Merry Christmas!

It is finally Christmas! I have been waiting for this little holiday/relaxing time for a long time, and that is exactly what I’m planning to do during the last week of December and 2017; relax, watch movies, eat good food, enjoy good company and play board games. What could be better?

In a typical Finnish style, we are celebrating Christmas already today, on Christmas Eve and will continue it for another two days. Hurray!!

I hope you will have a really lovely Christmas time!!

Merry Christmas - byLiiL


Let me know what you got for Christmas later on!

With love,



Happy Favourites of the Week – Awaiting Christmas

Cheesy Christmas Movies – Lately I’ve been really into watching cheesy Christmas movies. I do an annoyed commentary on top of almost all of the time or smirk and laugh at the poor plot, but still there is something quite comforting in them and apparently, I am still looking for something comforting at all times! I know it’s too early, but then again I don’t really feel like being in a festive spirit just yet.

Happy Favourites of the Week - Awaiting Christmas - byLiiL

My little plant corner – I already shared a picture of my plant corner at the beginning of the week and how happy it makes me, and it still does! My little succulents are loving the light and warmth in that corner and growing much faster. In addition, we got some coconut husk soil which seems to really agree with them!

Seeing my family – It’s been a while since I last saw my family and although this trip of ours is short and doesn’t even cover Christmas it is still always lovely and rejuvenating to spend some quality time with your family. And especially seeing the little Godson again, he is already growing up so fast!

Happy Favourites of the Week - Awaiting Christmas - byLiiL

Snow – I ran away from Finland because of snow and coldness during the winter. So it is funny that snow is one of my favourites this week. But snow once a year on your holiday is lovely, especially when you get this magical scenery that we had this week. But when it will melt or there is too much of it, then it starts to get less than lovely.

December – It’s finally December and I get to cheer my loved ones up with a story advent calendar, which I have made them for the couple last years. They seem to really enjoy it and it makes me want to keep going, even when I am getting stressed with writing it the closer we get to Christmas.

Happy Favourites of the Week - Awaiting Christmas - byLiiL


How was your week?

With love,



DIY Gift tags

I am always up for some kind of DIY, especially for Christmas. So when I come up to do something for other I do it, if I have the time. I like to make presents, such as sewing things I know my family will like or make cards. This year I was looking for Christmas tags and when I couldn’t find any that I really liked I came up with the idea of making my own. And it turns out to be super easy, especially when we have such an amazing resource as Pinterest! They are cute, fun to do and personal.

DIY Gift Tags - byLiiL

What I did:

  1. I drew a shape on a paper.
  2. I cut the shape out. If you want the shape to be even, fold the paper and draw only on one side and then cut it folded.
  3. I then traced this shape on a card of my choice. I had nice thick red, green and blue card in my house for doing different crafts.
  4. I then decorated the cards with coloured pens. This year white gel pen has been one of my favourites, as it is fresh and looks good with coloured card. You can also add some sparkle or stickers on the cards.
  5. To make these gift tags more sustainable you can write the name with a pencil and reuse the next year or write the name on a sticker that comes off fairly easily.


DIY Gift Tags - byLiiL


Happy DIY! Do you have any other DIY ideas under Christmas?

With love,


Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide

This Christmas I was very adamant to get most of the Christmas presents to be sustainable or ethical, by buying from small and local retailers or buying items that I believe are better. Do you want to give somebody a thoughtful gift that is better for out planet and will introduce them to a new company as well? Here is my compiled list of places where to shop from.

Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide - byLiiL

Ambre – Local natural skin care brand that does not use any chemicals and makes their products in small batches.

Hopscotch London – Soy wax candles and vegan and cruelty-free beauty from an independent seller.

Boodle Boutique – Selling organic cotton t-shirts and jumpers with cool screen printed and animal themed pictures, home decor and Christmas decor.

Post-Couture CollectiveRemember when I told about them before? New clothes for somebody who likes to do DIY.

Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide - byLiiL

Oh My Clumsy Heart – Small independent minimal jewellery, which is made in the UK. It is beautiful and made out of fine metal.

