Happy Favourites of the Week – Family and Home

Seeing our Godson – We did a trip to Finland again just a week ago. We have this adorable little baby godson who we wanted to see, as the last time I saw him was in April. He has grown so much and nearly walks already. It was such happiness seeing him again and playing with him. Food time seemed to be the favourite messing around time. The funniest was his surprise when his mother was able to eat in peace as we took turns feeding the little cutiepie!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Family and Home - byLiiL

Seeing family – It was lovely seeing the family as well, and this time we actually managed to see people who we haven’t seen in nearly 2 years. It was so relaxing! Although, carrying suitcases home filled with presents from home was not fun… Especially after being rescheduled on flights several times.

Getting home – So when we finally got home, after being rescheduled on to 3 different flight and missing one due to a very delayed flight, I was happy to have two whole days at home to spend it with the cats and winding down from all the ‘excitement’ of travelling. When you are on the road there is nothing more than your dream of but your own home and your own bed!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Family and Home - byLiiL

Sauna – We went to the sauna way too many times for one week! But they don’t have proper sauna’s in the UK, and you can’t even imagine how relaxing it is to take a proper sauna, sweat out all your toxins and take a cooling shower after which you feel relaxed the rest of the day! I really would’ve needed one after all the problems getting back home!

Euston Station Opening Doors For Homeless – I just read an article about how Euston station, in London, is opening their doors on Christmas for the homeless to provide them with a shelter and Christmas dinner. I think it is an absolutely amazing thing to do and more places should do this. Christmas is not only for giving to your loved ones, it is taking care of those less fortunate as well! Although, I think this shouldn’t be happening only on Christmas but whole year round!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Family and Home - byLiiL

How was your week?

With love,