Happy Favourites of January 2019

CVRCHES – I’ve been listening to them almost non-stop for the beginning of January. I’d heard them before, but never actually listened to their album.

Lethal White – I finally got to read the next part of Robert Galbraith’s Strike series and all it did was leave me wanting more. The novel is long, but I read in just a few days.

Happy Favourites of January 2019 - byLiiL

Long Awaited Change of Decor In My Home – The flat I live in is not very small but it’s not too large either, and when I have to be able to sleep, live and work, as well as let another person and the cats be comfortable in it the space seems to be getting ever tighter. This is partly because we moved in when we were still students and required space for studenty things, desks, thus we had two, and neither was very small. They both took a lot of space but didn’t offer much storage wise. I arranged a plan of how to make changes in the home slowly and the first thing to change was to arrange more storage space. Our desk in the living room was a massive glass top, which we wrapped in cardboard and put into storage awaiting us living in another space where we could take it out again. It is a desk which I love and would not want to part with. In its place we put a shelving unit, yes it is from Ikea, but it was the only piece of furniture that matched our budget, space, utility, the storage space and changeability. It is also a piece of furniture which we are planning to use for years to come. I am already so happy with the look and the freedom that we get from having so much storage space that is making our living room already much neater and makes my mind rest still.

Figure Skating EC – I feel that I add figure skating to any happy favourites list if I get to follow it, but it is the only sport that I really enjoy watching and get nostalgic and excited about. Therefore the European Championship was an enjoyment to watch. There are several skaters who I loved watching due to their artistry!

Books – I loved reading in December, but in January I got new energy and excitement to read. This might be partly because I found booktube, Youtube channels that talk exclusively about books. I think I got a bit addicted to them and to reading, having already read 6 books in January, which is way more than the average of 3 that I have set up as my goal this year, but I know that I will be reading thicker books later this year and won’t finish quite so many in those months.

Overcoming Fears – In January I had to go to the dentist. After a bad experience at the dentist a few years ago which left me in pain and not being able to move my jaw for few days because of their mistake, I have been terrified of going back to the dentist and even more of having the local anaesthesia. The most painful thing at the dentist, in my opinion, is the local anaesthesia! (I might be lucky to think that). I was so terrified in the dentist chair that my neck got really stiff and I had a headache for the rest of the day. Nevertheless, I am happy that I went and funnily enough, I lived through it and feel a lot better now. This definitely goes under my goal of Health this year and hopefully this time I won’t be as horrified at going to the dentist.

Flow Cosmetics Calendula Shampoo Bar – I’ve loved the shampoo bar, which I received as a Christmas present. It is supposed to clean your hair properly of any product. The only thing is that I have to apply product many times into my hair for it to lather up and clean it properly, which can get quite tiring to my arms (then again it might be building a bit of muscle so silver linings), but I’ve noticed that I do not need conditioner and my hair is feeling healthy, manageable and voluminous!

Crispy Frosty Winter Days – There is just something magical about seeing the beautiful frosty plants, ground and white roofs of buildings. I live in an advantageous place to be able to see far and wide this beauty and I fully enjoy it.

Coasters – I got coasters from Rocket and Fox from Etsy. I needed some nice coasters to keep my furniture in good condition for long, but I also wanted coasters that will be in good use for long. I found simple yet interesting cork coasters which look good together or apart. The cork works wonderfully to protect the furniture and it doesn’t get ruined by the humidity. In addition, it is a nice smooth surface for any type of mug or glass.

Happy Favourites of January 2019 - byLiiL


You – The new show on Netflix with Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgley as the main character. It is intense, mysterious and ominous, and I couldn’t stop watching it so I binge watched it in two days and it was the only thing that got me off from reading continuously. Penn Badgley is excellent in it although the whole thing is creepy. It does show how easily people can find you through social media and how they can follow you.

Bao – This might not be happy but it is beautiful and thoughtful. It’s a short film which is also nominated for an Oscar.

Happy Favourites of January 2019 - byLiiL

What were your favourites in January?

With love,


Favourite Instagram Pics From June

When I started compiling these pics I thought at first how different they were compared to May, however, it seems they aren’t that different. There are still a lot of plants, although the colouring is leaning more towards pastel, rather than bright pink. I have few illustration here still, but not quite as many. This month I’ve definitely concentrated more on the positive message and sustainability, in addition to some decor dreams and office inspiration. I hope you are visually as inspired as I am!

What were your favourite pics in June? Let me know in the comment box below!

