My 6 Favourite Sustainable Bag Brands

Although I follow several sustainable fashion brands from all them I think handbags are my favourite thing to follow and dream about and I only hope to earn more money so I can afford all my sustainable bag dreams. Here are some of my favourite ones.

My 6 Favourite Sustainable Bag Brands - byLiiL

Elvis and Kresse

This is an absolute wonderful brand which doesn’t stop to amaze me with their design aesthetics. More interestingly the brand has an amazing story behind it. Since 2005 started rescuing end of life fire hoses to provide the materials with a second lease of life and in 2017 they partnered up with Burberry to reuse their leather scraps. In other words, Elvis and Kresse only use materials that were heading for the landfill!

If this didn’t sound amazing enough they are a certified B Corporation and a social enterprise that donates a whopping 50% of their profits to charities among them Fire Fighters Charity. The company tries to be sustainable in every way from running on renewable energy to using rescued materials for their packaging. In addition, they are open and transparent and host workshops in their studio in Kent.

Every time I see one of their bags on Instagram I wish I had it, unfortunately for me, they are a luxury brand with prices ranging from £20 for keyfob to £350 for a duffel bag. I can’t yet afford but at least I can dream of one and one day I get my own Elvis and Kresse bag!

My 6 Favourite Sustainable Bag Brands - byLiiL

Eve and Andis

A second brand whose bags I cannot stop admiring on Instagram. Eve and Adis make beautiful bags and other accessories from innovative and eco-friendly materials such as cork, pinatex and eco leather. Pinatex is a material made out of pineapple leaves, cork is a highly renewable material grown in Portugal, and the Eco Leather they get from bio-farm in Germany and it is vegetable tanned without any chemicals. All of their timeless pieces are handmade either in their studio in the south of Germany or in a family owned factory in Spain.

My 6 Favourite Sustainable Bag Brands - byLiiL

Mollum Vellum

Mollum Vellum is an artisan leather brand from London. They specialise in traditional craftsmanship with traditional tools, which is inspired by the Japanese style leather work. They source their vegetable tanned leather with sustainability in mind from UK and Italy and every piece is handcrafted by them in their studio. Their brand is the model for minimalist and slow design, with all of their timeless pieces.

My 6 Favourite Sustainable Bag Brands - byLiiL

Maravillas Bags

Is a Spanish brand of vegetable tanned leather and Pinatex bags which is popular due to their bright colours and innovative designs. Maravillas is based in Mallorca where all of their bags are made in the studio with the help of local craftsmen, or in the local trusted factories. They source their vegetable tanned leather from Spanish trusted tanneries. They rejoice in minimalist style and slow fashion principles, whilst using traditional craftsmanship.

My 6 Favourite Sustainable Bag Brands - byLiiL

Marina Kleist

Marina Kleist is a cork bag designer based in Hague, Netherlands. Their beautiful colourful cork bags are a great alternative to any leather bag, as they are Peta approved vegan. They use French know how to create all of their pieces in their studio with natural materials that are organic and eco-friendly. The materials are either Oeko-Tex or GOTS certified and I already have several of them on my wishlist!

My 6 Favourite Sustainable Bag Brands - byLiiL

Matt and Nat

This Canadian brand is already world renown for their Peta approved vegan bangs and linings made out of plastic bottles. They are working on making their materials and factories as sustainable as possible and diligently visit the factories in China to ensure high standards and close relationships. They support the dress for success charity. Matt and Nat is definitely one of the front-runners for Vegan handbags and they show it in every aspect of running their business from their HQ being cruelty-free to encouraging their employees to volunteer.


What are your favourite sustainable bag brands?

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Matt & Nat and the future IT bag

I don’t know about you, but the brand, Matt and Nat, is a new find for me. I stumbled upon it in some article about great sustainable and eco fashion brands and fell instantly in love!

matt&nat bottle greenmatt&nat greenmatt&nat pink

Matt and Nat (comes from mat(t)erial and nature) is an accessories brand, which is completely vegan. They pride in not using leather or other animal-based products, but rather use various recycled products in their designs. Of course, when thinking recycled you might not picture something as beautiful as these handbags and purses. But, the fact is, all of their lining is made off 100% recycled plastic bottles and they use recycled nylon, cork, cardboard and even bicycle tires in their production process. How cool is that! They have accessories for women and men, plus their lookbook images are so sweet!

matt&nat brownmatt&nat bluematt&nat mens brown

Their mantra is ‘Live beautifully’ and it really relates from their products. With such amazing colours and minimalistic designs, I am sold! All of their products are designed in Montreal, Quebec, where their home office is situated. Their products are produced in China, where they are in close collaboration with to ensure the factories comply with their ethos.

Matt and Nat believe their products are sustainable because they are functional, resistant, durable and strong. In addition, they support upcycling and suggest you donate your bag to if you are not using it anymore. In this way, you can ensure the long life and love of the product.

As I said, I fell in love with their product instantly, and when trying to choose something for you to show I noticed clicking on way too many of them. I’ve noticed lately love for crossbody bags. I have a busy lifestyle and am always running somewhere (this could be because I have difficulty with leaving my house on time). Crossbody bags just provide that functionality for this lifestyle. Lately, I’ve found myself been attracted to anything that is pastel coloured (you can see it from the collage below). It is actually quite funny, as not that long ago I hated everything in pastel tones. Oh well!

Matt&nat dreamsb

My dream bag at the moment is definitely that Phi bag in lilac, it is just gorgeous with the interesting shape and beautiful colour! The Abiko looks like a perfect upgrade for my current clutch/wallet from Kurt Geiger, which is actually falling apart. And I am completely in love with the mint green colour version of the Eeha SM bag. Matt & Nat bags offer a luxury product with an affordable price tag, with most of their products being priced between £45-130.

The only downfall I find in with this brand is their transparency. They have a separate section on this with pictures from the factories in China, however, there is no actual proof of what they say. So it is up to each customer whether to believe what they say. I like to believe the small brands and their want to make a difference, so I choose to believe it, but would like some link to the factories to have that extra reassurance.


Brand rating

Now I will go and dream of that Phi bag in lilac. I have already placed it on my Wishlist board on Pinterest and now I just have to save money for it or wait for Christmas..

Have you heard of Matt and Nat before? How do you like their accessories?

All pictures from the Matt & Nat website.

With love,