Inspiration of the month – Iris

It is hard not to see Iris Apfel in the media. The bright, colourful old lady with an attitude. I got intrigued when I saw Netflix showing a documentary about her and while watching it I got inspired.

Inspiration of the month Iris - byLiiL

Iris Apfel has the right attitude in life, it is an experiment and the whole point is to be happy. She does not really shun people for the way they get dressed ‘as long as they are happy’, but the fashion in general for everything looking the same. And this is what I have thought for a while now whenever trying to shop for clothes. No matter what shop I go to, I always see the same stuff. How boring!

Iris Apfel sees the world differently. She sees how the designers and the media are moulding what we should be wearing and how we should be behaving, and we listen blindly. She celebrates her wrinkles for the experience and wisdom she has collected them with and she dresses as extravagantly as what makes her happy or suits her mood. It is no wonder that people love her, as she is the image of rebellion against the mainstream media and fashion (which undoubtedly will be taking inspiration from her).

Inspiration of the month Iris - byLiiL

Although, when admiring her no-nonsense attitude and the sense of experimentation with colour and style I do wonder how this irrational shopping for items so many, that do not even fit into her own house, suit into my view of sustainability. They do not, actually. Even when watching the documentary I was thinking of how horrible it is how much she was acquiring and owned. However, she did live in a different time when the problems we are fully aware of now were not a common knowledge. Shunning the mainstream fast-fashion Iris has acquired most of her collection while travelling or from interesting little shops, which has probably been local stores with local production. In addition, she is donating big amounts of her ‘collection’ to museum or curators, which means they are not hitting the landfills.

Inspiration of the month Iris - byLiiL

I would never recommend acquiring such a big collection of items of any kind, however, what I think should be taken from the documentary and Iris herself is the sense of exploration and adventure to your style and to your life. Be happy! Do not let others tell how you should be happy and live life to the full. And what I am saying, do consider the environment while you are doing it! You can find the documentary on Netflix or check more about it from the website.

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What do you think about Iris Apfel?

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