A more sustainable autumn ambiance

It is the beginning of September and I cannot believe it is autumn again! Autumn usually means two things for me. One: warm jumpers, candles, the start of school/uni and meeting my friends again and Two: rain, greyness and cold. This year I am not going back to Uni, which is making me a bit sad. I love Uni and studying, so I am dreading the greyness and rain. To keep my mood lifted I decided to research into some soy candles. Soy wax is much more sustainable than paraffin wax candles and as a candle lover, I think I should do the environment a favour and move onto using the more sustainable ones. Here I compiled some of my favourites from my research. I would prefer ordering candles from the UK, just because I live here, however, I do know that there are some US readers there as well so I did a small compilation of US sellers too. Enjoy!


Screenshot 2016-09-01 17.35.13

Park & Madison candles

Good information burning times and scents, as well as advice on why to use soy candles rather than paraffin wax candles. Amazing scents!

Motto candle co.

Good burning time and nice packaging.

Screenshot 2016-09-01 17.37.16

Witch City Wicks

Very good burning time, really nice packaging and scents!!

Legacy Candle Co.

Amazing mission, which I can appreciate! Good price and lovely scents. However, there is no information on the burning time, which I would really appreciate!



CH Candles

Beautiful packaging, although a bit girly. Nice array of scents with a good price and good information on the burning time. Definitely considering ordering one or two!

Screenshot 2016-09-01 17.39.08

Beauty Scents

Candles look beautiful and the scents so delicious. The postage is also free in the UK! However, there is no information on burning time or safety information, which I find very important when selling candles!!

Croydon Candle Co.

Lovely scents and so cute and minimalistic packaging. Good information on burning time, which is long!

Screenshot 2016-09-01 17.39.55

Lollyrocket Candle Co.

So inspiring! Amazing little sentences, which are great for different events or for a mood-lifting in the middle of the week. Great collection of scents and amazing burning time!

Wax and Woodland

The cutest little candles, which I would never dare to burn! It does provide safety information but not the burning time. However, the price is very reasonable for the intricacy of the product!

Screenshot 2016-09-01 17.41.15

Have you used soy candles? Do you have any brands to recommend?

These pics are from each of the sellers etsy shops.


With love,




Natures treasures – Etsy finds

Even though the lovely UK climate doesn’t always show the best of our spring, it is still in our hearts (read it is cold and windy today!). The cherry trees are blooming and the birdsong wakes us up nicely in the morning. Nature is all around us and it provides us with a refreshed sense of living and beauty. To celebrate this I collected some items inspired by nature or made out of nature’s supplies from the Etsy. Go and have a look, there are some truly amazing handmade items there! I especially like soy wax candle, as I am on a lookout for a more sustainable candle to cozy up to and the beautiful wooden items!

Screenshot 2016-04-12 08.51.27

The treasury or the Natures treasures collection can be found here.

Do you like making collections of items you find in shops?


With love,


Pursuing your Dreams



I am a strong believer in dreaming and pursuing your dreams. When I was only 7 years old I wished for a particular Barbie doll for a Christmas gift, and remember dreaming about it every day for about a month. Imagine my relief when I finally got it on Christmas eve! When I was in my teens I wished to move abroad to study, although I never believed my English to be strong enough for it, however, when the opportunity presented itself I went for it full heartedly and studied my way into University.


In my life I’ve had many dreams, some which I would cry to the whole Universe, other which I like to keep to myself. But I was always dreaming and planning how to make those dreams come true.


Dreaming gives me imagination and joy, but it also inspires me and powers me for when I am faced with problems or sadness. I remember a period in school, when I wasn’t particularly happy and I tended to dream through the classes without engaging to any of the teaching. This of course was not ideal, but when my mood was better I got back on track. Dreaming keeps me sane when I am depressed and helps me find my way to attain my goals.


For long now, I have dreamt of making a job out of my hobby and I finally have. I opened my very own shop on Etsy selling my illustrations! This is really scary and at the same time very exciting for me, however, I determine to stay excited as I have such big plans for my shop! I do not want reveal them all just now, but I promise to keep you the loop of what is happening. If you wish to see any more of my illustrations check the “shop” page of my website or go to my Etsy shop. Please also bear in mind that the colours do vary depending on the screen resolution.


Do you like dreaming? Do you have attained some big dream of yours?

With love,