Happy Favourites of the Week – International Women’s Day

Snow – There are good and bad things with the snow, but as I try to look at the positive in my daily life, I choose to enjoy the few extra days that I could spend at home with my other half, cosying with hot drinks and looking out at the beautiful scenery. The bad stuff, you can read either in my blog post about why we should be grateful for having a home or check my Instagram account.

Happy Favourites of the Week - International Women's Day - byLiiL

iZombie – The funny thing is that I can’t stand watching zombie related movies or tv-shows (still for some reason I’ve seen way too many…). I feel uncomfortable watching them and it’s also why it’s taken so long to start watching iZombie. But my friend talked me into watching it and now I’m hooked. Although, one night, after watching the show for way too long, I saw dreams of zombies the whole night and it frustrated me a lot. Now I try to do something else right before going to bed!

International Women’s Day – Celebrating a day that celebrates all women is awesome, isn’t it! I was so inspired by all the empowering messages on Instagram and the girl power going on there. It brings a smile on my face every time I check Instagram.

Happy Favourites of the Week - International Women's Day - byLiiL

Succulent Gift – I also love a present I got from my fiance for the women’s day. He brought me two little succulent plants. So cute and a gift that will bring me happiness for a long time!

Seeing the Musical Priscilla – My friend gave me a present of taking me to a theatre to see the musical Priscilla and it was fabulous! The musical was very well done, with great singers and actors, absolutely amazing costumes and with so much laughter. Even though it wasn’t an audience participation show, the whole audience was involved. There was whistling, clapping, hurrays, laughing, so much fun!

Happy Favourites of the Week - International Women's Day - byLiiL

New From Lush – I’ve been out of my favourite Lush products for a while now, but now finally that the snow melted I could go and get the items I was desperately needing; shampoo, cuticle cream – can’t live without them! Also now my bathroom smells like Lush again!

Happy Favourites of the Week - International Women's Day - byLiiL


How was your week?

With love,



What Was I Up To In August

August was again very busy for me, mostly working and working some more. I am so happy it’s finally September and I have my two little holidays to relax and rewind! I am also more excited about this blog and the direction I am going with it with more sustainable and fashion posts, as apparent from the posts in August (I hope you like it as well) and following the inspiration of new month and new beginnings.

Happy Favourites of the Week - Enjoying the Little Moments - byLiiL

I started posting Sustainable New of the Month, which is just a collection of sustainable articles I’ve found very interesting although there are many more! I shared TED talks about sustainability and talked about Sustainable Fashion terminology. I wrote reviews on Before the Flood and Chasing Coral documentaries, which I do recommend for you to watch. In addition, I wrote opinion pieces questioning whether Big brands are stealing small brand’s thunder and Why do we expect fashion to be cheap.

The FINE Deodorant - byLiiL

Otherwise, my month was slightly better with finally finding amazing natural deodorant and sharing with you the amazing Lush cuticle cream. I’ve also been really enjoying books and my friends’ company, and the little moments in life!


What were you up to in August?

With love,


A Beauty Tip – My Favourite Lush Product At The Moment

I was asking my friend to recommend me a good cuticle cream to combat my very dry cuticle and when she mentioned the Lemony Flutter by Lush I marched into the shop and got myself a small tub of it.

A Beauty Tip - My Favourite Lush Product At The Moment - byLiiL

It goes without saying that I am in love with the product now. It has a lovely lemony scent without being overpowering, it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave greasy stains and it works on any patch of dry skin. I’m loving it! I use it daily and it doesn’t look like I would get bored of it anytime soon. I also love that Lush recycled their tubs so I am not just buying a bunch of packaging that goes to the landfill, but rather as soon as I have collected five tubs I will carry them back to Lush and receive a face mask for free, hurray for that!

A Beauty Tip - My Favourite Lush Product At The Moment - byLiiL

A Beauty Tip - My Favourite Lush Product At The Moment - byLiiL


Do you have any recommended Lush products?

With love,


What have I been up to in February

I had trouble being motivated and inspired in February unless we count the inspiring Iris Apfel, who I wrote about in the beginning of the month. I was unwell for about three weeks of the month, which in February seems even longer than any other month. Being frustrated and stuck at home I concentrated my time on reading books such as The Buried Giant and Persepolis and watching tv-shows and movies that got me more inspired to learn more about different cultures.

Happy favourites of the week - learning experience - byLiiL

Being stuck at home has made me dream a lot. I’ve been dreaming about a dining space and about warmer weather. My two furballs have been a big comfort and seem to be happy about me being home so much. Some enjoyment I’ve gained from using my Matt&Nat handbag when out and about and using my new favourite items from Lush. Valentine’s day brought me many lovely messages from friends and a happy smile from my boyfriend on receiving his sustainable valentine’s day cards with two lovey-dovey foxes.

