Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide

This Christmas I was very adamant to get most of the Christmas presents to be sustainable or ethical, by buying from small and local retailers or buying items that I believe are better. Do you want to give somebody a thoughtful gift that is better for out planet and will introduce them to a new company as well? Here is my compiled list of places where to shop from.

Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide - byLiiL

Ambre – Local natural skin care brand that does not use any chemicals and makes their products in small batches.

Hopscotch London – Soy wax candles and vegan and cruelty-free beauty from an independent seller.

Boodle Boutique – Selling organic cotton t-shirts and jumpers with cool screen printed and animal themed pictures, home decor and Christmas decor.

Post-Couture CollectiveRemember when I told about them before? New clothes for somebody who likes to do DIY.

Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide - byLiiL

Oh My Clumsy Heart – Small independent minimal jewellery, which is made in the UK. It is beautiful and made out of fine metal.

Mintoshi – Soy wax candles and wax melts in delicious scents from the UK.

Ingrid Petrie Design – Giclee prints for any room in your home printed on an FSC certified paper.

MyPure – You can read more about it here. It is a great place to shop for natural beauty products.

Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide - byLiiL

Buy Me Once – A store dedicated to things that should last forever. A perfect present!

The Big Calendar – This is a calendar and diary company that makes their diaries especially for you. You can decide when you would like your diary to start from (January or later) and you can have it un-dated as well. The price is reasonable and they look beautiful. Great for a stationary lover!

Mat&Natt – I’ve told you before about this company and will mention it again. Ethical accessories company that makes beautiful bags, wallets and now shoes as well!

Holly Sharpe – Lovely artwork to your girlboss friend!

Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide - byLiiL

Marieke Jacobs – Not many think that leather goods are ethical or sustainable, however, there are many who do like to shop for leather goods and this shop is the one I would approve of. This is what they say in their description:”I mainly use overproduced and remaining stock leather from the furniture and footwear industry. Every part is used, no leather is waisted out of respect for the material.”

31bits – Also a company I’ve written about before. Alternative but fashionable jewellery. A present to somebody and money for a good cause.

byLiiL – Of course, not forgetting to mention my own little shop on Etsy for colourful Giclee prints.

If you would like to gift somebody with a candle, check this post about some more sustainable candles.


Do you have any additional shop or gift recommendations?

With love,


Roundup September and October

I forgot to do aa roundup of what I had been up to in September, so I decided to include it in the October post. This Autumn, so far, has been very busy for me. At first, I was a bit apprehensive about the coming autumn, so I dove into studying free courses online and doing a lot of freelance work.

5 easy ways to be more sustainable - byLiiL

My research into sustainability has taken me to publishing my thoughts on sustainability, showing Instagram account with great tips, talking about documentaries and sharing tips with you about how to be more sustainable and how to grow your own basil (which is doing great btw!). In addition, I did some diy recycling with candle holders which I turned into plant pots.

Succulents - aloe and money tree - byLiiL

I’ve gone through several books here, here and here (not as many as I hoped to achieve), all of which were great! And I have tried some Almighty food’s chocolates and Hopscotch soy candle.

Hopscotch soy wax candle review - byLiiL

All in all, it does not look like it was a busy two months, but I can assure you there was a lot of buzzing in the background of this blog and in my life. But I still had time for some dreaming!

How has your autumn started?

With love,


Hopscotch soy wax candle review

It’s not too long since I ordered the little parcel from Hopscotch with a soy wax candle and beautiful tear drop paper clips. And the order was not too early. Although we still enjoy some sunny days, it has become pretty cold and evenings are very dark so it is the perfect time to cosy up with a candle to read a book or watch a movie! After lighting the Hopscotch candle on a couple of nights I now have some thoughts on it that I wish to share with you.

Hopscotch soy wax candle review - byLiiL

It looks nice and high quality in its glass jar with the golden lit and minimalistic design. So even though I don’t burn it all the time, it still looks nice standing on my shelf. And excellent in pictures!

It really has a long burning time. I’ve already burned it several days and I’ve maybe gone through one-fifth of it and I have the smaller 135g size. Many more nights of burning this candle in the horizon then!

Hopscotch soy wax candle review - byLiiL

When opening the lid you can smell the lovely slightly citrusy scent, which is so relaxing. Apparently, bergamot oils have been used to reduce anxiety, so definitely excellent for some relaxation!

When burning the candle the scent is faint. So excellent for somebody who doesn’t want a strongly scented candle, although I would’ve wished for a slightly stronger scent! In addition, it smells cleaner than a regular paraffin wax candle, when burning. Not sure if this is just a placebo effect.

Hopscotch - succulent - candle - byLiiL

In conclusion, I love this candle but wish it had a stronger scent when burning. Definitely, will buy from Hopscotch again and dreaming now of the cedar and pine candle! If you want to try your own check Hopscotch website here!

With love,


Introducing Hopscotch

I recently discovered this brand, Hopscotch, and am now totally in love with it! It is a small design-led lifestyle brand, from East London, which makes their beautiful soy wax candles and natural beauty products, in addition to curating a small collection of minimalist jewellery and homeware products on their website as well. Doesn’t marble and copper candlestick holder sound great? It does to me! Their beauty products are all natural, vegan and not tested on animals, which are designed, formulated and handmade in their London studio!

hopscotch, soy wax candle, bergamot, tear shaped paperclips

I ordered a bergamot soy wax candle (although I could choose many other amazing options as well!) and tear shaped golden paper clips from them (more about the paperclips soon, a diy idea). I received the parcel in just a couple of days and such a nice parcel it was! I mean, how beautiful is this turquoise bubble wrap?  I know, there is no particular use for it, except reusing it when I need to send something or use it as a photo prop, but I was so delighted when I opened the box and I saw this bubble wrap! The little things!

hopscotch, bergamot soy candle, gold paper clipsHopscotch, stationary, gold tear drop paper clips

I love buying from smaller brands, especially the ones that produce their products in the home country and so reducing the steps in the supply chain. And now I can’t wait to try some of their all natural beauty products, I know what I will have on my Christmas wish list!

Hopscotch, soy candle, hand poured in London, gold paper clips

You can check Hopscotch from their website or Instagram.


Have you heard about Hopscotch? Oh, and stay tuned for a review on the candle!

With love,