Favourite Instagram Pics From May

May was full of amazing and exciting Instagram pictures and it was quite difficult to only choose these few here from all the amazing ones. It was also quite funny to see which pictures I was more drawn towards, such as office pics, home decor, illustrations, the beauty of female body and beautifully colourful pics.


Share some of your favourite Instagram accounts and pics in the comment box below!

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My Favourite Instagram pics from March

Most of us like scrolling through the Instagram and finding great pics, but I also like to see what pics others like. So inspired by that I thought I would start sharing some Instagram pics that I liked.

Go and check out these amazing Instagram accounts! You can see their account name above each picture.


Share some Instagram pics or Instagrammers for me to check out!

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The sustainable Instagram account I am loving

I recently found this Instagram account and was surprised how much I like it and for a peculiar reason. Usually, I like to watch nice pictures on Instagram, but the thing I liked with this account, SUSS,  is their sustainability tips! They are so great, have a look!



Instagram - SUSS - Sustainable tipsInstagram - SUSS - Sustainable tipsInstagram - SUSS - Sustainable tipsInstagram - SUSS - Sustainable tipsInstagram - SUSS - Sustainable tips


What Instagram accounts do you like?

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Inspiring Instagrammers to follow

I love scrolling through Instagram and am always on the look out for new inspiring Instagrammers who’s beautiful photos can inspire my day. Today I wanted to share some of the inspiring Instagrammers with you!


Lunamar for the Planet

Handmade swimwear and bracelets, which are ethically made. This feed is full of happy girls, gorgeous colourful images and a nice message! Inspiring happiness and ethical shopping.



Swedish Stockings

This brand makes sustainable, durable and stylish tights! Their image, though, combines art and fashion imagery as well. Inspiring how sustainable tights can be fashionable!



Pepper mum

Advocate for healthy eating and makes illustrations to support it. This image above was one of my favourites, but she makes other equally inspiring and fun.



Plant based blonde

Ethical vegan foodie, who posts loads of gorgeous pictures of healthy vegan food. Really inspires you to try those foods out. In addition, there are some inspiring quotes and cute pictures of animals. I mean wouldn’t you love to see the picture above in your  Instagram feed?




This is an ethical brand which makes accessories out of used clothing and fair trade fabrics. They are handmade by refugees and they donate their profits to fight human trafficing. There are lovely fashion images and behind the scenes pics to inspire every body!



Local eclectic

This is a shop that promotes emerging designers. Mostly pics of cool jewellery and inspiring scenery.



Mindful mover

Yoga teacher with gorgeous and inspiring pics of different yoga poses in artful or nature scenery.



Anna Cake Couture

Award-winning cake maker. I am all about the balance in life and sometimes really good cake is what you need to balance your life!


What inspiring Instagrammers do you like to follow?

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