Mintoshi – Soy wax candles and wax melts in delicious scents from the UK.

Ingrid Petrie Design – Giclee prints for any room in your home printed on an FSC certified paper.

MyPure – You can read more about it here. It is a great place to shop for natural beauty products.

Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide - byLiiL

Buy Me Once – A store dedicated to things that should last forever. A perfect present!

The Big Calendar – This is a calendar and diary company that makes their diaries especially for you. You can decide when you would like your diary to start from (January or later) and you can have it un-dated as well. The price is reasonable and they look beautiful. Great for a stationary lover!

Mat&Natt – I’ve told you before about this company and will mention it again. Ethical accessories company that makes beautiful bags, wallets and now shoes as well!

Holly Sharpe – Lovely artwork to your girlboss friend!

Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide - byLiiL

Marieke Jacobs – Not many think that leather goods are ethical or sustainable, however, there are many who do like to shop for leather goods and this shop is the one I would approve of. This is what they say in their description:”I mainly use overproduced and remaining stock leather from the furniture and footwear industry. Every part is used, no leather is waisted out of respect for the material.”

31bits – Also a company I’ve written about before. Alternative but fashionable jewellery. A present to somebody and money for a good cause.

byLiiL – Of course, not forgetting to mention my own little shop on Etsy for colourful Giclee prints.

If you would like to gift somebody with a candle, check this post about some more sustainable candles.


Do you have any additional shop or gift recommendations?

With love,


6 Santa’s Helpers

Christmas is a busy time and sometimes even the best of us can have trouble coming up with gift’s or how to hide your presents until the last minute. Here I have compiled some tips for you, hope they will be of some help to you!

6 Santa's helpers - byLiiL


I have trouble with missing deliveries when I have ordered a parcel, or that my partner is at home when they arrive. Not much of a surprise, is it? Doddle is excellent for this. They are located all over the UK and it is like a post office. You send your parcels there and collect them from the shop you sent it to when it is convenient to you. They even have deals with many shops from which they deliver to Doddle for free. So easy and so far I have been able to keep my presents a secret!

Minimalist Christmas Gift Guide

Excellent for alternative gift options and in avoiding buying presents that people do not need! By Sarah Nourse and by FemmeHead.

6 Santa's helpers - byLiiL

UK Independent Shopping Guide

I have linked this before, but I do think it is a great compilation of independent shops.

To lists and be organised

Yes, I know some people do not like this, but I love making lists on my phone because they help me be more organised and they are always with me. At the moment I have a list of what food I want to have for Christmas, according to it what ingredients I need to buy and what presents I still need to buy. In addition, I start buying some ingredients early on to reduce my stress right before Christmas. Such as crackers, wine, nuts and so on. Make some of the food beforehand if you can, that will reduce the time you spend in the kitchen on the actual Christmas!

6 Santa's helpers - byLiiL

Periodical Cleaning

Do not leave all your holiday cleaning on to the last day before Christmas, but do some of it before hand. We like to take it a room at a time (except for vacuuming) and so cleaning does not feel as daunting right before Christmas.


I find that easy way to decorate your house for a season is by adding small things. Christmas flowers, fairy lights and candles bring enough coziness and festivity into our home and it is pretty easy to do.


Do you have any other suggestions as Santa’s helpers to assist other readers?

With love,



Best Advents Calendars to follow

I have some amazing advent calendars at home that make every morning a bit cheerier to wake up to. If you did not get one on time, then here I gathered a couple of other ones, that could be fun to follow. Enjoy!

Ethical Unicorn’s Ethical Advent – Each day there is a recipe, tip of an ethical seller or other treats. Be sure to check it out!

Sarah Nourse’s Vlogmas – Each day you get a Christmas related vlog from a minimalist YouTuber.

Braintree Clothing – They have a giveaway a day on their facebook page, which is pretty amazing!


Advent calendars to Follow - byLiiL

Pic is from my trip to Edinburgh. Aren’t the lights just beautiful!


Let me know if you have found any other nice advent calendars!

With love,