7 Reasons Why I Choose To Shop Small

It took me working for small businesses and starting my own to really understand and appreciate the work that goes behind running a small business. It is not easy to motivate yourself every day, to believe in yourself and in what you are doing, in addition, to actually doing everything and working through the layers of bureaucracy.

7 Reasons Why I Choose To Shop Small - byLiiL


It, of course, is not a given that all small businesses are sustainable, but the chances are they are more likely to be sustainable. Small businesses often source locally, use less packaging, use fewer air miles through their production cycle and produce in small batches. In addition, with the growing concern for the environment, many businesses start off with the idea of being more sustainable and helping to make the world a better place.


Small businesses are either making their own creative products/services or curating a selection for their customers from other businesses. In any case, their offering differs from the mass market that mostly looks the same. When it comes to fashion I’ve noticed that the every shop on the high street seems to be selling the same things over and over and there is no individuality. When shopping from small fashion businesses you will stand out of the crowd. Other small shops are great for individualistic gifts that nobody else might have found.


Unlike that of with big brands, small brands do not have several layers of supply chains, management levels, stakeholders groups and all the other additional stuff that you do not see but are paying for with your money. When you are shopping from a small brand you can quite easily see what their values are and know that the money you are giving them will pay for their living and them keeping up the business.


Small businesses grow their local economy. The money that you are putting into the business will either support the owner of the business or the business itself. In most cases this means the money goes back into the local community through living costs, employing local people or sourcing from local other businesses. In addition, they are a competition to the big companies and the ways they do business.


Running a small business or any size of a business is hard work and there aren’t many people who are prepared to do the work unless it is their dream and something they enjoy doing. So when you are spending your money on that business you are essentially helping to support the business owners dream. Later on, other young entrepreneurial spirits will look at that business owner and get the motivation to start their own business and the dream.

7 Reasons Why I Choose To Shop Small - byLiiL


Small businesses drive innovation and push the economy and the market forward. We’ve seen the rise of small tech companies that drive the innovation in apps and products. It is funny, as it is the big companies that have the funds for this.

7 Reasons Why I Choose To Shop Small - byLiiL


Small businesses know that to get customers they have to treat every customer excellently. It is the loyal customers and their word of mouth that will support their business. Small business owners are thankful when you spend your money with them and will do their best to give you the best experience. They listen to feedback and respond and it is much easier to communicate with them.

I don’t always shop at small businesses, but I do try my best. Last Christmas I got most of the presents from small businesses and they were the best and most unique presents that I gave. And although I am spending more money when I shop at a small business, I get more joy of knowing that I supported somebody with their dream.

7 Reasons Why I Choose To Shop Small - byLiiL

Pictures are from this pinterest board.

Do you shop at small businesses?

With love,


15 things I am dreaming about just now – February edition

Warm and light spring days with long walks outside!

To get rid of the cactus in my throat.

Quick reading abilities. I have so many books to read and I am anxious to get through them.

Going to a sauna. The hot moist air that purifies the skin and the body of all toxins! (one of the only things I miss from Finland)

15 things I am dreaming about - byLiiL

A comfier couch. Ours is a poor resemblance of a couch which makes my back ache and it’s not actually comfy to sit on.

To not have to read any more upsetting news, at the same time I am so thankful to be able to know what is going around the world.

Uncorrupt media and world governments…

A really good tiramisu. I rarely want one, but for the past couple of weeks I’ve been looking out for the one, I would like to have.

15 things I am dreaming about - byLiiL


A holiday. Warm, with clear waters and good food, that is all I need.. and maybe some adventure 😀 With friends, with my family and with my loved ones!

Having more energy!


Some clarity in my mind.

15 things I am dreaming about - byLiiL


Understanding hashtags.

My own garden to plant herbs, fruits, veggies and flowers in it!

Being confident to speak out all of my opinions, not only here but in general.


What are you dreaming about just now?

