DIY Gift tags

I am always up for some kind of DIY, especially for Christmas. So when I come up to do something for other I do it, if I have the time. I like to make presents, such as sewing things I know my family will like or make cards. This year I was looking for Christmas tags and when I couldn’t find any that I really liked I came up with the idea of making my own. And it turns out to be super easy, especially when we have such an amazing resource as Pinterest! They are cute, fun to do and personal.

DIY Gift Tags - byLiiL

What I did:

  1. I drew a shape on a paper.
  2. I cut the shape out. If you want the shape to be even, fold the paper and draw only on one side and then cut it folded.
  3. I then traced this shape on a card of my choice. I had nice thick red, green and blue card in my house for doing different crafts.
  4. I then decorated the cards with coloured pens. This year white gel pen has been one of my favourites, as it is fresh and looks good with coloured card. You can also add some sparkle or stickers on the cards.
  5. To make these gift tags more sustainable you can write the name with a pencil and reuse the next year or write the name on a sticker that comes off fairly easily.


DIY Gift Tags - byLiiL


Happy DIY! Do you have any other DIY ideas under Christmas?

With love,