Introducing Mirabelle – Jewellery with Meaning

You know the feeling when you check some online shop and your eye catches an item. You instantly know that this item is meant for you. This is what happened to me when I first read about the Mirabelle fair trade jewellery and went to research their website. My eye caught on this beautiful pendant necklace and I couldn’t shake my mind off it for several days, so I ended up buying it. Once I received it, it hasn’t left my neck for more than a night’s sleep and a shower. Yes, I absolutely love it! But before I tell you more about my necklace I will share with you what I have learned about this beautiful jewellery brand.

Introducing Mirabelle - Jewellery with Meaning - byLiiL

Mirabelle is an ethical jewellery brand that produces beautiful hand-made collections, which are very reasonably priced. The brand prides on fusing ethnic and contemporary aesthetics, being inspired by nature and sourcing and producing ethically to savour the natural beauty and have happy employees. Most of the collections are hand-made by British craftsmanship, but there is a fair trade collection as well that is entirely produced in Indonesia.

The jewellery is not only ethical, but has a meaning behind every piece as well. The founder of Mirabelle Jewellery, Veronique Henry, explains “With a strong belief in the power of jewellery to uplift the spirits, collections are imbued with symbolism and meaning, from crystal stones to ancient talismans”. The website has a comprehensive information on the semi-precious stones, their origins, history, what they were used for. Even if you don’t believe in any of that, it is still interesting and provides your piece of jewellery with a meaning. I also appreciated the information on how to care for the jewellery and their size guide.

Introducing Mirabelle - Jewellery with Meaning - byLiiL

The necklace I bought, is a gorgeous lotus pendant with a garnet on the middle. I think part of the reason why I was so attracted to it is it’s connection to yoga and the seventh chakra, which is a source of enlightenment and spiritual connection to the universe. Whereas, the garnet used to be popular as a talisman and a protective stone believed to light up the night. I absolutely love this message behind the pendant and it makes the necklace just that much more beautiful to me!

Introducing Mirabelle - Jewellery with Meaning - byLiiL

The Mirabelle Jewellery website has a wonderful collection of intricate and different jewellery, which I definitely advice to visit! They have even more pieces on their Etsy page, which is kind of like their outlet. In addition, you can check their Instagram account and their blog for more information.

Introducing Mirabelle - Jewellery with Meaning - byLiiL

Have you heard of Mirabelle Jewellery before? Do you like your jewellery to have a meaning?

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31 bits – empower women by buying jewellery

Whenever there is a talk about recycling, I get excited, but when I read about all the other benefits I just had to write about it! 31 bits is a company that sells gorgeous colourful beaded jewellery made by Ugandan women. Their story is truly inspirational from volunteering in Uganda, to finding amazing products, making a business out of it with the Ugandan women and turning the profits into making a great life for the women. And that was the very shortened version. I recommend reading their full story on their ‘Our story‘ page.

Screenshot 2016-05-13 13.40.21

So what makes this company so amazing? Their mission! “Using fashion and design to empower people to rise above poverty”. To me, fashion is an art form and self-expression. However, when these can be combined with such an empowered message it goes on another level. The beads, that are used in the jewellery, are recycled paper that is coated to get that hard shell. All their other ingredients used in the jewellery are sourced locally in Uganda, providing economy for their society, and everything is lovingly handmade. When this is combined with the fashionable styles, beautiful and appealing imagery, you really have a brand to admire!

Screenshot 2016-05-13 13.40.37

The prices are not too bad, for handmade items, either ranging from $40-80. Although, the prices are in dollars, they do ship worldwide and have an amazing sale section. And with the price comes so much more. On their website, they explain how they offer Ugandan women education, provide counselling, teach life skills and offer health services, to name a few. And this all is offered from the profits that come from selling the jewellery.

Screenshot 2016-05-13 13.41.10

So buy buying their jewellery, you do not only get a fashionable item that you can cherish because of the story behind it, but you also offer so much to these women in Uganda who make them. I find this truly inspirational and empowering, even for the buyer!

Screenshot 2016-05-13 13.41.33

The only thing I was confused about, and this is from a sustainable point of view, is where are all the other items sourced from. Although they explain how it is sourced locally, they did not provide any further details on the matter. It is a minor detail though, as being handmade and the majority of the items are already recycled, I do consider them quite sustainable. In addition, I find them very transparent. They tell the stories of their artisans on their website and they have a strong social media presence, as well as a Youtube channel, which is worth a look!

Screenshot 2016-05-13 13.40.52

Have you heard about the 31bits? Would you buy their jewellery?

Brand rating 31bits

All pics are from their website, go have a look for more!

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Inspiring Instagrammers to follow

I love scrolling through Instagram and am always on the look out for new inspiring Instagrammers who’s beautiful photos can inspire my day. Today I wanted to share some of the inspiring Instagrammers with you!


Lunamar for the Planet

Handmade swimwear and bracelets, which are ethically made. This feed is full of happy girls, gorgeous colourful images and a nice message! Inspiring happiness and ethical shopping.



Swedish Stockings

This brand makes sustainable, durable and stylish tights! Their image, though, combines art and fashion imagery as well. Inspiring how sustainable tights can be fashionable!



Pepper mum

Advocate for healthy eating and makes illustrations to support it. This image above was one of my favourites, but she makes other equally inspiring and fun.



Plant based blonde

Ethical vegan foodie, who posts loads of gorgeous pictures of healthy vegan food. Really inspires you to try those foods out. In addition, there are some inspiring quotes and cute pictures of animals. I mean wouldn’t you love to see the picture above in your  Instagram feed?




This is an ethical brand which makes accessories out of used clothing and fair trade fabrics. They are handmade by refugees and they donate their profits to fight human trafficing. There are lovely fashion images and behind the scenes pics to inspire every body!



Local eclectic

This is a shop that promotes emerging designers. Mostly pics of cool jewellery and inspiring scenery.



Mindful mover

Yoga teacher with gorgeous and inspiring pics of different yoga poses in artful or nature scenery.



Anna Cake Couture

Award-winning cake maker. I am all about the balance in life and sometimes really good cake is what you need to balance your life!


What inspiring Instagrammers do you like to follow?

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