My Sustainable 2018

In 2018 I dig more into a sustainable lifestyle and actually learned a lot, unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to write about it all. Nevertheless I did share several companies doing great things such as MAVOLU selling garments made out of new sustainable materials, Cred Jewellery that makes ethical and sustainable jewellery, The Green Eco Box which is a beautiful artisan subscription box supporting small companies and the environment, Grow From Nature which makes awesome accessories from Cork and White Spring that make bamboo straws. In addition, I shared my favourite 6 sustainable bag brands. I am so inspired by all of these companies which are doing amazing work!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Birthday and Greenshowroom - byLiiL

I wrote much less about sustainable fashion that I originally planned as many other topics, especially plastic pollution, got my interest. I did write that we should keep Fashion Revolution Going, not only during the day, the week or the month of the event, but always, and I wrote about what the fashion companies are hiding from us. I also loved learning about Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week!

After reading and hearing a lot of talk about recycling and how we shouldn’t rely on it I wrote my own comments on the topic of recycling, and later on how small changes might not save the planet but it is a start for many people to whom the whole movement might seem overwhelming. Finally, I shared my ethical tips when travelling to Chania, and then shared ethical advent calendar and Christmas gift tips, both of which can be used outside the season.

Interview With The Founder of MAVOLU - Material Revolution - byLiiL

I Also Shared Articles About Sustainability

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Bamboo Straw Review And A Discount Code - byLiiL

Now after writing this and searching for all the posts I wrote in 2018 it doesn’t seem like I did so little. I learned a lot and achieved a lot, but didn’t write as much as I had planned. Now there is the year 2019 in which I can strive to do better!

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What Was I Up To In May 2018

I spend may working very hard and working on a project that I am super excited about and can’t tell about yet, but will hopefully be able to start talking about soon. There very many late night sessions of work, asking my partners help and a couple of cries of frustration when the internet wasn’t working. It is funny to realise how dependent we are on the internet. Our lives in the western countries are based on us being able to use the internet, so it’s no surprise how helpless you can feel when that is taken away from you.

Sustainable Chania - byLiiL

When the internet actually did work I quickly did the work required to be done on my computer and wrote posts here. I finally published my experiences of sustainability in Chania. The post is a great resource if anybody ever wants to go on a holiday there! I was excited to learn, during the Organic Beauty and Wellbeing week, that the eye cream I bought from Chania was certified organic and have enjoyed using it even more since!

Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week - byLiiL

I also visited the Glasgow Coffee Festival where I got to know several new local companies making amazing products! And I shared Instagram pictures that I enjoyed in April and the most interesting sustainable news I saw in April.

Happy Favourites of the Week - Calming Candles in the Sun - byLiiL

For June I am expecting one of my busiest months but will try to come and write here on occasion. Funnily enough, my freelance work is piling up just now and I don’t seem to be able to say no. And on top of that, I still have my project that I am working on. So keep your thumbs up that I will have enough time to finish it all and still have some time off for myself!


How was your May? And what plans do you have for June?

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Happy Favourites of the Week – Calming Candles in the Sun

The beautiful sunny days – I haven’t spent many days outdoors, only a couple, but I’ve enjoyed my fair share of the sun whilst working and staring out the window. My cats are enjoying it even more than I, and it warms my heart even more!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Calming Candles in the Sun - byLiiL

Zamir’s Bunker Buddies – This song is not my favourite in the world, but its message is to the point.

How #MeToo Revealed The Central Rift Within Feminism Today – This article is brilliant to raise discussion and awareness in different opinions about feminism. My favourite part was about Federici’s Wages for Housework campaign, which as an idea feels absurd, but then again most of the housework is done by women who rely on their husbands to provide for them and treat with respect. It might not be the answer, but it does raise a problem that we are facing when discussing equality.

Happy Favourites of the Week - Calming Candles in the Sun - byLiiL

Ruby – I just finished this book which I couldn’t put down. It was absorbing, even though many parts of it made me really sad and angry, but the other side was so beautiful. Reading it was definitely a rollercoaster for emotions and still I recommend everybody to read it!

