Happy Favourites of the Week – learning experience

Posies In Protest – This interview with Bread and Roses about their social enterprise to help asylum seekers and refugees is definitely worth the read!

Why clothes don’t have Fair trade labels – Interesting read for those who are interested in Fair trade and labels on apparel.

Happy favourites of the week - learning experience - byLiiL

Why I don’t eat healthy to be skinny – This youtube video had some excellent points which are good to voice out. She said it better than I could have!

Palm Trees In The Snow – This movie touched on the topic, which I hadn’t seen or read before; Spanish colonies in Africa. A very touching romantic story with a touch of history was beautiful and emotional. It was spoken in Spanish so I required subtitles, but I enjoyed the movie, which is based on a best-selling novel of the same name.

Happy favourites of the week - learning experience - byLiiL

Spring light – It was just the last week that I said I was dreaming about spring light and warm days and this week I finally got the first glimpse of it. Now awaiting for more!

The Buried Giant – Even though it is only the end of February I already know that this book is one of my favourites this whole year. It is hypnotic, magical, aerie, transforming, engaging and an absolute treasure. Although, it is a fantasy book I didn’t find it to be that much of a fantasy as it concentrated so much more on the people and their relationships. I would definitely recommend this book a read!


What have been your favourites of the week?

With love,