With love,


15 things I am dreaming about just now

A Skype talk with my mum – it’s been ages and talking to her really makes me grounded and happy!

Getting back to my healthy sleeping rhythm!

Some positive news about women’s rights and girl’s education!


Superb cleaning abilities or a cleaning lady! Dumbledore or Sheldon might do as well..

Fresh peonies into my flat…

…In addition to a green corner with lots of potted plants!

Spacious workroom!

Long walk in a peaceful nature with beautifully blue sky!

A house next to a beach and mountains wouldn’t hurt either.

Extra time in a day to have time to do all I want and have to, procrastinate and relax!


Mindful neighbours!

A holiday to see my family and friends in Finland!

A holiday to see my sister in her new flat, with the new cat in the new country!

A printer to ease my days.

The ability to be super creative and super organised and efficient at all times!


What are you dreaming about right now?

With love,


The Liebster award

I am so honoured, I got nominated for the Liebster award by the lovely Macy from AliceInNeverland blog! Thank you, Macy! The Liebster award is kind of a tag to help bloggers, with less than 300 followers to connect with each other by answering fun questions.

Screenshot 2016-04-10 18.38.22

  1. What is your dream job? My dream job is to do what makes me happy and what I enjoy (as cheesy as it sounds). It takes guts to go for what you want and even though it is scary I want to pursue it. I have more than one things I want to do in life like: spread the word about sustainability, help people be sustainable, design clothes and textiles to name a few.
  2. If you got to marry your celebrity crush who would it be? Right, well the latest one must be Ryan Gosling, but quite frankly I haven’t had celebrity crushed in a while unless you count really powerful women who are making the world better.
  3. What is your favourite clothing store? This is in a progress just now. I used to like TK Maxx a lot, but as I am trying to shop from brands which are sustainable, so shopping became an anxious task. So I do shop from stores like TK Maxx and H&M, but I would not say they are my favourite. I am on the lookout for one, though, will let you know when I find one!
  4. Who/What inspire you to start blogging? I have a couple of blogs (Vilmap. and Love from Berlin), which gave me the inspiration combined with the want and need to write.
  5. What are your favourite things to blog about? I am pretty new to blogging, but I like blogging about motivational things and new businesses. Especially about new businesses, how inspiring can it be when people believe in their vision and make the world a better place!
  6. Describe yourself in one word Organised
  7. What is a fact about you that is unique? I am very empathetic. I can usually understand people and why they behave the way they do and can be a good listener. Although, when I watch tv and see something painful I actually almost feel the pain and I am very strongly affected by the mood of the books that I read.
  8. Describe your dream home At the moment, I am dreaming about a house somewhere in a warm place.. like Portugal, where I have quite a big modern house with big floor to ceiling windows, wooden floors and tiled kitchen and bathrooms. Enough space for my family and any visitors I might have. A big enough garden where my pets can run around (when I was 14 I dreamt of owning a zoo).
  9. What is your do to pick-me-up song? I do not have a one, but when I was sad and just moved to the UK I loved listening to Adele’s Hometown Glory, it eased my mind and I love the melody in it!
  10. Who is your role model? I have several, but one of them is definitely my mum, she has been through so much!!
  11. How tall are you? 162cm, which apparently is 5’3. I am used to using the metric system.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me and I know the rules state I need to nominate 11 other bloggers, however, I have seen this award in so many blogs so I nominate everybody who has not done this yet. Have fun!!


  1. What makes you smile every day?
  2. What is your favourite blog?
  3. What do you do to relax and unwind?
  4. The dessert you will always go back to?
  5. Cats or dogs?
  6. What is the one sustainable thing you do regularly?
  7. What is your latest dance-jamm song?
  8. What was the last book you read?
  9. What language would you like to learn?
  10. Your favourite childhood memory?
  11. Your favourite tv character?


  1. You have to mention and thank the blog that nominated you in a blog post.
  2. You have to answer the questions to you in a blog post.
  3. You have to nominate 11 new bloggers.
  4. You have to set 11 new questions for the bloggers you have nominated.


