Inspiration Of The Month August


What is inspiring you this month?

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My Matt & Nat bag

I’ve written about Matt &Nat before and now I finally have the joy of using trying one myself. I received this beauty for my birthday when I was in need of a new big handbag. When working I need to be able to fit in it a book, a diary, small pouch with all the essentials, my wallet, some snacks, sometimes lunch, water bottle and occasionally a coffee travel mug and a bunch of accumulated receipts (why can’t we just move onto digital receipts altogether?). It can get pretty full. Last week I also added in yoga gear and surprisingly this bag did fit all of it.

My Matt&Nat - byLiiL

I’ve only used my bag for a short while, but so far it has ticked all the boxes needed. It is big enough, pretty enough, crossbody strap, has 3 compartments or rather two big pockets on the front, the bag and it can fit my laptop inside and it is vegan. The top material seems very durable and I love the blue colour. I like a little bit of colour in my handbags, but this blue is neutral enough to suit many outfits! I can instantly feel the quality of the bag when using it and I can’t remember the last time I was so excited for a handbag! I am sure it will last me for a long time!

If you liked this bag or are in the need for a new vegan bag head over to Matt & Nat while they still have their sale on!

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What is sustainability?


It wasn’t too long ago when I got asked this question.

What is sustainability? What does it mean? What does it entail?

We do correlate the term sustainable usually to the environment, however, what is surprising is how little we actually understand it. And as I want to promote and discuss the sustainability within fashion and living I thought it was about time I would discuss the meaning of the term.


To me sustainability means continuity. Continuity of our planet so that it will continue to provide us with earth to live on.

What can we do so that our planet will continue providing to us and supporting us?

Well, we can’t continue using pesticides and dropping toxins and waste on our planet. Earth erodes and pollutes, which harms us through food, water and air. If this will continue, we will not have the space to live, except in litter and we will run out of food and water before long, not even talking about other necessities. Instead, we can become mindful and conscious about what we consume, start making smarter decisions and demand companies to provide us with these options and letting us know about the whole lifecycle of the product. Sustainability is not a thing that only government, companies or consumers would have to think about. It is a thing that everybody should think about!

  • The innovation of ways to produce products and food, which keeps our earth providing more.
  • Shopping more consciously and products which we believe are not harming the environment (local, organic, etc.)
  • Companies which are openly fully transparent with their supply chain and production practices.
  • Reinforcing laws in the whole world to ensure the continuity of life on earth.
  • Making changes that we will continue making and adapting. Rather than having it as a trend it should be a movement.
  • Worldwide\ knowledge and information about the problems and how to tackle them.

I don’t think people will ever stop shopping or wanting new things, but I do think that innovation towards easier ways to recycle products and waste less would be a great start in combination with non-harmful production.


What do you think is sustainability? Have I left anything out in your opinion?

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