The Day of Love

I’ve come to really dislike the commercialised holidays that only want people to spend money such as Valentine’s Day. But I don’t want to miss on all the fun! I just don’t want to succumb to using my money because of the successful marketing tactics. And although I find Galentine’s Day as being a positive reaction to the single ladies who want to celebrate their friendships, I am saddened that Valentine’s Day is not considered as a day for lovers, friends and families alike, not even mentioning self-love. Last year I wrote about how Valentine’s Day in Finland is actually called “friends day” and although people also celebrate lovers, it is a well-rounded day to love people, so why can’t we do this in every culture?

The Day of Love - byLiiL

It is wonderful that we have a day on which we should remember to love those dearest and nearest to us, although I think we should be doing it every day, or at least on a regular basis, rather than just ones a year. Nevertheless, I will be sending loving eco-friendly cards to my friends, spend a lovely evening with my fiance and remember to love myself as well!

This Valentine’s day let’s all think about something else than buying gifts when they are not needed or feeling sorry for oneself when everybody else is flaunting their love in your face. Instead, let’s celebrate the love people have! Take an example from the Buddhist way to love! Whether it is for your partner, for your lover, for your friend, for your family, for your pets or for yourself. Who says Valentines is only meant for lovers? I think it is a day when you should remember whoever you love and make their days better!

The Day of Love - byLiiL


How are you spending your Valentine’s Day?

With love,