50 facts about me

1. I can easily drink a dozen cups of tea a day.

2. My favourite tea at the moment is green tea with jasmine.

3. I’ve lived in three different countries.I’ve lived in the UK for nearly 6 years.

4. In the UK so far for nearly 6 years.

5. As a child, my favourite colour was read.

6. Now it is turquoise.

50 facts about me - byLiiL

7. My favourite food is the vegetarian lasagne made by my boyfriend.

8. I also love Vietnamese, Thai and Nepalese food.

9. I am very particular about pens that I write with. The sharpness, the feel of it on the paper and the feel in my hand. I also don’t like anybody using my pen.

10. My favourite pen so far is the PILOT BPS-GP (F).

11. I hoard lipsticks and books, I do use and read all of them, though.

50 facts about me - byLiiL

12. I love animals so much, I want to take every animal as a pet. When I was a small kid I was dreaming of starting my own zoo to be able to be with all different kinds of animals.

13. So as an ignorant child, I tried to have many creatures as pets; snails, spider, frogs and killing them all. Well, most of the frogs I took back to their pond after the first ones started dying.

14. After killing the spider my arachnophobia multiplied and to the present day, I am sure they are here to revenge on me.

15. I feel guilt for a long time, which really teaches me to take care of animals and plants now, as well as be so determined on sustainability.

16. I don’t allow spiders to be killed in my flat, but they have to be let outside.

17. I flinch when I see or hear people killing bugs (mosquitos are the only exception to this), not even talking about other animals.

50 facts about me - byLiiL

18. When I am awaiting an important email or a text message I will check my phone or email about every 5 minutes until I receive it.

19. I prefer an evening at home watching a movie or playing games, rather than going out.

20. I hate losing when playing board games. This is worse when playing with my sister and I would much rather lose to anybody else than to her.

21. I can’t bare to see inequality or unfairness. It makes me very upset and worked up.

22. When I write fast and am concentrated funny things happen with my words. Letters switch places, I forget groups of letters and yeah, it can look like a mess. The latest example I was writing ‘New Zealand’ it became ‘Zew Nea…’

23. My mind is always swirling with ideas. It can be hard to concentrate on one thing when my mind wants to think about the next step or a completely different thing. Fortunately, there is yoga!

50 facts about me - byLiiL

24. I am very influenced by the books I read and my mood can shift to represent that of the book. It can be very confusing to my boyfriend!

25. My favourite books so far are Jane Eyre and the Handmaid’s Tale.

26. My mother thought me to read when I was 5 or 6 years old. I hated it and swore I would never like reading.

27. It took me 3 years to read the Lord of the Rings. The chapters were so long I got discouraged to read it.

50 facts about me - byLiiL

28. I am a Harry Potter fan. I grew up with the books and they influenced me to read more. I’ve read the books more than twice each.

29. We have a tradition to watch the Harry Potter movies every Christmas.

30. I am obsessed with the tv show ‘Survivor’ and I’ve seen some of the seasons more than once.

31. My favourite tv show is Friends, which I’ve seen several times.

32. The movie genres I most like to watch are thriller and sci-fi. Especially any movie happening in the space.

33. I don’t like horror movies and can often see nightmares after seeing one.

34. My favourite Disney princess is Alice from the Wonderland, because of the craziness of the story, the amazing adventure she has and the imagination in the story. And of course Mulan. The warrior who saves the world, who fights the traditional role of a woman and is fearless against the evil.

35. I think movie theatre sounds are way too loud.

50 facts about me - byLiiL

36. I’ve been on a helicopter ride.

37. So far I’ve visited 19 countries.

38. My dream travel destination as a child was Brazil when everybody else’s was Australia or the USA.

39. Now it is the whole world.

40. In the last year of University, I stopped completely buying clothes because I couldn’t find brands that I wanted to spend my money on. I was disgusted by the high street fashion brands unethical practices and about the sameness of fashion, which I found boring and ‘not me’.