Northern Light – This is the first time I am reading Philip Pullman, and the only reason I am reading it is the big commotion around his writing when he published the Book of Dust. I didn’t think I would like the book quite as much as what the hype was, but since I started the book I don’t want to put it down, I am so enthralled in the story! It is almost as though the book is my daemon and I can’t be away from it. It’s a shame I didn’t read the story when I was young! And I found the second book from the trilogy in a charity shop so I can keep reading the story instantly!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Calming Candles in the Sun - byLiiL

New soy candle – I’ve been very nervous in the last week because of few problems. There’s been this knot in my stomach and my mind has been wandering without being able to focus on anything. The only thing that could ease my mind was doing some yoga, but especially when I light up the candle I received from my fiance a couple weeks ago. The scent is so delightful and calming that I can just sit smelling it and I feel my head emptying. I need to get more of them!

What’s Wrong With My Succulent – This post is what I’ve been looking for for a while now. Although succulents seem to be the one plant that I can keep alive best, I’ve had a few die on me and felt helpless. This post though answered all my questions in a very simple way and even the comment box was hugely helpful. So if you have succulents check it out!!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Calming Candles in the Sun - byLiiL

Spring Clean – I am not big for cleaning, but I hate when all the corners are full of random stuff. Yesterday we finally started our spring clear out (it might take several weeks) and went through our closet that is full of things that we don’t need anymore. We took 4 bags of clothing that we wouldn’t wear any longer (and that accumulated into those bags for the past 3 years) to the local charity who seemed very happy for the donation. I wish there was a better system in place so that I know these garments will be recycled, but until then this is the best option.

Organic Beauty Week – Although I am always trying to research new things about sustainability and wellbeing, weeks like fashion revolution week and organic beauty week help me to concentrate the research at that point. Organic beauty week helped me to learn about organic beauty certifications and feel more confident with the beauty brands that I use.

Happy Favourites of the Week - Calming Candles in the Sun - byLiiL

Glasgow Coffee Festival – Last weekend I visited the Glasgow Coffee Festival which was quite an exciting event of trying different types of coffee from various Scottish coffee roasters, a lovely local tea by Pekoetea, kombucha made by a locals and new local chocolate makers, Rebel, that have reduced the added sugar compared to the high street chocolate and instead added protein to make it more nourishing for the body. And it was the first time I got to try some Matcha latte, I am not sure yet whether I like it or not.


How was your week? Let me know in the comment box below!

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Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week

This week 7th to 13th of May was an Organic Beauty and Wellbeing week. Unfortunately, I stumbled upon this information too late and therefore am only posting about it now, however, I think the point of any such week is to raise awareness and educate people rather than only to make changes that week. So for everybody who might’ve missed this week and it’s message keep reading.

Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week


What we put on our skin is as important as what we eat; it can nourish our bodies or it can harm it. Skin is the biggest organ in our body and absorbs everything we put on it or it gets in touch with and it is why we should be quite considered of what we put on our skin, especially as we use various cosmetics daily. Do you know what is in your cosmetics and how it affects you?

The mainstream cosmetics are often advertised as containing good for us ingredients or have attractive qualities, but what they don’t say is how they achieve these qualities.  Many cosmetics products contain harmful chemicals; such as parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, fragrances, not even talking about pesticides used in farming some of the ingredients, that are then absorbed by our skin and end up in our bloodstream or get stuck inside our bodies causing irritation, allergies, cancer and other health problems. According to Soil Association from the 10,000 chemicals commonly used in our cosmetics, only 10% have safety data. Research shows that organic ingredients have higher levels of antioxidants than mainstream cosmetic products that lack the nourishment we require.

When thinking about environmental sustainability organic beauty is better as well. The production of our beauty products that can harm the environment with chemicals flushed in the waterways or in the local environment. However, what harms the environment more is when we wash the product of our skin it flushed into our waterways. Many chemical components used in the mainstream cosmetics doesn’t break in nature but rather accumulates and harms the ecosystem.

Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week


The big problem with beauty industry is that it is not regulated. When a company wants to hop along the natural and organic marketing train it can do that without actually proving it to anyone. The only way to make sure something really is organic is if they have independently certified organic certification. That is where few independent organic and natural certification bodies came into play. The few that I know of are Soil Association from the UK and Ecocert from France. To combat the problem with regulations in the beauty industry several European independent beauty certification organisations (Soil Association, Ecocert, ICEA, BDIH and Cosmebio) have come together to create a harmonised standardisation COSMOS which is a European wide cosmetic organic standard. It is owned and managed by a non-for profit international organisation. Since it’s founding in 2017 other certification bodies, including some out of EU, have joined to certify to the harmonised standard.

Each company that wished to have a COSMOS Organic or COSMOS Natural certification must be certified by an independent certification body, meaning one of the certification bodies following COSMOS standard. Each of these companies will be checked on their natural ingredients, no ingredients can be from endangered species, no GMO products and any chemicals must respect the principles of Green Chemistry. In addition, all ingredients should be biodegradable, water usage should comply with hygiene standards and they should report with their water and energy usage, as well as environmental waste management plans. All companies wishing to get the certification need to minimise their packaging and ensure it is environmentally friendly. Soil Association also reviews marketing messages to ensure there is no greenwashing.

Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week - byLiiL


This week beauty certification bodies want you to ask what your beauty products are made of for wider awareness of what is in your beauty products. I think it is an excellent campaign, similarly to “who made my clothes” and I encourage everybody to check their cosmetics box and review how many ingredients they can recognise. When I found this campaign I instantly started wondering whether the BIOselect eye cream I got from Crete was really certified organic, as it was a new brand for me, and had to go and check. To my happiness, it is certified by ICEA, which is one of the founding companies of COSMOS. That made me very happy and I liked using the cream even more since then, but more about the cream in another post.

You can find more about the campaign, about organic certifications and about organic beauty on Soil Association website, which I really recommend checking out! Also, check out the COSMOS website.

Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week - byLiiL

Do you use organic beauty products? If not are you interested what ingredients are in your beauty products? Let me know in the comment box below.

With love,


Evolve Organic Beauty Review

I introduced you to Evolve Organic Beauty a couple weeks ago and now I’ve finally had time to test it and give you my opinion. First of all, I absolutely loved the packaging it came in. It is very simple and minimalistic, and the little pouch they came in is very handy to store them in. I appreciate how they explain how the ingredients work for your skin and what ingredients are involved in the products. I only tried 4 products out of their collection, but would really love to try the other ones as well, especially the hair products!

Evolve Organic Beauty review - byLiiL

Radiant Glow Mask

It has this chocolaty scent and slight grain to it, which makes it act as a mask and a scrub at the same time. This mask didn’t sting or itch like some other masks but felt moisturising on the skin and I felt great afterwards! The only thing I would change about this product is the scent. Although I love chocolate, I prefer my beauty products to be scented with something fresher and not as rich. Nevertheless, the scent was nice!

Hyaluronic Serum

A very easy to use serum, which absorbs quickly and hydrates the skin. I understand why it has been chosen as the winner for a couple of awards. It is so hydrating and I can use it for night or day. Also, you don’t need a lot of this product so it lasts a long time! I mean, I had only this small bottle and been using it for over two weeks and I’ve barely used any of it! The scent is neutral and the application is smooth. Excellent value for the price!

Evolve Organic Beauty review - byLiiL

Miracle Facial Oil

This is the first time that I use facial oils to moisturise my skin, but especially for the night time, I am sure it won’t be the last time. This oil feels so nourishing and combined with the serum it’s just the best hydrating combo to make me feel good the next morning! The application though is not the easiest with the small pipet. I accidently pushed the bottle and lost third of the product with that. However, this is still good value product for the price and I will be buying more!

Daily Renew Facial Cream

This was the only product that I was not so keen on, although I think it might work wonders for other. It was a very moisturising cream, but compared to other moisturisers that I have, I didn’t feel it nourishing my skin quite in the same way. Also, although I like coconut, I thought this product smelled too much of coconut. I still think it is a great moisturiser to try, especially as you can buy the smaller containers to try out, as it can be a wonderful product for somebody else!