When you do this questionnaire, please let me know so I can read it as well! So excited to read everybody’s responses! 🙂


With love,



Pursuing your Dreams



I am a strong believer in dreaming and pursuing your dreams. When I was only 7 years old I wished for a particular Barbie doll for a Christmas gift, and remember dreaming about it every day for about a month. Imagine my relief when I finally got it on Christmas eve! When I was in my teens I wished to move abroad to study, although I never believed my English to be strong enough for it, however, when the opportunity presented itself I went for it full heartedly and studied my way into University.


In my life I’ve had many dreams, some which I would cry to the whole Universe, other which I like to keep to myself. But I was always dreaming and planning how to make those dreams come true.


Dreaming gives me imagination and joy, but it also inspires me and powers me for when I am faced with problems or sadness. I remember a period in school, when I wasn’t particularly happy and I tended to dream through the classes without engaging to any of the teaching. This of course was not ideal, but when my mood was better I got back on track. Dreaming keeps me sane when I am depressed and helps me find my way to attain my goals.


For long now, I have dreamt of making a job out of my hobby and I finally have. I opened my very own shop on Etsy selling my illustrations! This is really scary and at the same time very exciting for me, however, I determine to stay excited as I have such big plans for my shop! I do not want reveal them all just now, but I promise to keep you the loop of what is happening. If you wish to see any more of my illustrations check the “shop” page of my website or go to my Etsy shop. Please also bear in mind that the colours do vary depending on the screen resolution.


Do you like dreaming? Do you have attained some big dream of yours?

With love,



About Lii

Now that you know about my blog, I thought of telling you more about me, so you know what kind of person is writing to you. To not bore you to pieces with all my history by writing a biography, I though of just telling 13 most important or funny things about me.

  1. 13 is my favourite number and quite lucky for me!
  1. I love cake! Dessert in almost any form will suffice, however cake is my ultimate favourite.


  1. I love colour! Especially the colours of the sky on pink evenings or during the sunrise. Colours make me inspired and they make me want things I might not need.
  1. I also love colouring. Just leave me with sharpened set of lovely coloured pencils and I am happy. Such tranquillity!


  1. I get easily hooked on different lifestyle trends, but because I get inspired by so many things all the time my attention span only holds on to things that I find worth while, such as yoga, eating less sugar and regular sleeping hours. But I will still always get excited about new things!!
  1. I love all animals. I am always aawwing at the dogs and cats outside and I will stop to admire a squirrel or a fox in the wild. When we are planning a hiking trip I will research best places to see wild animals and will talk our group into going there.
  1. I have two wonderfully silly and lovely cats. They make my life so much better every single day ❤


  1. One of my favourite ways to procrastinate is reading. It does not matter whether it is a good book, a magazine, a new blog post, interesting online article about something remotely relative to me or just facebook. I find myself reading any of these when I am supposed to work on something else, and it is really hard to stop!
  1. Writing is a way of clearing my head and I love it, but I find it often difficult to write down my thoughts. I never seems to come out the way I imagined. Writing is not my strongest skills, but because I love it I work on it, and slowly I will improve on it. So bare with me while I will develop into master writer 😉


  1. One thing I try to do on a daily basis is learning new or developing myself. Either a language, new software or a skill, it brings me sense of accomplishment and brings me closer to my goals. The days when I don’t learn anything, I get really frustrated!
  1. I get energised by the sun. Well, who doesn’t, right? But living in rainy Scotland get’s really hard during long rainy grey winters and when the sun finally decides to come out I feel like being born again.


  1. I prefer meals that are cooked from scratch with love, to any ready meals there are. In other words I hate ready meals!
  1. My dream future is working from home on my own business. Having an animal sanctuary (when I was a child this was a zoo..), adopting children and living a happy, inspirational and sustainable life.

Now that you know some quirky things about me, I would love to hear about you! What are your dreams? And what makes you special?

With love,