41. This lasted for over a year after which I started buying some basics, which I needed and I knew I would wear for years.

42. I still don’t enjoy shopping on the high street.

43. I boycott Nestle and try to boycott all the brands that Nestle owns. There are numerous reasons for this, which you can google very easily.

44. I used to be very ignorant about sustainability and quite self-involved until I met my now boyfriend and did my undergraduate. Now I feel ashamed of my behaviour in my teens.

50 facts about me - byLiiL

45. Whenever I speak on the phone or on skype I have to doodle.

46. I can’t sit still and when I’m watching tv I usually pleat my hair.

47. I’ve been a hairdresser for several weddings, where I’ve done the brides and the guests hair.

48. I’ve competed in the European championship of cheerleading.

49. I try to be nice to everybody, but I am very picky with who I pick as my friend. However, I quickly get a feeling of a person who I want to get to know more.

50. I get very attached to items I receive as a present from people who I care about.


Now tell me something about yourself in the comment box below!

With love,



What have I been up to in February

I had trouble being motivated and inspired in February unless we count the inspiring Iris Apfel, who I wrote about in the beginning of the month. I was unwell for about three weeks of the month, which in February seems even longer than any other month. Being frustrated and stuck at home I concentrated my time on reading books such as The Buried Giant and Persepolis and watching tv-shows and movies that got me more inspired to learn more about different cultures.

Happy favourites of the week - learning experience - byLiiL

Being stuck at home has made me dream a lot. I’ve been dreaming about a dining space and about warmer weather. My two furballs have been a big comfort and seem to be happy about me being home so much. Some enjoyment I’ve gained from using my Matt&Nat handbag when out and about and using my new favourite items from Lush. Valentine’s day brought me many lovely messages from friends and a happy smile from my boyfriend on receiving his sustainable valentine’s day cards with two lovey-dovey foxes.

Are cat's affectioned - byLiiL

I’ve had some time to research sustainability and wrote about 5 easy sustainable fashion changes and why I would change to natural cleaning products, rather than use the mainstream options. Most proud I have been about being able to keep up with regular posting! Hurray! Now I hope March will bring some more sunlight into our lives and I can go and enjoy ice skating while the rink is still open, yoga and walks in that sunshine!

What have I been up to in February - byLiiL

How was your February?

With love,


Are Cats Affectioned?

I can’t remember how many times I’ve heard people say that they can’t see how owners can be attached to their cats, how cats are not affectioned animals, that cats are solitary animals and do not like to have company whether it is people or other animals. This makes me sad. People have so many misconceptions of cats and although this might be true with some cats most are far from it. When comparing cats to dogs, I find it takes much longer to get affectioned with a cat than a dog, but they can be as loving they just have a different way to show it. So for those of you who don’t understand cats and also for those of you who do, I will tell you about my two lovely furry balls.

Are cat's affectioned - byLiiL

I have two cats. An older one Nuppu, who is a boy, and a younger one Ninja, who is a girl. Nuppu is like a baby to me. He likes to be carried when he is tired, although does not like to sit in the lap. He always makes sure he can be in the same room with one of us, never mind which room it is. Bathrooms are a must, he doesn’t seem to understand that bathroom is usually a solitary environment, and our guests are usually quite surprised when they get him as a companion in the bathroom.He also makes sure that nobody is left alone in a room. In the mornings when

Are cat's affectioned - byLiiL

He also makes sure that nobody is left alone in a room. In the mornings when I and Ninja are left to sleep, but my boyfriend gets up Nuppu makes sure to get up with him only to go back to sleep in the other room.

Nuppu always greets us when we come home and likes to inspect any shopping we have done by sniffing each and every item (I like to think he is inspecting whether they are good enough for us to eat, but most likely he is just looking for something for him to eat).