With love,


Favourite Instagram Pics From May

May was full of amazing and exciting Instagram pictures and it was quite difficult to only choose these few here from all the amazing ones. It was also quite funny to see which pictures I was more drawn towards, such as office pics, home decor, illustrations, the beauty of female body and beautifully colourful pics.


Share some of your favourite Instagram accounts and pics in the comment box below!

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Hopscotch soy wax candle review

It’s not too long since I ordered the little parcel from Hopscotch with a soy wax candle and beautiful tear drop paper clips. And the order was not too early. Although we still enjoy some sunny days, it has become pretty cold and evenings are very dark so it is the perfect time to cosy up with a candle to read a book or watch a movie! After lighting the Hopscotch candle on a couple of nights I now have some thoughts on it that I wish to share with you.

Hopscotch soy wax candle review - byLiiL

It looks nice and high quality in its glass jar with the golden lit and minimalistic design. So even though I don’t burn it all the time, it still looks nice standing on my shelf. And excellent in pictures!

It really has a long burning time. I’ve already burned it several days and I’ve maybe gone through one-fifth of it and I have the smaller 135g size. Many more nights of burning this candle in the horizon then!

Hopscotch soy wax candle review - byLiiL

When opening the lid you can smell the lovely slightly citrusy scent, which is so relaxing. Apparently, bergamot oils have been used to reduce anxiety, so definitely excellent for some relaxation!

When burning the candle the scent is faint. So excellent for somebody who doesn’t want a strongly scented candle, although I would’ve wished for a slightly stronger scent! In addition, it smells cleaner than a regular paraffin wax candle, when burning. Not sure if this is just a placebo effect.

Hopscotch - succulent - candle - byLiiL

In conclusion, I love this candle but wish it had a stronger scent when burning. Definitely, will buy from Hopscotch again and dreaming now of the cedar and pine candle! If you want to try your own check Hopscotch website here!

With love,


DIY recycle candle holders

I love using beautiful candles (now prefer soy wax ones, as you might have noticed), however, I do not like throwing out the glass holders. I am not too good at making my own candles, so I had to come up with something else to use them for, and I did. I recycled them into flower pots.

I found the most difficult part of reusing candle holders the left over wax. It turns out, it is not that difficult after all.

  1. Put the holder into a freezer for few hours and then the wax should start chipping out.
  2. Wash up with soap.
  3. Let it dry properly.
  4. Paint on it with glass paints if you wish to make it look different.

Succulents - aloe and money tree - byLiiL

I liked the glass look, so I just put some fresh soil in it and planted my two succulents in. The new aloe succulent and this little money tree baby. Voila! Now I have my two new flower pots!

How to reuse candle holders into flower pots - byLiiL

Recycling candle holders into succulent pots - byLiiL


Have you recycled your candle holders?

With love,


Home decor recycling diy

I’ve talked quite a lot about my excitement for recycling and today I wanted to share one of my home decor items, which is recycled from my mother’s house. We had this beautiful crystal lamp in our house when I was still a young girl. I loved the little crystal cups in it because my mum used to hide easter eggs in them when we did our easter treasure hunt. Last time I visited my mum’s house, she told me part of the lamp had broken so it would need to be thrown out. We started to dismantle the lamp when we realise that we could save all the beautiful crystal pieces from it. What a joy!

I know these little cups or maybe they are bowls.. have a whole in the middle, however, I did not let it stop me. These cups have this beautiful rainbowy tint on them and a scalloped edge to make them interesting. They can work with many different colours and items in them, and they reflect light beautifully.

I experimented with using shells in it. I have a lot of shells that I’ve gathered from beaches or being given as a present that hadn’t found a place in my flat. I love them and the way they bring a little air of sea life into the house. But living with two cats, they really need to be in something. If left on their own on the shelf I will find them on the floor every single day. This blue pyramid shape made out of stone (no idea which stone) is a souvenir from my boyfriend when he was in Egypt. He bought it from a man on a mountain selling different shapes made out of stone. I completely adore this little pyramid! Although, not sure whether I like it on it’s own or in the bowl with the shells. Additionally, I added this freshwater pearl and Swarovski crystal bracelet, that I made but don’t really wear, to bring some extra sparkle. I seem to wear jewellery rarely, but I love it! So often I put it on display to decorate the rooms.


I really like how the bowl looks with the shells and the bracelet. Another idea that I could try as well is using it as a candle holder for those chunkier candles. Just need to remember to look after it, so it doesn’t crack the glass and it doesn’t burn through the hole.


Do you like reusing your old items in new ways?

With love,