Happy favourites of the week

Marjane Satrapi interview

Emma Watson’s interview with Marjane Satrapi (here). Empowering, so much intelligence and a great view on life, feminism, and humanity! Here are a couple of my favourite quotes from this interview:  “I’m going to change myself, and if I change myself, I have changed a little bit of this world. I will try to be a better person.”

“You know, all these people who get together all the Iranians just because of their nationality. I hate that. I cannot choose people by nationality”


The new Harry Potter book!

I am one of those people, who really enjoys the miracle world that J.K. Rowling created, so it is a treat to be able to dive into a new story with my favourite characters. The only thing is, I really want to see the play now!

Happy Dog

This little white puffy headed dog made my day one day when I was commuting to work on a bus. We stopped at a traffic light, when in a car next to me this dog jumped up to look at the view from the car. It was so happy and enthusiastic!


7 season of Gilmore Girls

I’ve finally finished the whole 7 seasons and I am happy for two reasons. One, it was very good tv-show to empty my mind and two, now I again have time to do other things in life!

My calendar

It is late in the year, so this is a strange time to like my calendar, especially as it is not new. My calendar was originally just a notebook, which I filled into a calendar, as I couldn’t find a one that I liked. I enjoy taking my calendar out every single time and filling it in. I have made it just the way I like it and I am sad to part with it at the end of this year. Happily, I still have a bit over 4 months time to use it and start making a new one 😀



I’ve had a long break from yoga because of busy busy life, and I could feel it in my body. It was craving the feeling that I get after the exercise and now that I finally got back to doing it, it feels better than ever. Yes, my shoulders and hamstrings are sore at the moment, but it is the good kind of sore!

Inspiration of the week – inspiring women

Actually, my title is not really true. It is not an inspiration of the week, but rather one of the biggest inspirations in my life. Women. Or rather, strong women who stand for what they believe in, are brave and unapologetic. I could name here almost an endless number of women but I’ll start with few who have inspired me majorly or recently.


  • Emma Watson and her HeforShe speech and the campaign as well as her aim to wear ethical and sustainable fashion when attending gala’s or events. Her quote: “If not me, then who? If not now, then when?” is like my mantra when even I am doubting myself. She is like my mantra when even I am doubting myself. She has inspired me to be more active with my drive for the awareness of sustainability.
  • Malala Yousafzai for having the courage to stand up for other people and in front of a danger and for continually fighting for what she believes in! Education and educating girls are truly some of the important causes of this time.
  • Diane Fossey for never giving up on something she loved no matter how tough things got. For fighting money and greed!
  • Rosa Parks for making change happen and standing for what she believes in!
  • My mum who moved to a big city with no money and then to another country without knowing the language, at a time when people rarely moved out of their towns never mind countries. Every day I think if she could do this so can I.
  • My sister, who, although, had a lot of trouble during her studies stuck with it because it was something she really wants to do and is passionate about. Hard work will pay off!
  • J.K. Rowling for writing such an amazing book series, which made my childhood so much more imaginative and inspire me to keep writing.
  • Vivienne Westwood for making ongoing campaigns for the environmental issues, so that more of us were aware of them and making the change together.
  • Sophia Amoruso for writing a super inspiring book that every woman should read and feel empowered!
  • For all the women who stuck up for what they believed in and didn’t let negativity or cultural pressure suppress their goals.


If it wasn’t for inspiring women I never would have moved to study and live in another country. Worn lipstick and be confident wearing it. I would not have started this blog. I would not have the courage to speak publicly. I would not have been brave enough to be myself, to do what I want and love, and to care openly for causes and issues that I care about.

So an ode to women!


Who else finds strong women inspiring?

Pics are from Marie Claire and Fashion pearls of wisdom.

With love,