Are cat's affectioned - byLiiL

Ninja behaves a bit more like a conventional cat. She doesn’t like to be carried and does often enjoy her own space, especially if we have guests over. Then again, she loves to sleep in our lap whenever it is cold and she usually sleeps on one of us during the night. She longs for attention and loves to be petted, and she will show you when she wants this, sometimes by a slightly snappy ‘miau’. Her favourite thing is to be brushed and it doesn’t matter who is holding the brush she will be that person’s best friend! Whenever I am taking pictures for the blog or anything else really, Ninja loves to be involved and will sniff items that I am taking pictures of and the camera.

Are cat's affectioned - byLiiL

Whenever we have been on a holiday out cars react by being overly affectioned and looking for attention by sitting on us, following us from one room to another and purring extra loud when we are all sitting on the couch. If only I or my boyfriend is away they keep searching for the other person by walking aimlessly from one room to another looking from under couches, blankets, tables, as though one of us was hiding somewhere.

So believe me, I feel how affectioned my cats are and whenever I am away from home I feel bad because I’ve seen how they keep searching for me. They are like my two babies!


Do you have cats? And have you met a cat who is affectioned?

With love,


15 things I am dreaming about just now – February edition

Warm and light spring days with long walks outside!

To get rid of the cactus in my throat.

Quick reading abilities. I have so many books to read and I am anxious to get through them.

Going to a sauna. The hot moist air that purifies the skin and the body of all toxins! (one of the only things I miss from Finland)

15 things I am dreaming about - byLiiL

A comfier couch. Ours is a poor resemblance of a couch which makes my back ache and it’s not actually comfy to sit on.

To not have to read any more upsetting news, at the same time I am so thankful to be able to know what is going around the world.

Uncorrupt media and world governments…

A really good tiramisu. I rarely want one, but for the past couple of weeks I’ve been looking out for the one, I would like to have.

15 things I am dreaming about - byLiiL


A holiday. Warm, with clear waters and good food, that is all I need.. and maybe some adventure 😀 With friends, with my family and with my loved ones!

Having more energy!


Some clarity in my mind.

15 things I am dreaming about - byLiiL


Understanding hashtags.

My own garden to plant herbs, fruits, veggies and flowers in it!

Being confident to speak out all of my opinions, not only here but in general.


What are you dreaming about just now?

With love,


Happy favourites of the month – busy bee

/s, or from the last post I posted which was on the 4th of June. So sorry for the quietness, life caught up with me and it took me a while to catch up with it. Now finally I think I might be on the level. For some reason, this summer has been probably the busiest in years. Every week I think “finally, it is going to be a quiet and relaxing one” and alas I am lucky if I can catch a breath. I haven’t had the time to do yoga, check Instagram or, as you can see, write a blog post. To my luck, it hasn’t been bad busy, just busy and now I have tons of material to write about! So now all the favourites from my busy busy summer so far.


Tranquility trip to the Highlands

During this trip, we mainly sat in the car driving, which is actually exhausting. On the other hand, the scenery being away from the city and all the day-to-day stuff was amazing! The only thing that would have made our trip better if it was longer, and if I had my cats with me!

Commission work

I finished an amazing commission work, which I was happy and proud about. I did finish couple other ones before it as well, which were great as well, but this one felt better for some reason.

Working in a real photo studio

I started a new job this summer, which has introduced me to new things like a photoshoot in a real photo studio. It was exciting and fun!


I know I said I was too busy to do many things and part of the reason was seeing friends. Friends who I knew I had limited time to see or who I hadn’t seen in ages. Spending time with friends just gives you that new energy for going forward in life, doesn’t it?

The lovely weather

People always say how horrible the summers are in Scotland, but quite frankly I think they have been surprisingly nice this summer. Yes, we’ve had some rainy days, but mostly it is warm (although clammy) and we’ve had many days of sunshine. Still, haven’t had my mandatory every year picnic, though!


