Happy Favourites of July 2019

I am posting this quite late in the month, but it is a whirlwind of time at the moment. Whilst I might not be doing much I have millions of things my mind is constantly focused on and there is not much headspace for anything else. Exciting things are happening in my life and I hope I can share them with you in the near future! And hopefully, I will have a bit more headspace soon to write more posts. I have so many ideas, but it seems to take too much effort to actually finish those posts.

Happy Favourites of July 2019 - byLiiL


I’ve achieved one of my goals for 2019 – I’ve read 100 books. For many years I’ve wondered how people manage to read so many books in a year, but by giving me time to read and with audiobooks I’ve already managed to fulfil this goal. There have been some not very good books, but mostly I’ve read excellent fiction and non-fiction books with many to do with sustainability.

Healthy Cats – I had noticed how my little Tiger kitten, who is usually greedy with his food, didn’t like to always finish his food and seemed a bit down. After a visit to the vet he was diagnosed with gum infection and we put him on a diet with wet food and dental dry food, and a daily toothbrushing. Oh, the joy to see him feeling better and being himself again. In a month almost all signs of the infection are gone and he is back to being greedy little thing. He is not enjoying brushing his teeth, but the dry food is his favourite thing of the day and he requested it countless times a day!

ModiBody – The period panties have revolutionised my anxiety during my periods. I tried them first-time last month and am already planning a reorder of a couple more pairs to keep me happy during that time of the month. They were comfortable and I felt secure and dry!

Happy Favourites of July 2019 - byLiiL


Ethical clothes – I rarely buy new clothes but when I do I only buy items I need. During these hot summer days, I required a couple smarter tops that were cool, most of mine are jersey t-shirts which are not very smart or woollen jumpers which although are smart are not suitable for the weather. And I found two lovely light linen and organic cotton jumpers and a linen top from Seasalt. They have become my favourite items in my wardrobe almost instantly!

Health – It’s already past halfway in the year and I have not checked on how I am doing with this year’s goals yet (you can check the goals post here), although I have been working on them. Health was one of the biggest goals this year for mind and body and I am so happy I have been working on this. I went through a few months of physiotherapy and am now working by myself. I can already see a big difference with pain levels and what I am able to do, which uplifts my spirits to the moon! There are still bad days, but now I know what to do in those situations. For my mental health, I am back to yoga, only once a week at the moment, but even that is working wonders! On top of that, I do almost daily meditation practice which is excellent for helping me to calm down and focus. For mediation, I use Insights timer and their breath meditation practices, which I’ve found to be the best suitable for me, it’s also free.

Watercolour painting – I have also found other practices that help my mental health. One day I felt this overly strong yearning to do watercolour painting and noticed how this helped me to calm down and be mindful, and completely forget the outside world. I am practising different techniques and using my creativity in a way I haven’t used it before. It’s relaxing and mindful. Have you tried it?

New shelving unit – While my neighbours were throwing out some of their furniture away I spotted a shelving unit which I loved instantly. My neighbour apparently noticed this and offered it to me. Now it’s sitting on top of my set of drawers. It looks great, offers more space for plants and books and I love it! Also, it’s very good quality and I saved it from being dumped on the landfill. Win-win!

Happy Favourites of July 2019 - byLiiL



I actually did read a lot in July, 12 books, but although I enjoyed many of them, I don’t feel like recommending many of them. Partly I was just rereading Harry Potter’s for the comfort and felt completely lost once I had finished the series. There is something about that world that makes you want to dive in there and stay, nevertheless of all the gruesome things that happen. Maybe it’s the friendship of Harry, Hermione and Ron, or the sense of togetherness when fighting Voldemort. Do you know?

This Is A Good Guide – A massive book that will take ages to read, and I think it should rather be read almost like a coffee table book or taking hints and tips when you need them. There is a lot of good general information on sustainability and sustainable living, but it doesn’t dive deep into why something isn’t good or why something is good and therefore I would always do a bit more research. Still, it is a good place to start on your sustainable living journey!

The Graveyard book – For the fans of Neil Gaiman or Harry Potters this book was also a comfort read, although it was the first time I read it. It’s meant for children or middle grade, but it is so hopeful, unassuming and naive in a wonderful way. The book is full of adventure and different creatures. I absolutely loved it!

Blankets – This is a graphic memoir and it’s massive! It’s about growing up in a small town when one feels he doesn’t belong to and grips on things to survive, such as religion. But growing up things become more foggy and clear, and there is a first love involved. It was beautiful!



Good Omens – This tv show was brilliant! It is dark and funny and unexpected!

Orange Is the New Black – The last season is out and although I didn’t like the last episode quite so much, the last season is quite good. It brings out how incarcerated women are treated poorly and about the often unfair treatment of immigrants.

Happy Favourites of July 2019 - byLiiL


How was your July?

With love,



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Recap on 2018 and Goals for 2019

2018 was a whirlwind of a year for me. There were a lot of happy moments, many successful situations and moments which stopped everything else in my life. Some of the moments made it difficult to reflect on the year. There are memories that are more strongly in my mind and I have to go back all my posts and Instagram to see some of the things that have happened. I know that although 2018 was successful in some ways it wasn’t my favourite year, it seemed to challenge me in many ways and I couldn’t be happier that it is over. To reflect on it and to make goals for 2019 I used the Anushka Reed questionnaire which I mentioned last year as well. I think it will be great for many years to come!

