providing more.
  • Shopping more consciously and products which we believe are not harming the environment (local, organic, etc.)
  • Companies which are openly fully transparent with their supply chain and production practices.
  • Reinforcing laws in the whole world to ensure the continuity of life on earth.
  • Making changes that we will continue making and adapting. Rather than having it as a trend it should be a movement.
  • Worldwide\ knowledge and information about the problems and how to tackle them.

I don’t think people will ever stop shopping or wanting new things, but I do think that innovation towards easier ways to recycle products and waste less would be a great start in combination with non-harmful production.


What do you think is sustainability? Have I left anything out in your opinion?

With love,