Why Do We Expect To Buy Cheap Fashion

It is a question that makes me think almost more than any other. I expect it, even though I am trying to be a more ethical shopper. Everybody I know expects it or at least say they can’t afford to buy anything more expensive than the regular high street items. I did research into this topic and I’ve read books on it and it still baffles me, but I’ve found few points that seem to pop up with most people. I know that this is a generalisation and you might not expect fashion to be cheap or you expect it for a different reason, but I hope it might make you think about it anyway.

Used To It

We are used to buying cheap fashion. We are not used to fashion lasting us long neither in quality or style preference, and we are not prepared to pay more money for something that isn’t lasting.

We Want To Get Money’s Worth

We want to get as much for our money every month and do not see fashion as an investment piece. Unfortunately, I see this problem with many other things in life as well. Fashion used to be an investment, or rather not disposable. Garments used to cost a lot of money and people took care of their garments so they would last. Now we want new clothes for different social occasions, we want to eat and party out, we want to go to the movies and possibly buy a present for somebody. Instead of saving to buy a garment that will last years, we buy the one that was suitable enough with a great price for this month.

It is the standard we expect

It is the standardised price. I am not saying it is the standard, but rather we all have in our minds a price that we are not willing to go over in each item. With technology we expect a higher price than with fashion, nevertheless, it costing just a fragment of the selling price for the company to produce. But technology is not quite as disposable as fashion is. We do not realise that we are not paying for the item to last, but rather support the unsustainable practice of sweatshop labour and profit for the high street brands.

Extra Value

When we pay “extra” price for any item we expect it to offer more for us; either a perfect fit or a superior quality. For people to use more money on fashion (or anything else) we require more value.


In today’s world, we are not used to people making clothes themselves. We are at awe if somebody can make a garment themselves, although there was a time when women were expected to know how to make garments, or we do not believe they can make the garments well. Today we don’t see those who make the garments, we can just expect them to be in the stores. Today consumers expect that shops will answer their every need and want in an instant and those shops that do will succeed. Media from fashion magazines to blockbuster movies makes us want the image and the lifestyle of those incredible women with their incredible bodies and beautiful fashion items. Department stores and high-street fashion houses offer us the fashion items for cheap to achieve the feeling of that lifestyle and our peers offer us the agreeable response when we buy new stuff all the time.

What Value Does Fashion Bring?

The value fashion brings to one’s life is fleeting. It is the experience and thrill of finding a new item that fits into the person’s lifestyle at a bargain price. Once home, if the fashion item is still favourable, it is the experience of flaunting the fashion item in front of friends and family and getting those few compliments. It is the feeling of being trendy and wearing the image of yourself that you are dreaming of. And in most cases that is it. The garment will be forgotten when new ones arrive. It is rare when I hear people talking excitedly about a fashion item that they’ve had for months (or years) unless it is an expensive designer bag/shoes. It is rare for people to have staple pieces of fashion in their wardrobes that they feel good for more than a couple wears.

I’ve heard many people say that they can’t afford to spend £/$100 on a pair of jeans and quite frankly neither can I, but then again I can spend £40 on a pair of jeans once a year or spend more on a pair that is good quality with proper durable fiber and it might last me a lifetime. I am no longer happy to pay for high street retailers profits without getting much in return. I do see that the standard price of fashion is not at a correct point because I know what goes into really making fashion and it can’t be achieved with as low a price as the high street. For me, quality and ethics are a value when I buy fashion and when I buy it I do expect it to last me long if it doesn’t I know to question the brand that sold it to me.

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Why do you expect fashion to be cheap and what are you paying for then?

With love,


Happy favourites of the week – fashion, tea and spiders


Or my favourites/what made me happy this week!

This week has been a bit gloomy, mostly because of the weather, but I hope it will brighten towards the weekend. Never the less I have found several things that made me happy, inspired me or just became my favourite bits of the week. I know most bloggers do these by months, but I live more in the moment than that.


At the start of the week, I received the book I ordered from the book depository – Overdressed: The Shockingly high cost of cheap fashion by Elizabeth L. Cline. I have been waiting for a while to order this book and now I cannot wait to start reading it. Fashion and cheap fashion are such a big problem in the world, I wrote my dissertation partly on this subject as well, and wish to learn much much more about it! I promise to tell you more about the book once I’ve read it.


My favourite quote of the week is by Lisa Anne Stuyfzand. This quote is from an interview I read on Chapter Friday blog (btw, if you are not familiar with it yet go and check it out, it’s a great blog!). I can relate to this comment so well!


Scare of the week that made me also happy – a massive spider staring at me in my living room. Yes, I am scared of spiders. It is funny, though, we live on top floor of a tenement house, so you would imagine the big once would not find their ways there, but they do. And they can be massive! And why did this make me happy? I have not really seen spiders in our house for several months now, it must mean that spring is really here! Waiting for the cherry trees to bloom now!!


Yesterday I received a parcel from my mum, (I just love receiving parcels!!) and it made my day. She sent me two packs of my favourite loose leaf tea, some new chocolate by Fazer and treat collection lipstick. Just opening the parcel I was overwhelmed with the scent of the teas. It was a combination of amazing flowers, vanilla and some fruit, and I kept going back to smell the packaging because it was like the best perfume ever! It is quite funny actually that I live now in the country of tea lovers, and it is really difficult to find good quality green loose leaf tea, so my mum has to send it to me from Finland. Mate tea is probably quite familiar to most people, but this is not just any kind of mate tea, it is infused with lovely flowers which make it so delicious and not at all bitter, so yummy!! And the sen cha in paradise flavour is my new love! Infused with flowers and papaya, it is a green tea lover’s dream! Treat collection is new to me as a brand, but I promise to write a review about it soon!!


The best find of the week was done actually just a few minutes ago. These lovely marble coasters with gold by the FiddleLeaf shop! I have been looking for really nice coasters for so long now, and I think I finally found the ones I love. Now I will be dreaming of them until I have a coffee table so there is a purpose for them! They are really reasonably priced as well with under £25 for 4, although they are shipped from Australia so the shipping fees can be pretty high. But aren’t they beautiful!!

Screenshot 2016-04-15 11.50.04

And the last, but not least. My cat has been really anxious lately because it is spring and he wants to go out (not a good idea). Yesterday, however, it seemed that he was more relaxed in the bedroom, so I moved my working station there and he laid there purring happily next to me. So adorable!!


Well, here you see. Even with my gloomy week I had many things to be happy about. Now I will have a relaxing weekend! We are planning to go see the new Jungle Book movie and eat some treats, yey!!


How was your week?

With love,