Beautiful trip to Luxembourg

Where I saw part of my family. We live in different countries so don’t get to see each other too often. Luxembourg was a really nice place to meet up and it is so small that we got to make a couple of road trips as well. Hurray!

Gilmore Girls

I am completely obsessed with this tv-show since it came into Netflix. It is my feel good and don’t use your brain -show. Love it!

Emma Watson interviewing Caitlin Moran

If you have not seen this, then you should have a look ‘link‘. I found it inspiring and eye-opening in some ways. Also, it made me want to read Caitlin Moran’s book, yes I haven’t read it yet, it’s on my list.


As you can see, there were a lot of good things within all the business. Now I’ll go back to my tea and Gilmore Girls for more summer relaxation!


With love,


Happiness in the air

Or, what is making me happy at the moment.


A small girl on the subway being polite.

My cats purring at all times.

The lovely sunny days we have experienced these last couple of weeks.


My super supportive boyfriend who doesn’t show any doubt in anything I do.

Our super yummy lemon and poppyseed muffins, which are the only little sugar I allow myself at the moment.

A little boy so excited about subways he goes to greet the driver and gets to hunk the horn.


My wonderful friend who is following her dreams.

The super supportive and inspirational Etsy alumni group, which helps me to be brave.

I am on level 9 in duolingo learning german.

Borsch soup. My mum used to make it when I was a child, but I only fell in love with it a couple of months ago.


What are you happy for at the moment?


Pics in these post were destroyed by the bright light coming from outside, however, I decided to play around with the shadows and contrast and found them to look quite interesting. What do you think?

With love,


About Lii

Now that you know about my blog, I thought of telling you more about me, so you know what kind of person is writing to you. To not bore you to pieces with all my history by writing a biography, I though of just telling 13 most important or funny things about me.

  1. 13 is my favourite number and quite lucky for me!
  1. I love cake! Dessert in almost any form will suffice, however cake is my ultimate favourite.


  1. I love colour! Especially the colours of the sky on pink evenings or during the sunrise. Colours make me inspired and they make me want things I might not need.
  1. I also love colouring. Just leave me with sharpened set of lovely coloured pencils and I am happy. Such tranquillity!


  1. I get easily hooked on different lifestyle trends, but because I get inspired by so many things all the time my attention span only holds on to things that I find worth while, such as yoga, eating less sugar and regular sleeping hours. But I will still always get excited about new things!!
  1. I love all animals. I am always aawwing at the dogs and cats outside and I will stop to admire a squirrel or a fox in the wild. When we are planning a hiking trip I will research best places to see wild animals and will talk our group into going there.
  1. I have two wonderfully silly and lovely cats. They make my life so much better every single day ❤


  1. One of my favourite ways to procrastinate is reading. It does not matter whether it is a good book, a magazine, a new blog post, interesting online article about something remotely relative to me or just facebook. I find myself reading any of these when I am supposed to work on something else, and it is really hard to stop!
  1. Writing is a way of clearing my head and I love it, but I find it often difficult to write down my thoughts. I never seems to come out the way I imagined. Writing is not my strongest skills, but because I love it I work on it, and slowly I will improve on it. So bare with me while I will develop into master writer 😉


  1. One thing I try to do on a daily basis is learning new or developing myself. Either a language, new software or a skill, it brings me sense of accomplishment and brings me closer to my goals. The days when I don’t learn anything, I get really frustrated!
  1. I get energised by the sun. Well, who doesn’t, right? But living in rainy Scotland get’s really hard during long rainy grey winters and when the sun finally decides to come out I feel like being born again.


  1. I prefer meals that are cooked from scratch with love, to any ready meals there are. In other words I hate ready meals!
  1. My dream future is working from home on my own business. Having an animal sanctuary (when I was a child this was a zoo..), adopting children and living a happy, inspirational and sustainable life.

Now that you know some quirky things about me, I would love to hear about you! What are your dreams? And what makes you special?

With love,