Happy Favourites of the Week – Ice skating and Persepolis

Charity woman – I’ve seen this one woman on the streets this week several times and each time she is speaking with a different homeless person making sure they are fine, enquiring into their lives and generally caring. It is lovely!!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Ice skating and persepolis - byLiiL

Ice skating – I used to do ice skating all the time when I was younger, but as I reached my teens it wasn’t so interesting anymore. Now 10 years later I came back to my love and can only be shocked at how well I have forgotten everything I knew. It is still joy to go ice skating again and I left the rink on the happy cloud!

Put money on ethical – After reading the Fossil Fuel Divestment post by Ethical Unicorn I got interested in putting money on ethical. I don’t mean by this just buying more ethical stuff, but actually starting to use a bank that is transparent and that invests in ethical companies. It is amazing what we can learn about being more ethical every day! Empowering really! Check out this post by Ethical Unicorn as well!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Ice skating and persepolis - byLiiL

Bullet Journal – I didn’t think I would want to do a bullet journal, but I wanted to somehow record my yoga training so I started filling one for it and I have to admit I enjoy it. It has helped me to keep motivated and learn from what I do!

Persepolis – This graphic book/autobiography was excellent! It was interesting, eye opening and it definitely changed the way I view many things in the world now. I loved the way it was written and drawn. Although, the topic is depressing Satrapi made me laugh more than once. I recommend this to everybody!


How has your week been?

With love,