Evolve Organic Beauty review - byLiiL

Overall, I love what I have tried for now and I know I will be buying more Evolve Beauty products! Check their website here.

Have you tried Evolve Beauty products?

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Evolve Organic Beauty

I found a new beauty brand, which really sounded intriguing to me, so I wanted to share it with you as well. On their website, they say they created the brand “To make it easy to be healthy and green in everyday life”. And it shows. The products are vegan, cruelty-free and organic, made out of natural and organic oils, butters and superfoods. Evolve organic beauty is as it says organic beauty brand hand-crafting natural products for skin, body and hair.

Evolve Organic Beauty - byLiiL

“Evolve is an artisanal range of handmade organic beauty products for skin, body and hair”. They make their products in small batches keeping their products fresh and their production sustainable. With each product, they explain why they use certain ingredients and how they work for you. I am absolutely in love with everything I read about them!

Evolve has a studio in Hetfordshire where they craft their beauty products and they are already stocked in many natural beauty stores e.g. mypure, where I first bumped into this brand. If you are concerned whether you like their products you can try them first by ordering samples of them. This is what I did and I will definitely be writing my review on the products soon!

Evolve Organic Beauty - byLiiL

The only thing that I would make me even more in love with the brand is if they were more transparent about where they get their ingredients from. Other than that, I can’t wait to write to you about how I like their products!

Check more on their website, twitter and Instagram! And do check out their blog on their website with great tips, competitions and even beauty recipes.


Have you tried Evolve beauty products before?

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New MADARA review

I recently ordered some new products from Madara and after trying them for a couple of weeks I can now give you a little taste of what I thought about them.

New MADARA review - byLiiL

MADARA Tinting fluid in Moon Flower Rose Beige

Madara has two shades of their tinting fluid, of which one is Moonflower rose beige and the other Sunflower golden beige. I got testers for both of these to determine the shade and whether I would dare to buy the £27 full bottle of the product. To my surprise, my shade was not the golden beige, but the rose beige, which blended beautifully on my skin. I like a tinting fluid, which does not cover too much but does even out my skin tone and this does exactly that. It feels light and moisturising on the skin as well. The price is £27 but you get a 50ml bottle for that price and it lasts for a long time! I would definitely recommend this for a lighter coverage tinting fluid need.

New MADARA review - byLiiL

MADARA oil-to-milk scrub

I got this product as a travel size to give my face some much needed exfoliating while travelling. I love the way this product works. You first scrub your face with this product and then add some water to make it a bit milkier, which you then wash off. It is not too harsh for your skin and it is really easy and quick to use. Excellent for when you are travelling to get your skin exfoliated. I would recommend this to everybody.

New MADARA review - byLiiL


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MYPURE – the shop for natural beauty lover

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I want my beauty products to be as natural, organic and luxurious as possible. I’ve talked before about using Madara and Lush products, but other than Lush it is probably not as obvious where you can find natural beauty products. Since I was first introduced to Madara through another blog, I started researching where I could buy it from and the only shop that was selling it in the UK at that moment was


I was, of course, a bit sceptical about my first order with MyPure even though their website looked good, professional and reassuring. To my big surprise, MyPure was excellent at brushing my scepticism away. Not only were they really quick and efficient with my order, I got a free gift with my purchase.

MyPure is an online beauty shop for those who want organic skin care products. It stores a big number of different brands,which are all carefully curated to make sure they abide by the MYPURE purity promise. All products that are sold in the online store must be vegan/vegetarian, paraben free and chemical free unless otherwise mentioned.


There are several things, which makes me come back to them time after time, and it is not only the amazing range of brands. When you order for over £30 you get to choose a free gift to accompany your order from a big number of choices (this of course always makes me want to order more than just one product just to get the free gift as well). They have free delivery to the UK, a lot of sales and discounts and their packaging is, where possible, recycled.


All pics are from MyPure website.

So if you are new to MyPure, I recommend paying them a visit now!

With love,