Happy Favourites of the Week – Sweet and Sweaty Treats

Homemade lemonade – The ultimate summer drink, which I can’t stop drinking. The store bought versions are too sweet and not quite zingy enough for me, so we made our own and it’s delicious!

Spiders are back – I remember around a year ago writing in my happy favourites about spiders being back which meant spring and summer times. And now they are back again. One of them seems to enjoy my kitchen window and has spent two days on it going up and down the window. I don’t usually really enjoy spiders presence, but it seems cheerful of the summer time coming, so I am as well.

Happy Favourites of the Week - Sweet and Sweaty Treats - byLiiL

OneSqin is getting more ahead – There is an article by Ethical Unicorn that wrote about OneSqin as well. If you haven’t seen my post about them, you can read it here. In short, OneSqin is a company that sells organic tampons and creams and the profits go to help educate girls. They are on Kickstarter now and I really hope they will be able to make it!

Salted Caramel Ice Cream – It’s my favourite at the moment and I could eat a pack of this a day and stay happy!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Sweet and Sweaty Treats - byLiiL

Visiting friends – I’ve had several friends visiting in Glasgow the past couple of weeks and it’s been a pleasure to spend time with them again! To our luck, we had great weather so we spend it on a terrace drinking cocktails and eating, chatting and enjoying the sun. Thankfully, getting burned only a little bit!

Super Sweaty Yoga class – The weather did its trick and we were sweaty before we started the power vinyasa. One and a half hour of movements where your mind and body is fighting back due to the heat and by the end of it the laughs and smiles that you got through the class. The rest of the day felt really elevating!

The Pink Evenings – I absolutely love watching the sky, which can be noticeable from my Instagram pics, and especially lately with the pink skies that have decorated every evening with the most beautiful colour dance on the horizon. I could stare at it for hours! Definitely the best thing about living high on a hill on the top floor! As you can see all the pictures are literally from the same spot because it is the best place to take pictures of the pink evening sky. I really need to find another one as well!

Making My Own Scent – Since I started buying oils I’ve really been into making my own scent by mixing them. I am not too good at it yet, mostly I can’t make the scent stay for the whole day, so I still need to do more experiments and read on the topic, but I’ve managed to make a lovely scent that I like to wear (and build up) throughout the day! Making my own scent I don’t have to buy perfumes from the store, most of which are not cruelty-free! And I get to experiment and find the scents that I love, which is SO fun!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Sweet and Sweaty Treats - byLiiL


How was your week? Let me know in the comment box below!

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50 facts about me

1. I can easily drink a dozen cups of tea a day.

2. My favourite tea at the moment is green tea with jasmine.

3. I’ve lived in three different countries.I’ve lived in the UK for nearly 6 years.

4. In the UK so far for nearly 6 years.

5. As a child, my favourite colour was read.

6. Now it is turquoise.

50 facts about me - byLiiL

7. My favourite food is the vegetarian lasagne made by my boyfriend.

8. I also love Vietnamese, Thai and Nepalese food.

9. I am very particular about pens that I write with. The sharpness, the feel of it on the paper and the feel in my hand. I also don’t like anybody using my pen.

10. My favourite pen so far is the PILOT BPS-GP (F).

11. I hoard lipsticks and books, I do use and read all of them, though.

50 facts about me - byLiiL

12. I love animals so much, I want to take every animal as a pet. When I was a small kid I was dreaming of starting my own zoo to be able to be with all different kinds of animals.

13. So as an ignorant child, I tried to have many creatures as pets; snails, spider, frogs and killing them all. Well, most of the frogs I took back to their pond after the first ones started dying.

14. After killing the spider my arachnophobia multiplied and to the present day, I am sure they are here to revenge on me.

15. I feel guilt for a long time, which really teaches me to take care of animals and plants now, as well as be so determined on sustainability.

16. I don’t allow spiders to be killed in my flat, but they have to be let outside.

17. I flinch when I see or hear people killing bugs (mosquitos are the only exception to this), not even talking about other animals.

50 facts about me - byLiiL

18. When I am awaiting an important email or a text message I will check my phone or email about every 5 minutes until I receive it.

19. I prefer an evening at home watching a movie or playing games, rather than going out.

20. I hate losing when playing board games. This is worse when playing with my sister and I would much rather lose to anybody else than to her.

21. I can’t bare to see inequality or unfairness. It makes me very upset and worked up.

22. When I write fast and am concentrated funny things happen with my words. Letters switch places, I forget groups of letters and yeah, it can look like a mess. The latest example I was writing ‘New Zealand’ it became ‘Zew Nea…’

23. My mind is always swirling with ideas. It can be hard to concentrate on one thing when my mind wants to think about the next step or a completely different thing. Fortunately, there is yoga!

50 facts about me - byLiiL

24. I am very influenced by the books I read and my mood can shift to represent that of the book. It can be very confusing to my boyfriend!

25. My favourite books so far are Jane Eyre and the Handmaid’s Tale.

26. My mother thought me to read when I was 5 or 6 years old. I hated it and swore I would never like reading.

27. It took me 3 years to read the Lord of the Rings. The chapters were so long I got discouraged to read it.

50 facts about me - byLiiL

28. I am a Harry Potter fan. I grew up with the books and they influenced me to read more. I’ve read the books more than twice each.

29. We have a tradition to watch the Harry Potter movies every Christmas.

30. I am obsessed with the tv show ‘Survivor’ and I’ve seen some of the seasons more than once.

31. My favourite tv show is Friends, which I’ve seen several times.

32. The movie genres I most like to watch are thriller and sci-fi. Especially any movie happening in the space.

33. I don’t like horror movies and can often see nightmares after seeing one.

34. My favourite Disney princess is Alice from the Wonderland, because of the craziness of the story, the amazing adventure she has and the imagination in the story. And of course Mulan. The warrior who saves the world, who fights the traditional role of a woman and is fearless against the evil.

35. I think movie theatre sounds are way too loud.

50 facts about me - byLiiL

36. I’ve been on a helicopter ride.

37. So far I’ve visited 19 countries.

38. My dream travel destination as a child was Brazil when everybody else’s was Australia or the USA.

39. Now it is the whole world.

40. In the last year of University, I stopped completely buying clothes because I couldn’t find brands that I wanted to spend my money on. I was disgusted by the high street fashion brands unethical practices and about the sameness of fashion, which I found boring and ‘not me’.

41. This lasted for over a year after which I started buying some basics, which I needed and I knew I would wear for years.

42. I still don’t enjoy shopping on the high street.

43. I boycott Nestle and try to boycott all the brands that Nestle owns. There are numerous reasons for this, which you can google very easily.

44. I used to be very ignorant about sustainability and quite self-involved until I met my now boyfriend and did my undergraduate. Now I feel ashamed of my behaviour in my teens.

50 facts about me - byLiiL

45. Whenever I speak on the phone or on skype I have to doodle.

46. I can’t sit still and when I’m watching tv I usually pleat my hair.

47. I’ve been a hairdresser for several weddings, where I’ve done the brides and the guests hair.

48. I’ve competed in the European championship of cheerleading.

49. I try to be nice to everybody, but I am very picky with who I pick as my friend. However, I quickly get a feeling of a person who I want to get to know more.

50. I get very attached to items I receive as a present from people who I care about.


Now tell me something about yourself in the comment box below!

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