Are cat's affectioned - byLiiL

I’ve had some time to research sustainability and wrote about 5 easy sustainable fashion changes and why I would change to natural cleaning products, rather than use the mainstream options. Most proud I have been about being able to keep up with regular posting! Hurray! Now I hope March will bring some more sunlight into our lives and I can go and enjoy ice skating while the rink is still open, yoga and walks in that sunshine!

What have I been up to in February - byLiiL

How was your February?

With love,


More Lush favourites

I think everything I get from Lush will end up in my favourites. If I don’t like the scent or the idea of the product in the store I will not buy it, but everything I buy is amazing!

More Lush Favourites - byLiiL


I had forgotten about this soap, which I loved using when I still lived in Finland. Now my love for it is back again. It is not the neatest in the shower, as it is made out of sand which will be all over your shower area, however, it gives a nice scrub, which is natural as well, and it smells amazing!

It contains coriander oil (which is deodorising, excellent!), rapeseed oil, coconut oil and sand among others.

More Lush Favourites - byLiiL

Angels On A Bare skin

Another one of my favourites from my youth. This face cleanser, I use it kind of as a scrub, although it is a much gentler than many others and moisturises as well. During this cold winter, it has been a staple in my bathroom!

It contains ground almonds, lavender, rose absolute and kaolin among others.

More Lush Favourites - byLiiL

The Plumps – Solid Conditioner

Another wonderful solid conditioner from Lush. This conditioner smells nice and works well with my locks conditioning them and untangling them.

It contains fine sea salt, honey and cedarwood oil among others.


What products do you like from Lush?

With love,



New Lush Favourites

It’s not too long since I told you about my favourites from  Lush and now I have some more. It seems there is no going wrong with Lush!

Lush new favourite products

Dark Angels

I’ve used this product before and I still love it, nevertheless of its scary black colour! Dark Angels is a face wash and a scrub. It is made out of charcoal and black sugar, and it cleans the face really well without making it dry and itchy. The scrub is not too harsh and much better on the environment as they are using sugar rather than microbeads to scrub. The only problem with this product, though, is that it actually colours you black and you need to use another soap to get the blackness of you.

Lush Dark Angels review

Pumice Power

Yes, it has a strange name, but oh is it a wonderful product! This is a foot scrub, with an amazing orange scent. The scrub part feels really gentle but works wonders on your feet. Plus having this product in my bathroom is the most wonderful thing ever! It smells amazing!

Lush foot scrub pumice power review

Jason and the Argan oil shampoo bar

I told you before about the Seanik shampoo bar, which was amazing. But if possible I like this one even better! The rose scent is lovely, it cleans well and the cleanliness stays for longer than usually with other shampoos for me. It is my trusted shampoo now, whenever I need that!

Lush jason and argan oil shampoo bar review - byLiiL


Have you found any new lovely Lush products?

With love,


Happy Favourites of the Week – Lush and Basil

The World’s Largest Lesson 2016 n.2 video!

It tells about some goals we should have for our planet (and have) and how some people are achieving them. I was most impressed by the natural plastic from banana skins! So cool and such an amazing sustainable idea!



I found a book on a bus

I hate wasting anything, but especially books. A person, who’s book this was left several stops before me and I knew that if you would have left it there it would have ended in the bin. Never the less, I left a bit like the “book thief” when taking it. So I took it, I will read it and then probably take it to the charity shop so that others can enjoy this book as well. I have not actually seen this book before and don’t know what it is about, but it sounds intriguing!


Clearing up my flat

Well, not the whole flat. But we did a shoe inventory and book inventory. Meaning: took them all out, checked what we still want to keep and what we should give away. Verdict: I had 36 pairs of shoes, 2 of which I had never worn before. Sustainable? No. One pair I am still wishing to wear, just not sure if they are comfy enough for me. And that one pair, well my first thought was, why.. (my excuse: I got them like 5 years ago), so they are going into resale. Altogether, I got rid of 10 pairs of shoes. Some are just worn through and some should get some much-needed love from somewhere else. With books, I am donating 10 books to a charity shop or friends. Clearing up felt great! I got rid of some stuff I don’t need, and some spiders.., and I have a bit more space in the house!



Don’t trust the B.. in apartment 23

It is a tv-show from 2012 and unfortunately it only aired for 2 seasons! It was funny and easy to watch. I absolutely loved the character Chloe on it, even though she was a complete bitch. But it was fresh, funny and bizarre! Exactly what I need, when I come home from work, to help me relax. Now I am hoping Netflix would take that show and bring some more seasons to it!

New Lush products

They are making my bathroom smell like a sweet spa. Or, you know, like Lush. But it is so nice! Plus, I actually needed an update on some products!


Growing basil

The basil I bought like a month ago actually lives! I water it every single day and it lives! It makes me so happy coming every single morning into the kitchen and seeing it thriving! Plus, doesn’t everybody love the smell of fresh basil? It actually makes me feel hungry, funnily enough. I need to plant it into a pot now!


What were you happy about this week?

With love,