Recap on 2018 and Goals for 2019 - byLiiL

I travelled a fair bit in 2018 visiting Chania in Greece, London, Berlin and a couple of times to Finland. I took the time to see friends and family, and I concentrated even more on studying and writing about sustainability, which is increasingly becoming a topic I am passionate about. I succeeded at work, I grew my Freelance clientele and I’d got a couple of projects with brands on the blog as well. I finally started to feel that I’ve found my voice on my blog and on Instagram, however, my health was stopping me from working as hard as I would’ve wanted to. Also, in July, my beloved cat passed away as he couldn’t stand the excessive heat. It was a shock and is still such a sad memory that I tear up even thinking of him. On the bright side, we took in Tiger to offer our other cat some much-needed company and to bring some noise into our household, which he has definitely accomplished with his tendency to imitate a hurricane when he gets on that mood.

Since the summer I’ve either been too sad and distracted to get much done on the blog nor even been able to concentrate on my goals for the year or in life, or been too busy with work, which definitely helped to deal with grief. In the end, I couldn’t wait for the Christmas break when I could just unwind and finally relax without having to do much.

Some of the high points of the year to me were visiting the Ethical Fashion Showroom in Berlin in January and visiting Circular Economy conference in Glasgow during both of which I was impressed with the number of people who want to make a positive change in the world. Getting Tiger, all my new and existing clients, projects with Green Ecobox and White Spring Bamboo Straws were also amazing things that made the year much better!

Recap on 2018 and Goals for 2019 - byLiiL

How did I do with goals in 2018 (check the goals here)
  • I did make several trips as I said above, and with every trip, I strived to be as sustainable as I could. When visiting Crete I even posted my guide for sustainable Crete. With all the other trips I did in 2018 I stayed with friends and family, used public transport, carried always my reusable water bottle and tried to reduce my footprint as much as I could. Unfortunately, I flew to most of my destinations, as it is the fastest form of travel from where I live, but when possible I do try to use the train. I would like to make more posts about how to travel sustainably though!
  • I saw my family and friends as much as I could, and I did make effort to spend time with them. I plan to keep this going for the rest of my life as well!
  • I did make more than 3 changes to become more sustainable, although I don’t even remember all of them. I made several swaps to zero waste products such as menstrual cup and to less harmful products such as organic pads when necessary. I also started supporting ethical initiatives, stopped buying from companies that weren’t aligned with my ethics. I learned what values I have for life and consumption and started to work on them more.
  • I’ve become much more comfortable with people I don’t know and talking to new people. However, I am still nervous in these situations but I am able to go alone into situations which earlier would’ve made me very stressed.
  • I did read 36 books and most of which I enjoyed enormously!
  • Although I strived for healthy living different things affected my health and I can’t say that I am healthy in body and mind. More in my mind due to doing some small mediation sessions and separating work from relaxation time, but I still have to work on the healthy body.
  • I did not learn German, unfortunately, but it is still something I am striving for! And I didn’t quite give myself enough time to be creative, however, I gave myself time, in general, to think and realise some of my dreams.

Recap on 2018 and Goals for 2019 - byLiiL

Goals for 2019

Word to live by this year – While I was investigating what are other people’s goals for this year (because how could I ever come up with the goals for the year myself, without the inspiration from others… just joking, I actually find peoples goals interesting) I saw Elisabeths, from Conscious Life and style, Instagram post about how she set a word to live by for the year instead of a goal. She then asked her readers what word they would live by and I instantly thought that all my plans are arranged under HEALTHY. Healthy in mind and body, not only that but also a healthy attitude towards work, body, relationships, finances, technology. To get everything into a nice balance on which it will be much easier to build my life on. What word would you live by this year?

Although I did like setting a word for the year, I do have some goals to share with you as well.

  • Read 36 books – I am not increasing the amount as it was a bit tight this year as well. The books should be a combination of fiction, historical, feminist and sustainability.
  • Learn German – As has been my goal for the past couple of years as well.
  • Blog routine – I have slipped from my blogging routine in 2018, which I have not been happy about, but life happened and I am not going to feel bad about it. Instead, I will try harder this year to post at least once a week. In addition, I want to fine-tune the topics I write about. I like writing my Happy Favourites posts, which are a slight glimpse into me and my life. The rest of the blog I want to contribute fully to sustainable and ethical fashion and lifestyle in a positive and encouraging way. I also want to share one thing I learned each month about sustainability, ethics or feminism.
  • Reduce My Environmental Footprint – Firstly check what is my carbon footprint and then make one change a month and report how I did with that change. Whos with me?
  • Blog collaborations – I would love to do a blog collaboration with another blogger. And I would like to do a few more brand collaborations. In 2018 I did a couple which I enjoyed, although was really nervous about, I love letting you know about great companies that are doing something good.
  • Travel – I don’t have any travels in mind for 2019, but I know will be travelling a bit. Although I am concerned about sustainability and our environment, I am not ready to give up travelling altogether, instead, I’ll try to do it as sustainably as possible and not fly where possible. I would like to add 1 new country to the list of countries that I’ve visited and to see my family twice this year.
  • Social – Although I did great steps in becoming less afraid of new social situations I would like to improve on it and hopefully be more comfortable with them at the end of this year. I know I will never be completely myself in such situations, but I am sure not many people are. Instead, I want to be able to do small talk when needed and not want to run away from networking events.
  • Health – One of the things I did a fair bit in 2017 was going out for walks which I have nearly forgotten to do lately. I really need to pick it up again as it helps clear my head and my body feels better after it as well.

Recap on 2018 and Goals for 2019 - byLiiL

What are your goals for 2019 or do you have a word for the year? Let me know in the comment box below. I would also love to know what you think of my plans for the blog for the future or if there is something additional that you would like to read here.

With love,