5 articles for Self-Development

I Have 15 Ideas To Change Your Life – Very motivational and to the point. You will want to start instantly!

How To Understand Fake News and Media Bias – Great explanation of what the media can be like and tips to pick the news that you can trust.

5 articles for Self-Improvement - byLiiL

This Technique Can Help You Remember Anything – … and fight depression. Supported by research this technique sounds so helpful!

Why Learning Is a New Procrastination – This article hits the spot and provides you with motivation and drive to go and do what you are dreaming of doing. Definitely opened my eyes!

Forget About Setting Goals. Focus On This Instead. – Although, I do not agree with everything said in this article e.g. I think setting goals is helpful, partly to understand what you are striving for and focuses you on what you are working towards. However, this still had good points and something that I think will support your goals.


And additionally here is a Ted Talk – Inside the mind of a Master Procrastinator, which made me laugh and also a bit scared of my procrastinating abilities..


Have you read recently any interesting articles on self-improvement that you would like to share with me and other readers?

With love,


Happy Favourites of the Week – learning experience

Posies In Protest – This interview with Bread and Roses about their social enterprise to help asylum seekers and refugees is definitely worth the read!

Why clothes don’t have Fair trade labels – Interesting read for those who are interested in Fair trade and labels on apparel.

Happy favourites of the week - learning experience - byLiiL

Why I don’t eat healthy to be skinny – This youtube video had some excellent points which are good to voice out. She said it better than I could have!

Palm Trees In The Snow – This movie touched on the topic, which I hadn’t seen or read before; Spanish colonies in Africa. A very touching romantic story with a touch of history was beautiful and emotional. It was spoken in Spanish so I required subtitles, but I enjoyed the movie, which is based on a best-selling novel of the same name.

Happy favourites of the week - learning experience - byLiiL

Spring light – It was just the last week that I said I was dreaming about spring light and warm days and this week I finally got the first glimpse of it. Now awaiting for more!

The Buried Giant – Even though it is only the end of February I already know that this book is one of my favourites this whole year. It is hypnotic, magical, aerie, transforming, engaging and an absolute treasure. Although, it is a fantasy book I didn’t find it to be that much of a fantasy as it concentrated so much more on the people and their relationships. I would definitely recommend this book a read!


What have been your favourites of the week?

With love,