Finnish Beauty by Lumene

When I last visited Finland I was really eager to buy myself products from Lumene. We were supposed to visit their factory store, however, run out of time so I just picked a couple of items from the airport.

Finnish Beauty Brand Lumene - byLiiL

Lumene is a Finnish beauty brand, which when I was a child we considered a bit cheap. Now, however, the brand has really upped their game with natural and cruelty-free make up and skincare ranges, which are beautiful and with a reasonable price point. Items range from as small as £8 to some more luxurious items at £40.

I’ve used Lumene mascaras for a while now and can say that they some of the best I have tried. I would also really love to try the ‘Touch of Radiance highlighter’ and their ‘VALO’ (means light) range. Their products seem so natural and fresh, who wouldn’t like to try them? Check their full range here.

Finnish Beauty Brand Lumene - byLiiL

Unfortunately, they are rare in the UK, as they mostly sell in Scandinavia and Russia. There are some great items sold in the Beauty Spin, but otherwise, you might need to wait for a visit to Finland, Scandinavia or Russia to purchase them. For my sake, I hope they start selling more of their items in the UK and elsewhere in Europe as well!

Finnish Beauty Brand Lumene - byLiiL


Have you heard of Lumene before?

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