Inspiration of the Month – OneSqin

There are times when the inspiration comes from the weirdest places. This time I was scrolling through the Kickstarter page looking if there is anything interesting there. And in the midst of all the other projects, I found the OneSqin project which moved me and made me really want to backup their project. Let me tell you a little bit about it!

Inspiration of the Month - OneSqin - byLiiL

OneSqin is not a charity, but as they say, rather “a business that channels purchasing power towards social change”.

“The first health and beauty brand donating 100% of profits to provide life changing education for girls in need”

This project, or rather a business, is about empowering girls who live in poverty. The company sells organic tampons, organic t-shirts and 100% natural al purpose skin cream, and with the profits they help the girls. All their products are sustainably produced, carefully researched and cruelty-free.

Buying from OneSqin you provide the girls in poverty with a chance to stay in school, access health services and delay marriage and childbirth. This will assist the girls to grow up into independent women, who can support their families and their local community and build a future away from poverty.

Inspiration of the Month - OneSqin - byLiiL

As you probably realised this is a Kickstarter project that can be backed up until 8th of June. So plenty of time to put your money into something great! There are a lot of options to choose from, which can reward you as well as the company and the girls. The Kickstarter is to help the business launch and to see what else they have in mind. So go back them up,Β I sure will!

Pics are from the OneSqin Kickstarter page.


What is inspiring you this month?

With love,