Evolve Organic Beauty Review

I introduced you to Evolve Organic Beauty a couple weeks ago and now I’ve finally had time to test it and give you my opinion. First of all, I absolutely loved the packaging it came in. It is very simple and minimalistic, and the little pouch they came in is very handy to store them in. I appreciate how they explain how the ingredients work for your skin and what ingredients are involved in the products. I only tried 4 products out of their collection, but would really love to try the other ones as well, especially the hair products!

Evolve Organic Beauty review - byLiiL

Radiant Glow Mask

It has this chocolaty scent and slight grain to it, which makes it act as a mask and a scrub at the same time. This mask didn’t sting or itch like some other masks but felt moisturising on the skin and I felt great afterwards! The only thing I would change about this product is the scent. Although I love chocolate, I prefer my beauty products to be scented with something fresher and not as rich. Nevertheless, the scent was nice!

Hyaluronic Serum

A very easy to use serum, which absorbs quickly and hydrates the skin. I understand why it has been chosen as the winner for a couple of awards. It is so hydrating and I can use it for night or day. Also, you don’t need a lot of this product so it lasts a long time! I mean, I had only this small bottle and been using it for over two weeks and I’ve barely used any of it! The scent is neutral and the application is smooth. Excellent value for the price!

Evolve Organic Beauty review - byLiiL

Miracle Facial Oil

This is the first time that I use facial oils to moisturise my skin, but especially for the night time, I am sure it won’t be the last time. This oil feels so nourishing and combined with the serum it’s just the best hydrating combo to make me feel good the next morning! The application though is not the easiest with the small pipet. I accidently pushed the bottle and lost third of the product with that. However, this is still good value product for the price and I will be buying more!

Daily Renew Facial Cream

This was the only product that I was not so keen on, although I think it might work wonders for other. It was a very moisturising cream, but compared to other moisturisers that I have, I didn’t feel it nourishing my skin quite in the same way. Also, although I like coconut, I thought this product smelled too much of coconut. I still think it is a great moisturiser to try, especially as you can buy the smaller containers to try out, as it can be a wonderful product for somebody else!

Evolve Organic Beauty review - byLiiL

Overall, I love what I have tried for now and I know I will be buying more Evolve Beauty products! Check their website here.

Have you tried Evolve Beauty products?

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