MOSSA Micellar Water Review

I recently finished a bottle of micellar water, which I learned that was not a cruelty-free brand and went through a process of finding a new one that would be better, natural and cruelty-free. I decided to test the Mossa micellar water first. The price point off £10 for 200ml is higher than similar products on the high street, but it is much less than the luxury products.

Mossa micellar water review - byLiiL

This micellar water is made with raspberries and hyaluronic acid. It sounds very scientific and I was a bit scared to try it out, mainly because of the word ‘acid’ on it. My skin can be sensitive and although it hasn’t reacted badly to other, exfoliating acids, I am still always cautious with them. Using the product made me learn that hyaluronic acid is not actually an exfoliating ingredient, but rather a hydrating one whilst still being natural.

Mossa micellar water review - byLiiL

Since I started using this micellar water my skin hasn’t been dry and feels soft. It makes me want to use it all the time! I apply a little bit of the product on a muslin cloth and wipe my face with it thoroughly. It doesn’t get rid of my eye make-up completely, so I do need to use other products in addition to this one. On the other hand, when I don’t have make-up on this micellar water makes me feel fresh. I wish there was more of the product, as I am afraid it will finish way too quickly!

I definitely recommend the Mossa micellar water for any kind of skin type, but especially if your skin needs more hydration!

Mossa micellar water review - byLiiL

Let me know if you have tried this product and how you liked it!

With love,