What I Was Up To In June

I can’t believe June is already over! This has been a month of reflection for me. I’ve been working more from home and being in my solitude really makes me think! I can influence what I think about with podcasts that I listen while I work or with articles that I read on my free time, however, reading and listening to all the challenges we face with making the planet to be a better place for all and learning about oppression to so many different groups of people can often make me a bit sad before it pushes me into action.

Straws - Eco-Friendly or Healthy?

Due to the reflection, I wrote more about what was going on in my head such as are summer bucket lists necessary and can you fake body confidence. Especially the latter one is a topic that I don’t even like to talk about to my close group of people, but something that I think about and struggle with often. Don’t you think that writing things down just makes more space and sense in your head? Unlike speaking about things, when I write I really dig deep into why I am feeling a certain way, talking is not as easy.

Inspiration of the Month - Fight and Thirst for Education - byLiiL

This month I have also been really tapping into sustainability in general. It’s quite unbelievable how many layers such topic can have. In June I wrote about Honest Rosie – a capsule wardrobe, I shared articles on sustainability and problems with charities, I shared an amazing recycling website Earth 911, I wrote about the sustainability of straws and OneSqin – organic tampons and skincare, and education for girls. Talking about education, which was my inspiration of the month after reading ‘I Am Malala’, I’ve been educating myself on photoshop, start-ups, sustainability and feminism. I couldn’t be more excited and I feel I don’t have enough time for all of my interests!

Uncovering The Secrets Behind Fashion Sizing - byLiiL

This month I started a new thread of posts about fashion and some sustainability issues with it. The first post was about fashion sizing, more or less to explain why we struggle with finding garments that fit us, but I will be tapping into more sustainable topics in fashion soon as well. In addition, I shared my favourite Insta pics from May and how I love pink evening skies.

I still don’t know what July will be like, most likely quite similar to June, as all my summery plans are for August. But you never know what opportunities reveal themselves and I plan to live in the moment!


What did you do in June? And what are your plans for July?

With love,


6 Piece Capsule Wardrobe by Honest Rosie

Minimalism and capsule wardrobes have been a trendy topic for quite some time now and although, I don’t really want to restrict my wardrobe by a number I do like to follow some of the principles such as wearing garments more than once #30wears. For many, however, it seems to be difficult to make a capsule collection no matter how much they would like to. People don’t have the time or know how to curate items that would work together or find garments that would last the test of time. If you recognised yourself here, or just became interested then read forward about Honest Rosie. And if you don’t know what a capsule wardrobe is you should check the Honest Rosie blog for an explanation.

6 Piece Capsule Wardrobe by Honest Rosie - byLiiL

Honest Rosie is a brand that has readily curated a 6 piece capsule collection for you. All the pieces work well together and they are so carefully designed that with just 6 pieces you are able to create 30 outfits! Sounds impossible, but the pictures are here to prove.

In addition, Honest Rosie is trying to run everything sustainably and ethically. They are big advocates for fair labour showing videos of the women who make the garments, pay fair wages and raise awareness about environmental issues and working conditions. The garments are made out of pre-consumer, upcycled fabrics.

6 Piece Capsule Wardrobe by Honest Rosie - byLiiL

The collection includes a blue vest blazer, a white shirt tunic, a white jumper, a blue button-down blouse, a light blue skirt and a dress in one and a pair of light blue trousers. So most of the garments are versatile and can be worn in many ways, which is absolutely amazing! The colours work well together and if you don’t want to buy the whole collection you can buy just one item that will definitely complement your own wardrobe. I hope to see in future that they will bring out some other colour variations as well!

6 Piece Capsule Wardrobe by Honest Rosie - byLiiL

When I heard about the brand they had just finished their Kickstarter campaign and earned much more than they were aiming to. With such a great idea I am not surprised! At the moment they are in the process of manufacturing the garments and I hope they will soon be available for sale! They are definitely striving for transparency and I wish they will share their location and how they supply their materials.

To check out their website visit here and definitely visit their Instagram account, where all the pictures in this post are from!


Have you heard of Honest Rosie before? Do you want to have a capsule wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below.

With love,